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  1. For some reason, being able to throw a football out of a stadium does not seem to be much of a useful skill for a NFL quarterback. Just a thought...
  2. Be interesting to see if he truly was/is a system QB. Like a lot of star college QBs when they try to go Pro. Then again he is trying to prove that at an advanced age for any NFL player.
  3. Exactly, and the traffic on any of the Interstate Hwys from CT to Foxborough is outrageously bad. Had to drive this for work many times, and dreaded it always!
  4. Is Milano playing? His absence is underestimated as a factor in some of the D play we saw against Miami.
  5. Bill Parcells, iconic multiple Super Bowl winning coach once indicated, "You are what your record says you are." No apologies needed! They have found a way to win 5 out of 6 games, and had a serious opportunity at the 6th but for a Defensive cheap shot on our QB, and a blocked punt caused by a inattentive Gunner and ST Coordinator simultaneously having their collective heads up their asses. If the reality morphs into something different as the season progresses, we will deal with that then. For now, can we just enjoy the ride??
  6. For someone supposedly decrepit and fading into oblivion, he is playing annoyingly (as a Bills denizen) well. Could see him retiring, but doubt that. Wonder if he wants to go the WC and play for his hometown Niners? Garrapolo has been underwhelming this year. And, his parents and extended family are out there. Most of this noise and nonsense usually turns out to be BS, but you never know... The sooner he leaves NE, the better. How about Billy-cheat, how old is he, and when is his contract up?
  7. Just proves no one in that stadium is safe when Allen starts throwing the ball. They may need to put up nets around the field perimeter similar to hockey and baseball! If you remember the baseball movie Bull Durham, Allen is football's version of Nuke Laloosh...
  8. A more apropos response for the Jets was to fire off early and run into their punter full speed and knock his ass into the stands. At that point, who gives a shit, and as they cart the punter off on a gurney sends a nice message not to be an asshole or Brady is next... Just a thought...
  9. Exactly! He has a lot to learn, as does any other Rookie. Let AJ handle the first team reps, and Peterman whatever they want to give him. Allen can learn, get some confidence, and EARN whatever role he eventually attains this season. The McBeane duo seem focused on making people earn any sort of role each player is assigned. Absolutely impressed by their values and mindset. Just one more comment. WOW!!! An actual football post! All this political crap is ruining this board!!
  10. A F-ing men!! Honestly, the conversations are inane and often childish rants. Never read them anymore. Just a waste of electrons! BR used to have a PRS board for all this kind of nonsense. Please bring it back. Most of us are here to see information and conversation related to the Bills and Sabres. All these political conversations are useless inane clutter. I have been on this board since November 2002, and really appreciated that all this crap was in its only little place (PRS) where the crazies could extol their "wisdom". Those were the good old days...
  11. Bruce Smith wound up being legendary and anchoring the Bills D-Line for over a decade. His College? Virginia Tech. Tremaine Edmunds is from? Virginia Tech. Serendipity? We can pray, and smile!
  12. Brave man to do that in an open carry state carry state like Texas that thinks every thing about it is the Center of the Universe...
  13. He had throat and neck cancer. Massive rounds of radiation treatments. Essentially, they "cooked" the Cancer out of his body. Scary! Article from last October in SI: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/10/24/chris-mortensen-throat-cancer-recovery
  14. Posted this AM @ 8:30, then updated just now. Still has Bill/Fins with same draft picks. Browns get Darnold AND Barkley. Interesting team to play D against... Be interesting to see how Barkley's oversize ego fits in with the various personalities in Cleveland. Tyrod as a back-up again??
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