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  1. It says a lot about how bad Krueger was as a coach that he couldn’t win with the talent the Sabres have.
  2. I saw the Bills’ posts on their social media about the white face masks. They were really hyping it up. I could see the excitement in something like the team wearing ‘90s throwback uniforms for a few games per season but all that hype for white face masks?
  3. Indeed. The NFL was great before Goodell took over and started tinkering with EVERYTHING.
  4. I think Trubisky is more dependable and reliable in a pinch than Barclay. Trubisky has started fifty games and Barclay has started seven. Trubisky also has a Pro Bowl appearance. We clearly upgraded at backup QB.
  5. “I you fucking don’t”? Is that proper English? Who’s the uneducated one here? 😆
  6. Well, shit. Now I wish I would have checked here first before I got vaccinated. The internet is full of people with all the answers and you appear to be one of those wise folks. 🙄
  7. I got my second dose of the Pfizer the week before last. My arm was sore for a couple days after both doses but no other side effects. I’d encourage everyone I could to get vaccinated but to each their own choices and opinions.
  8. Beane and McDermott have done nothing in the last four years but turn this team into a contender.
  9. They weren’t bad contracts. The league had to impose a lower salary cap due to unforeseen loss of revenue since fans weren’t allowed at games last season. Otherwise these pay cuts we see a number of players taking wouldn’t be necessary.
  10. Highly talented players wanting to remain with the Bills instead of looking for a bigger contract elsewhere... it’s something we’re not used to. And Beane and McDermott are here for the long haul. The culture has changed and this team has long turned around but it’s still hard to grasp after all those bad years. It feels so amazing to know our Bills are now a perennial playoff team and a winning franchise. For me, it eliminates the pain of the Sabres being at rock bottom right now.
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