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  1. Have been a billsfan since 1968 and seen many hall of fame bills players play. My advice for this forum is to give posters something else to look forward to on here like a free shirt and hat giveaway once a month or something like that. Lost both of my parents very young and that's a big reason why I have been a huge bills fan for over 45 years because my dad was a big bills fan. I shared this post on my facebook.
  2. Being a bama fan I have seen this guy play a few times and I think he is overrated.
  3. No but i would trade glass jaw Watkins because he is as fragile as they come.
  4. We need to draft Howard if available. Absolute beast and allows us to release clay and his ridiculous contract.
  5. There will be discipline and accountability here finally with McDermott. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get this team in the playoffs in year 1.
  6. Imo, consistency is their biggest problem. 1 night they look like a strong playoff team and the very next night they look like a polished turd.
  7. Better get use to it because within the next 2 years it will be legal anywhere in the u.s. on Williams though, he is a very good LB BUT NOT AT #10.
  8. Bad GM's make bad teams. Whaley has been terrible since year 1 and continues to field mediocre team !
  9. I believe that howard will be the pick so maybe he is sold on holmes
  10. Bama fan for over 20 years. Guy had 700 yards receiving in a run first offense. Absolute beast, best receiver in this draft hands down. Runs great routes, has great hands and he is a defensive nightmare for opposing teams with his 6 foot 6 inches body. He will be a top 3 TE by 2020 no matter where he goes, MARK THAT DOWN.
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