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  1. Very, very, very, very few 5-7’s in accuracy and football IQ also have a 10 in arm and running.
  2. I know most of you drink before during and after the games, so I will excuse you all for not paying attention to this, at any point during the year. Our return men use the “safe signal” whenever the ball lands in the end zone and they are not planning to catch the kickoff. Once the ball hits the ref blows the whistle and we get the ball at the 25. Our returners also use the “safe signal” when they are going to catch the ball on a kickoff but then they take a knee after they catch it and then the whistle is blow ball goes to the 25. It’s worked that way all year. This mental lapse by the Houston returner is inexcusable and should have been punished with a fumble. Rules over so called “common sense”
  3. How do you figure the Rams? No draft picks for the future, they are win now, and not winning.
  4. Let me guess, you are Morpheus, leading the resistance? Lol
  5. If you build it ( a dome stadium, downtown) they will come ( even if the price is double, just have a place for the drunks to be drunks).
  6. It’s not just the weather. Pats have been doing this same stuff on special teams all year. Do any of the other teams study the tape? Look at the KOs into the wind that would always land at the 10, but Dallas would have the returner in the end zone. The Pats are very predictable in offense too.
  7. Allen and Brown continue to show chemistry, while Gore moves in third on the all time rush list in front of the home fans. 30-13 Bills.
  8. The fact that you had to post this tells me a lot about what you know people on here think of you.
  9. 1. Yes, I agree. 2. Well since immigrants can be any ethnicity and all get treated the same I don’t think that’s racism. And remember president Obama is the one who started “caging” illegal immigrants. 3.messages between racists still makes it racism. Never said he wasn’t racist or didn’t have racist ideals. In fact see argument number one that you wrote. Stephen Miller can be racist if he wants to be racist, you can’t change what he believes.
  10. Oh good, you came out of the wood work on your own. You’re one of the people I was talking about. So you believe a good QB in this offense would lead the league in passing TDs, yards and completion percentage?
  11. So true, according to some on here a good QB in this offense should have a dozen more touchdowns, 80% completion percentage, and 1000 more yards passing.
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