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  1. Biden did do the same thing. That is what Trump was having investigated. I guess if you were once in office you can’t can’t ever be investigated for what you did as long as you just continue running for office? Foster- Australian for educated.
  2. Because it doesn’t meet his liberal agenda to blame Trump for everything and Trump can do no right. Just ask his to tell you the things Trump is doing well. He won’t be able to because of deep rooted hatred. He can’t stand the fact that people with a different opinion then him are running this country. Yet the conservatives are the ones called narrow minded, with hatred issues?
  3. Very few people on this site wanted Allen or Jackson going into the draft, but almost everyone knew Jackson was more ready to play right away. I don’t see Jackson getting any better, once teams figure out how to stop this offense, it will be copied, and we will see how Jackson adjusts. Most expert wanted Allen to sit for the first year or two of his career. The way I see it, this is all extra experience for Allen. He’ll have until the end of year four to prove himself worthy of franchise qb.
  4. The man was paid to give his opinion, he did, people didn’t like hearing the truth, wanted him to apologize, he refused, he got fired. Sounds like someone acting on what they believe, representing the less fortunate. How is that any different from Kaepernick? I doubt Cherry gets signed by Nike.
  5. I say we sign LiterateStylish. He knows everything about football, he studies film, he is not afraid to call people out for there mistakes, he knows everything about football, he has never made a mistake, and did I mention he knows everything about football. I see many Super Bowls in our future if we can make this happen.
  6. If by not playing to the level of your opponent you mean get blown out than yes, Baltimore got blown out by Cleveland and didn’t play to their level. So crying and enjoy the win, lament the losses.
  7. I see it now. The next attempt to impeach the president. Quid pro quo, Trump Jr benefits from father being president.
  8. Has this cat been properly vaccinated and spay/ neutered before it was let out of the bag?
  9. I don’t think Odell is far off AB. Dude has some mental health issues.
  10. Must have missed that one. I saw the one that said Jeffrey Epstein killed himself or Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.
  11. Come on man, we all know there aren’t even windows let alone towers in insane asylums.
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