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  1. My good friends father IL passed of a heart attack a week (thanksgiving day) after his “booster”! But, of course, the “medical experts” say that it had nothing to do with it
  2. I’ve stopped contemplating any of this nonsense a while back! There are to many simpletons in this world, and they will NEVER use their mind to actually question the narrative! Now I just sit back and nosh on some popcorn while the sheep battle it out
  3. IF, and it’s a big IF this “virus” is mutating as quickly as they keep declaring, it is 100% due to the vaccinations!
  4. This is most likely still VERY true, especially compared to orgs. like Goodwill (their CEO has a 7 figure salary and huge bonuses).
  5. No worries, just adding a little of info as it pertains the the SA. It’s very possible they haven’t distributed it to the regional locations yet idk. Having been personally involved with this location for 13+ years, I’ve never seen an inkling of discrimination of any sort, other than them taking advantage of their employees.
  6. My mother works for the SA, the longest tenured employee at her location, she is their financial & H.R. manager. She hasn’t heard anything of this. Having volunteered and helped in any way I can with the SA, I’ve never recognized or noticed any form of “racism”/“placeism”.
  7. Fraudci is such an evil little mad scientist. He thinks he is “science”, he’s been in an office position for what,35+ years !?
  8. Yes, he was! You should try and talk about being simple minded, possibly it will help you expand your mind.
  9. They are all a joke, all talking about “stopping the spread of misinformation” while pumping the simple stupid sheep with nothing but misinformation! And the SSS buy it “hook line and sinker”🤦‍♂️
  10. Anybody that thinks a 17 y/o kid who tried to help his community when evil, awful, simple-minded people were destroying it and anything in their way is a “POS”, they are the real shitbag human! People like “F8” really are the epitome of the simple people in this country/world that now have access to spread their stupidity 😔!!
  11. Because “400 years of oppression” 🤦‍♂️🤣 https://twitter.com/GNeverfear/status/1457777260119814149?s=20
  12. Do you fail to use logic or rationale in all of your opinions or conclusions?
  13. Uh huh, that’s the weakest argument to blame anybody in the present for anything! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  14. KR is a fucking hero, he should have never had to deal with any of this nonsense! It was blatantly obvious the day after it happened that is was self defense. Whether he went there or not, IF the rioters didn’t go there to burn, loot, destroy and harm people, HE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!
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