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  1. I like it.. considering they’re going into week six with NP as back up. He was with McD and Beane the last 7 yrs in Carolina so there’s that. We all know DA is no Montana but I’m betting on the theory that ‘ those who can’t start’ TEACH...
  2. TT is a serviceable QB and I don't have a problem with his restructured contract as long as they continue to look for one. I don't believe for a ny minute that we can win when it matters with TT. I like him, seems like a team player and good dude but if you don't have a top 5-7 QB you can't go far in today's NFL.
  3. I'm a fan... no doubt but we could've had Antonio Brown... Julio Jones and Dez Bryant and we'd still finish 8-8
  4. I sure hope they not only read it but take it seriously. It's time to clean the executive house
  5. The buck stops at the top. I don't know much about the ownership but I know it's the same ol Bills. Two yrs is enough time to see how the dynamics work internally and it doesn't look good. We've earned the right as fans to criticize at will. Until they show us a quality team they'll be under the microscope. Who knows if they even give two shits
  6. IMO wagon is dead nuts on. If Whaley is making the decision then Lynn is already hired.
  7. I don't think woods is horrible. He ain't great but horrible no. TT is a serviceable QB but after watching the all 22 this year he continues to miss open receivers and struggles to see over the middle. I hope this team continues to search for a franchise QB or starts searching I should say. Everybody else in the league seems to know w/o a big time QB you can't compete. WWWD ( what will Whaley do) I'm pretty much disgusted on an entirley new level.
  8. He'll get about 30 snaps and probably make some big plays. He has to show a glimpse of what we expected from him before he gets hurt yet again.
  9. Blitzing and other exotic packages leave them in a 1:1 cover situation more than ever. Seems as tho more and more teams are simply challenging them and doing it often.
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