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  1. So many misogynistic comments in this thread. Pretty sad what this message board has been reduced to.
  2. I’ve been arguing with people since Trump took office that he inherited a growing economy from Obama but I honestly feel like he helped it keep growing until he mismanaged the pandemic. I can’t stand Trump and I think he’s a terrible president but I will give him credit where it’s due on the economy. He could help unite a divided country by giving his predecessor due credit for leaving him a healthy economy but he’s too much of an arrogant, hateful, divisive scum bag.
  3. Things aren’t looking good for sports right now anyway. Don’t be surprised if we end up with no NFL in September.
  4. Bradham was one of the good ones that got away during the Rex Ryan era. The kind of player that a Bills fan should’ve been pissed off to see signed by another team.
  5. How cool it would be if the Blue Jays were to go on a run and win the World Series this season.
  6. I’d become a baseball fan if they moved to Buffalo permanently or if the city got an MLB team. I don’t believe either scenario will happen, though. But it’s be cool if the Blue Jays ended up playing some games in Buffalo. SOMETHING good has to come from this pandemic.
  7. Preseason is supposed to start next month and COVID-19 is still on the rise. I don’t think we’re going to have football this season.
  8. Allen may not have the playoff wins, Pro Bowl appearances or Super Bowl wins but he did give us a 10-6 record in his second season as a pro, which is better than any QB has done for us since the ‘90s. He’s going to have to win us some playoff games and a Super Bowl to get that big contract though.
  9. It’s hard for me to be excited about any football news at all until we know that we're going to have any kind of season in 2020.
  10. Mount Rushmore needs to be left alone and enjoyed for generations to come. History needs to be respected. You don’t see Poland tearing down Auschwitz and some of the worst stuff in the history of mankind happened there.
  11. I was considering getting time off from my job in October to fly back to Buffalo for our Thursday Night game but decided to wait and see if things were looking more certain. Good thing I didn’t make a flight reservation or buy game tickets. At this point in time, I just don’t see football happening this year. 2020 is just a total wash.
  12. I’m finding it hard to look forward to a 2020 season that is looking more and more unlikely to happen.
  13. Also a reminder that Belichick could also be pumping inside information on McDermott’s defense strategy from Newton, like he’s done with Bills castoffs. Newton played against McDermott’s defenses in practice for some years.
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