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  1. I can’t stand Trump but I don’t want Sanders to be president. Socialism has been a necessary part of our system for a long time but it needs to be kept to a minimum.
  2. If you don’t like oppressive 100°+ for most of the summer (which I definitely don’t) I can see it being “horrible”. Some people do love the heat out here. A lot of people from Buffalo live here and came here for the weather.
  3. He has one solid season out of five. Fifteen sacks in five seasons, 9.5 of which came in one season. And he now thinks he’s a top 3 defensive lineman? I’m not saying he’s not a good player but if a team out there gives him the money he wants, it won’t be wise on their part. He’s talented but he’s been surrounded by good talent on Buffalo’s defense. He’s not a centerpiece of a defense and he shouldn’t he paid like one.
  4. Oh well. He may not have the same success elsewhere or play for as good of a team. Best of luck, though.
  5. As long as they keep winning and getting better, let them hire as many Panthers as they want.
  6. I’m so glad I went and saw them back in 2007 in Las Vegas. They were fantastic. A cousin of mine saw them multiple times at the Aud back in the day. It really is a sad day in rock n roll history. Such a talented drummer along with two other extremely talented musicians in Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee. RIP, Neil Peart.
  7. The only way he can get away with it is on a message board or social media. Typical weak, small minded asshole.
  8. I know Tom Araya is a Catholic. I think Kerry King wrote the lyrics to that song, though.
  9. Trump got the benefit of inheriting an economy on the upswing when he took office. He could be a real man and give credit to his predecessor for bringing this country out of a terrible recession but Trump is a piece of shit of a human being. Not to mention that our national debt is climbing by a trillion dollars a year and that bubble will eventually burst.
  10. I already consider a 10-6 season with a fifth playoff seed a successful season by Buffalo’s standards. The Bills are tough on the road so I could see them beating Houston and I’ll be pretty content if that’s the best we see our guys do this year.
  11. Did you think you’d see the pearly gates when death took you away? The gates of pearl have turned to gold, it seems you’ve lost your way.
  12. Fitz has a history of having one great season and then having a bad one the next. Love Fitz but Fitz will always be Fitz... and I think he'll probably retire after next season.
  13. These coaches see Duke Williams practice every week. There must be a reason why he hasn’t been active much this season.
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