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  1. Lit you are the one that blow because you always got Allen cock in your mouth. You must like the taste
  2. That is not what I heard but ok. Glad to see you changed your stance with the information that was presented to you.
  3. Trubisky no. Mason Rudolph was the back up plan if we didnt get Darnold or Allen. Not in the 1st round though
  4. WGR should stick to hockey. Half of the staff does not even like football unless it is fantasy related.
  5. Throwing deep is all about timing and maybe he is just more insync with Foster. Def worth a try
  6. The hate Josh Allen receives is crazy. We are now to the point where the biggest talking point is “he can’t hit the deep ball” WOW. That just shows you certain people just want to criticize Allen for something.
  7. I think it not nerves but he comes out to hyped up. Plus I really thinks he learns what the defense is doing during the same and as he learns gets more confortable. Usually this takes 2.5 quarters against good defenses. If we can get that down to .5 to 1 quarter we will be good
  8. Did you see his numbers in the 2nd half. Only incomplete was on a bomb. By the way got another win
  9. Right. We don’t have enough explosive players on offense to run up the scores. Just get the win while learning and developing at the same time
  10. How is recovering a onside kick getting bailed out. What the hell is you talking about
  11. Smart sitting Milano out. He is REALLY going to be needed next week vs Philly
  12. You know the Pats didn’t cover the spread right
  13. Until Allen can make better decisions the playcalling has to make the decisions for Allen. On 3rd down in field goal range run the ball. Eventually Allen will get the point
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