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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. My ideal Super Bowl victory would be to see our Bills defeat Tampa Bay. It would be poetic to see Buffalo get their first Super Bowl victory by defeating Brady.
  2. It looks like they’ve been together for a while. She’s a lucky gal.
  3. One game at a time. It’s a long season. But it’s a good start to the season.
  4. Klein filled in for Milano very nicely on Sunday. It’s great to have quality depth.
  5. I think Bruce Smith gave him some good pointers during training camp. His speed coming off the defensive line after the snap is similar to Bruce.
  6. Buffalo is leading the league in defense. Do punters win championships?
  7. I know he was on a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial recently. Beyond that, I could give a rat’s ass whether he’s got nationwide endorsements at all.
  8. I believe in AJ Klein. Highly underrated. We’re going to see our Buffalo Bills win this game. Believe in this team.
  9. To hell with Gilmore. He could’ve helped make the team better but he mailed it in until his rookie contract was up. TreDavious White was a major upgrade. He may not be as talented but he plays better than Gilmore ever did in Buffalo, not to mention he’s a stand-up team-first guy, which Gilmore is not.
  10. They should’ve never changed from the 90s uniforms but I don’t mind the current ones at all. They’re much better than the 2002-2010 uniforms.
  11. McDermott has firmly instilled the “next man up” mentality in this team. They’ll be fine.
  12. $1,000 is nothing compared to what other new stadiums have charged for PSLs. It seems that a lot of local Buffalo fans want a modern winning football team but still want ticket prices to be the cheapest in the league. It doesn’t work that way. Blame the NFL. Not the Pegulas.
  13. A lot of you were bitching about this pick on draft day. Even going as far as comparing it to the Maybin pick.
  14. If any of you plan on trying to use a fake vaccine card to attend a Bills game, I hope you get caught.
  15. Buffalo beat Miami 35-0 today though Allen wasn’t his best. People talk about Josh Allen 2019 but he still won us 10 games that season. And we won today. Josh Allen is my man through thick and thin.
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