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  1. Just listen to TP get interviewed he isn’t the brightest of subjects. So as far as being out of touch regarding his callous timing he can’t help himself.
  2. Worst trade ever was Lamonica being dealt to the Oakland Raiders for over the hill Tom Flores and injury prone Art Powell.
  3. The coaches will continue to talk nice about Dareus , they are polishing that turd so someone will take him off their hands.
  4. I assume the Bills scouts do their jobs well they do want to do this again for a living . Pegula on the other hand is the one that worries me. You can't be considered coherent and piss away millions.
  5. Sammy Watkins is a supreme talent. Injuries and slip shod coaching will hamper anyone. You have a stud talent you use him and find ways to use him often. Game one this year this genius staff did not even use him.
  6. Sometimes you go with your gut. The Bills front office felt strongly about Sammy Watkins and paid a heavy price. So far they aren't hurting from the choice as this years draft is paying handsome dividends. First three choices this season are playing huge minutes with two of three starting and the third is impressive Karlos Williams. The fact is Watkins was drafted fourth overall and quite frankly he is a great talent. It often takes time to evaluate a trade or a players HOF chances, this scenario will be no different.
  7. That Offensive Line is a major concern. Going to require high draft choice attention.
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