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  1. I hope Leslie decides not to be a part of that mess in Houston and stays in Buffalo for another season. I like the hat he’s wearing in the photo too. He looks good in Bills colors.
  2. Let’s enjoy what’s going on right now before we start thinking about our offseason needs. Our current season isn’t over.
  3. Losing coordinators is a price teams pay for successful seasons. Good head coaches can replace them and keep on winning. I believe McDermott is one of those.
  4. Hopefully it’s just to satisfy the Rooney Rule. I don’t want to lose both of our coordinators.
  5. We have a really good defense that just lacks a dominant pass rush. I hope we still have Leslie Frazier as DC next season.
  6. The Bills have had a good number of sacks this season despite a not great pass rush but to the Colts’ credit, they have a very good offensive line. Our defensive line just couldn’t generate a pass rush against an offensive line that good and it needs to be addressed in the offseason. Every NFL team has holes and the Bills have theirs. But we’ve seen much worse. Like when Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel were our DEs.
  7. Josh Allen had an ugly 26/35 324 yard 2TD game. THAT’S a bad day for him?! And he still won!
  8. Pretenders get exposed early in the regular season. Our Bills are far from being pretenders.
  9. Well, Sean McDermott was just elected Coach of the Year by NFL on Fox Awards. Well deserved. The man knows what he’s doing.
  10. Over twenty years ago. I can’t remember if the owners divorced or what but they changed the name and moved from Main St to Davison Rd. I know that there is a Pontillo’s in Rochester but I don’t know if it’s related to the one in Lockport.
  11. It was still Pontillo’s when I last lived there. First pizza I ever had in my life and by far the best. I look forward to having it every time I come back to visit.
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