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  1. I work at a nuclear power plant and have to wear a mask while in the control room the mask is the same type the refs wear and my peripheral vision is negatively impacted. These mask the refs are wearing are having an impact on their vision. I have seen multiple game this year that the refs have missed easy calls. Other then being paid off the mask are the only reason I can for the suck of the refs.
  2. The refs knew they blew that call, which is why they paid us back with the PI call on the Rams in our last drive.
  3. This is not a story about how a cop killed a black person so why should I care?
  4. No, but I do remember when Cuomo said New Yorker didn’t need God to fight the virus.
  5. My county has had three deaths of 451 cases with 64,000 ppl living in the county that’s 0.7% of the population who have got the virus. The three deaths are make 0.004% of the population. My state has never closed down businesses, mask have never been mandated, kids are playing in baseball leagues, we have always had a choice. Use your brain not the media to make decisions. If you don’t feel safe stay home. Hitler told the Germans it was their “responsibility” to stop the Jews from taking over!
  6. No mask are not just for libs, taking away freedom is for libs! You can go ahead and stay home, not work, get depressed, eventually get the virus anyway and die or take the unproven vaccine if it ever comes out then die from that, it is your choice! I choose to work, eat out, go to church, and live my life, none of which should concern you because you are staying home collecting your government check while I work to give you the electricity you need to stay in your air conditioned government housing and type moronic comments on this site! You’re welcome!
  7. I thought we lived in a country where we are free to choose! Why is everyone so willing to give up their freedom for “security”? Who cares if you get the virus if you are not going to die from it? Tell people the risk based on age and per existing conditions, tell people how to minimize their risk, give them the freedom to choose what they are willing risk. If anyone here is willing to trust any person who works for the government to take care of this virus for us without a ton a mistakes then you need to relearn your history, because you can’t show me any government run program that has ever worked that way, let alone one that needed to be implemented so quickly and was so widespread. The original shutdown was to prevent overwhelming the hospitals, we stocked up on ventilators and medications and we are ready for this wave. Let people who want to live their life, live it! Next round to government stimulus should incentivize work not staying home. Can’t figure out why you would ever get paid more to not work. This governments job is to ensure freedom for all of its citizens and protect the ones who cannot protect themselves.
  8. Not pointing north but at least pointing in a consistent direction so he could still find his way. Biden’s compass doesn’t even have a needle.
  9. I was judging moral character based upon the Bible which is the example everyone should strive to live up to, both republican and democrats alike. I even called it out as a “much larger percentage”, meaning that republicans also don’t have a moral compass just not as large of a percentage as democrats. Your rebuttal uses “would have” as an argument making it moronic, How do you know it “would have” if it never did? Let me guess CNN told you it “ would have”. The impeachment trial was a joke perpetuated by a group of congressmen who flat out said from before day one in office they wanted to impeach the president and remove him from office they forgot one thing, evidence is required, not opinions. It is too bad that laws exist requiring people to enter the county legally. Maybe we should let children hang out with criminal parents? I’m fairly certain that none of the legal immigrants families got separated. While shameful at least the dick suckers were trying to hide their sin and not openly flaunting it like the democrats. Maybe try a few more of those examples you wrote about.
  10. Lol Hip you kill me. You know the stats show that it is less likely for me to be on welfare since I am a republican.
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