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  1. Yes coached up. Thats why he sat the bench his rookie year. Said directly out of the player mouth https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/09/14/patrick-mahomes-kansas-city-chiefs-andy-reid Just in preparation, the mental side of the game, I definitely benefited,” Mahomes said. “Being able to watch how teams made adjustments, and then how we made adjustments to the defense, how we’d figure out what blitzes they were bringing, how to protect them, it definitely helped me in the game [against the Chargers]. It’s knowing how to operate the huddle, and then being able to go out there and execute the game plan how it’s supposed to be run.” https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/05/09/patrick-mahomes-chiefs-andy-reid-alex-smith Playing the scout-team quarterback in practice really helped develop my game. When we were playing the Jets, with Josh McCown, I'd have to throw a lot of deep balls. Tyrod Taylor with the Bills, you'd have to scramble around a lot. With Tom Brady, it was about dissecting the defense. You go through other offenses, and you make them into your own, and try to make it relate to your offense. I had to do stuff I wasn’t comfortable with, and see what I liked and what I didn’t like.
  2. Caps were the loses to teams that were .500 or below for that season. Shows that there has been years were are schedule was "easy" but still finished with a bad record
  3. It was a easy schedule because our talent made it a easy schedule. I've seen many of BILLS teams with this same kind of schedule over the last 20 years who would have finished 6-10. Case in point 2013 Buffalo Bills: (6-10) SOS: -0.15 6 games vs winning teams 10 games vs teams .500 or less L New England: 12-4 W Carolina Panthers 12-4 L NY JETS 8-8 W Baltimore Ravens 8-8 L Cleveland Browns 4-12 L Cincinnati Bengals 11-5 W Miami Dolphins 8-8 L New Orlean Saints 11-5 L Kansas Cirty Chiefs 11-5 L Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 W NY JETS 8-8 L Atlanta Falcons 4-12 L Tampa Bucs 4-12 W Jacksonville Jags 4-12 W Miami Dolphins 8-8 L New England Pats 12-4 Win those 4/5 games that are bolded now the team is 10-6 and would have been a wild card team playing vs the Cincinnati Bengals
  4. You have to be able to score on the PATS to win point blank and I’m not talking 17 pts either. 25 is the min no matter how bad the pats offense is
  5. Thats not true. There is a possibility that we could play the PATS in the 1st round. KC can still be the 2nd and the PATS would be the 4th seed and play us as the 5th seed
  6. I am just interested to see how Lamar holds up when the temp drops below 20 degrees with a wind chill.Those hits feel different when its that cold out.
  7. You must be joking right. Other than that you must be trolling. Jets are the same team as a matter of fact worst than when we played them week 1
  8. Allen has won AFC Offensive player of the week in 2 out of the 3 last games vs the Dolphins including a 5td performance and a 4td performance. ANY Dolphins talking bad about Allen are in pure denial.
  9. Nope Ravens have adjusted. That why they are using 3TE sets alot. Think of it as like a spread formations with TE. All big guys and they still got the best athlete on the field with speed. The BILLS if they wanted could use the same formula to move the BALL although not as well
  10. SMH. He is stating on the BALLS of feet in a position to survey the field and having the option to step in the pocket or get to the outside if needed. I would say this game was better than the Dolphins season finale because he did not turn the ball of this game. Last year game he threw a pick six.
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