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  1. Losing your coordinators is a price of success in the NFL. We’ve had great stability for years in Buffalo.
  2. I’m feeling good about this game. I think our Bills were in a funk in that first game against the Patriots and McDermott was out coached. Buffalo has the better team overall. Bills will win and advance.
  3. All that matters to me is that the Bills still won the game.
  4. I liked Lawson ok. He wasn’t a bad player. Buffalo was wise to not pay him with a big extension, though.
  5. Who cares about the 2022 off-season right now? Buffalo’s in the playoffs for their third straight season.
  6. That’s why that was his last game as a Bill. And many people thought the Bills were crazy for getting rid of him.
  7. It felt so good to finally break the drought even though it was the first time we’d ever been to the playoffs without a real QB.
  8. I wonder that too. They haven’t worn the blue throwbacks since NFL uniforms were still made by Reebok.
  9. I hope we have Josh Allen as long as Pittsburgh has had Ben Roethlisberger.
  10. Didn’t look like much of anything to me. If it were malicious, I’m sure his teammates would’ve gotten involved.
  11. I’ve stuck by Allen through thick and thin and will continue to do so. Haven’t badmouthed him once since Buffalo drafted him. We’re so blessed to have him after all those bad years.
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