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  1. I want a Safety some depth at DT and a RT. None of those in this draft at all.
  2. What a bunch of idiots. The NFC west for most of the last 15 years has featured an Oakland franchise that was one of the worst in football along with a usually underaceiving San Diego outfit that is just as mediocre as the Bills. And whoever mentioned the QB's in the NFC South forgot to mention that New Orleans sucks as has Tampa Bay more years than not. And it was just recent that Atlanta and Carolina became decent to good teams. Wasn't it not long ago that a .500 team won that division? How often has the NFC North outside of Green Bay been worth a damn.
  3. Wonder exactly how long you're gonna play the race card? But then I recall you being just as outspoken when all of the QB's before EJ were white. It seemed to really bother you. :hehehe:
  4. Some Bills fans. I don't think it's as many as it's just the ones who like to pull that card. So in line with that they often want to steer the narrative in that direction.
  5. Wow not only are the Bills hiring Black guys but now Mexicans too. Is this the Vicente Fox rule? Turn on your sarcasm meters in 5,4,3,2
  6. Correct. Everyone but Richard has been hired. And he's on the fast track. But of course it's only because he's Black.
  7. The horror. Next he's gonna want mostly Black players. I think it's time to build a wall to keep them out.
  8. We're Bills fans; who the hell are we gonna laugh at? Maybe the Browns.
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