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  1. Thats crazy. If you think for 1 sec he could live off being a running ok you are crazy.
  2. Do you always have to put a period at the end of the sentence. That what adding "too" at the end of Black Lives Matter. It should be obvious that it meant to be inclusive and not separate.
  3. Yeah go look up what Devante Parker did to Gilmore in week 17 and tell me when you have ever seen White get torched like that
  4. Just making sure when he put in quotes “Our” country he was not just referring to White people because we know that this country belongs to “All” of us. He gave his reply. It’s all good.
  5. Ok. Just wanted clarification since you bolded "OUR" before country. Just making sure we werent kicking people out that this country also belongs to who are not trying to leave
  6. So I would like to know who you are referring to when you say ("OUR") great country. Please explain.
  7. I cannot believe what I just read. Is Omar Kelly feeling ok. Never thought I would see the day he would give Josh Allen ANY sort of props.
  8. Last time the BILLS played a game vs the Pats we won 16-0. Might be a sign of things to come
  9. Im quite sure it is less than that right now. If I had to guess it between 20-25 million. Reason being until a signing is official is not counted against the cap. The delay in a deal being offical is pending physical which are not being done right now because of the Coronasvirus. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28945203/nfl-doctors-discontinuing-physicals-players-end-crisis
  10. Jets played a weak 2nd half schedule and LOST to 3 teams that were WINLESS before they played them. They also only scored 13 pts vs our backups one of which was a WR playing CB.
  11. You don’t watch the games I see. Every week Diggs gets the number 1 corner , not Adam Thielen. To compare Diggs to Woods is a joke. Do you realize that both John Brown and Cole Beasley had more targets than Diggs last year. Let that sink it. As a number 1 I would like for Diggs not to disappear for stretches at a time, but the guy is basically Antonio Brown without the targets.
  12. Yes coached up. Thats why he sat the bench his rookie year. Said directly out of the player mouth https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/09/14/patrick-mahomes-kansas-city-chiefs-andy-reid Just in preparation, the mental side of the game, I definitely benefited,” Mahomes said. “Being able to watch how teams made adjustments, and then how we made adjustments to the defense, how we’d figure out what blitzes they were bringing, how to protect them, it definitely helped me in the game [against the Chargers]. It’s knowing how to operate the huddle, and then being able to go out there and execute the game plan how it’s supposed to be run.” https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/05/09/patrick-mahomes-chiefs-andy-reid-alex-smith Playing the scout-team quarterback in practice really helped develop my game. When we were playing the Jets, with Josh McCown, I'd have to throw a lot of deep balls. Tyrod Taylor with the Bills, you'd have to scramble around a lot. With Tom Brady, it was about dissecting the defense. You go through other offenses, and you make them into your own, and try to make it relate to your offense. I had to do stuff I wasn’t comfortable with, and see what I liked and what I didn’t like.
  13. Caps were the loses to teams that were .500 or below for that season. Shows that there has been years were are schedule was "easy" but still finished with a bad record
  14. It was a easy schedule because our talent made it a easy schedule. I've seen many of BILLS teams with this same kind of schedule over the last 20 years who would have finished 6-10. Case in point 2013 Buffalo Bills: (6-10) SOS: -0.15 6 games vs winning teams 10 games vs teams .500 or less L New England: 12-4 W Carolina Panthers 12-4 L NY JETS 8-8 W Baltimore Ravens 8-8 L Cleveland Browns 4-12 L Cincinnati Bengals 11-5 W Miami Dolphins 8-8 L New Orlean Saints 11-5 L Kansas Cirty Chiefs 11-5 L Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 W NY JETS 8-8 L Atlanta Falcons 4-12 L Tampa Bucs 4-12 W Jacksonville Jags 4-12 W Miami Dolphins 8-8 L New England Pats 12-4 Win those 4/5 games that are bolded now the team is 10-6 and would have been a wild card team playing vs the Cincinnati Bengals
  15. You have to be able to score on the PATS to win point blank and I’m not talking 17 pts either. 25 is the min no matter how bad the pats offense is
  16. Thats not true. There is a possibility that we could play the PATS in the 1st round. KC can still be the 2nd and the PATS would be the 4th seed and play us as the 5th seed
  17. I am just interested to see how Lamar holds up when the temp drops below 20 degrees with a wind chill.Those hits feel different when its that cold out.
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