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  1. Don’t ever count Belichick out no matter how ugly it looks for New England. They’re still dangerous and our beloved Bills still have the propensity to blow a game like this one coming up.
  2. I think the Bills are the only team in the NFL with a winning record that has scored less points than their opponents.
  3. It doesn't feel like a loss to me. To me, it feels like the Bills didn't play today. It was a win, though. I'll take it.
  4. I wish Lorenzo were still playing for us. His retirement was a loss for our defense.
  5. We convincingly won both of our prime time games last season. I’ll never forget how great that Thanksgiving victory over Dallas felt.
  6. They’re still 4-2. If they lose to the Jets, THEN we can have reason to be concerned with the job McDermott and Beane are doing.
  7. The bottom line is that we won those games. The Bills are 4-1 and there are plenty of games left to fix the defense.
  8. Well, QB is by far the most important position on the team and we have that taken care of. That puts us way ahead of Bills teams of past years.
  9. The Bills are 4-1 and have had one bad game out of five so far. And some Bills fans are already acting like bitches.
  10. To further prove my point, we currently have a QB and WR who are leading the AFC in passing and receiving yardage respectively. Josh Allen threw for an average of 312 yards per game in the 4-0 start. Through five games, he’s at 317 YPG. In 2008, we had a QB beating mediocre teams throwing for an average of 232 yards per game. Edwards threw for 11 touchdowns in the 2008 season. Allen had thrown for 12 in the first four games this season. Don’t call the 2020 Buffalo Bills pretenders. They showed us last year that these Buffalo Bills are no joke.
  11. The 4-0 2008 Bills were pretenders and it was evident before their first loss that season. The 2020 Bills are far from being pretenders.
  12. You still need a good pass rush this day and age. You can’t give elite QBs all day to throw and pick your secondary apart. You gotta get pressure, hits and sacks and get in the QB’s head.
  13. I know you asked Lit but I think Edmunds is playing hurt with a bad shoulder, which could explain why he hasn't been as strong with his tackling.
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