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  1. Yes. If they lose to Miami, the mid season collapse after another fast start to the season will be official. And I don’t see them beating the Dolphins this Sunday. It’s hard to have faith in this team. The defense is good but not good enough to make up for an offense that can’t score touchdowns and poor special teams.
  2. McDermott, in my mind, is starting to appear to coach more and more like a younger Dick Jauron.
  3. I’ve about had it with McDermott and I’ve grown to hate his game day coaching. How many more seasons do we have to watch this crap?
  4. Whether it’s the right move or not, it’s not going to happen.
  5. Shady has already missed games to injury this year and has had some fumbles. Gore has been more durable and productive. I wanted McCoy to stay but I can see the sense in Buffalo releasing him.
  6. Tyrod had talent but a very low ceiling, which he hit in his first season with the Bills. He was awful in the playoff game a couple years ago. Josh Allen already has more come from behind victories and game winning drives than Tyrod. Tyrod is a backup now. Josh Allen has his flaws but I’d take him over Tyrod any day.
  7. My confidence isn’t down. That loss to the Eagles is looking to be the beginning of the mid season collapse that we’re all too used to. Hopefully it isn’t, though.
  8. It’s hard to believe that Tre’Davious White was a baby the last time we won a playoff game. And Josh Allen wasn’t even born yet.
  9. Tre’Davious is solid, plays his guts out and has a good attitude. Happy to be in Buffalo. Gilmore has talent but half-assed it and bided his time in Buffalo.
  10. I love those uniforms. I wish they could also wear their 90s uniforms for a throwback.
  11. I’d be all for Dalton if we weren’t in the process of getting Allen his game experience. If Allen is going to get better, playing him is the only way that will happen. It’s ride or die with Allen.
  12. The 90s have been over for almost twenty years. The K-Gun only came back when Kelly was still playing. They tried to bring back the K-Gun back in ‘09 with Trent Edwards under center. It was a miserable failure. It’s a different time. The K-Gun is gone and never coming back.
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