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  1. My point exactly. Maybe I didn’t use ZERO enough to show my sarcasm. Obviously there was fraud and for anyone to say absolutely no fraud existed, and actually have people believe them is why this country won’t exists at the end of these four years. Sheep will follow there shepherd to the slaughter!
  2. Yes and we can finally say our QB is better than all but maybe three or four other QBs, so let’s make it as easy as possible for his to succeed.
  3. Are you serious, 30? You write about 1975 football so much you are starting to think this is 1975. Look at the age of QBs 43, 42, 37 and still playing at MVP levels. But no, no your right let’s never build a new stadium, it will take too long to reap the benefits. Stop whining and smarten up!
  4. No, the Bills are the republicans here and therefore must lose, But there was absolutely ZERO evidence of fraud. Zero, not that there wasn’t enough to overturn, not there wasn’t significant fraud, there was ZERO fraud.
  5. Last few weeks you see our defenders punching at the ball if it is wet or raining we get those turnovers which are always the key to winning. +2 advantage wins this for us. Bills 30-20.
  6. I live in central Arkansas, and I can tell you no one cares about the NFL unless their is a connection to Arkansas. The only people I talk NFL to are those people that moved here from other states.
  7. JA and the Bills must win this game and the next to have no regrets. It’s not about stats it’s about championshis!
  8. Did we just win the Super Bowl last year and win all but one game this year with Allen in too? I say give it a shot with the back up if any health question exists. Ten year contract means ten year window. The deciding factor is we just won it all last year.
  9. We are the Bills Mafia, let’s make sure Mahomes won’t play.
  10. I’m sure he did in his multimillion dollar home. Enjoy being rich! Lol
  11. “The used video game store I go to”. Lol, you are exactly who I thought you were Duke! 100% sure you play those games in your mom’s basement.
  12. Defense played well because they knew the Ravens QBs are garbage. Different story if PM plays. When White bit on that out and up from Brown leaving him wide open for the touchdown, I was going crazy wondering how our best defensive player can be that stupid, PM would not have missed that throw. The KC offensive design is made to beat stupid players.
  13. Win or loose we need to get better, personnel wise, we need a RB - Najee Harris may be available at end of first round, LB - what are we doing with Milano?, DE - someone who can get 10+ sacks, CB - opposite White. Keep in mind we may not have a combine this year so all talent evaluation will have to come from actually watching football games. It is also thought that a lot of player may return for the extra year of collage eligibility meaning this years draft class is top heavy and next years is very deep. Combining late round picks to move up this year is a good idea.
  14. Unproven science is not a finished scientific process and therefore not science.
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