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  1. Stats aside, Allen gave us a 10-win season last year. Wins are the stats that matter the most.
  2. One album that I’ll never get sick of hearing is Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. I’m crazy about that album and it’s their best one, in my opinion.
  3. This lady decides to come forward 27 years after the “assault” happened? She didn’t bother to bring it up when he was Vice President? This has bullshit written all over it.
  4. He also compared Dick Jauron to Marv Levy. God Bless Jim Kelly but he has always compared current Bills players to the ones from the glory years. Like the typical Bills fan forever waiting for history to repeat itself.
  5. Dareus is just a waste of elite talent and a human of poor character. He’s an example of how a person can be a millionaire and still be a loser.
  6. This coronavirus situation makes me want to read Stephen King’s “The Stand” again.
  7. I’m planning on driving down to Arizona to see this game so hopefully it doesn’t get outsourced.
  8. That Koolaid has run out and was in short supply to begin with.
  9. I buy the bags of Starbucks whole bean French roast from Costco and grind them in a grinder that my mom bought me a while back. For me there is nothing better than coffee from fresh grounds. Keurig coffee tastes weird to me. Never cared for it but I’ll drink it if it’s there.
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