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  1. Not that we have a choice but I wouldn’t want either coordinator going to a division rival. I think they would want to go somewhere with a young QB. Nowadays coaches only get two maybe three years. It would have to be a QB they thinks can actually be good. A lot of the opening have young qbs that might be able to be “fixed”, Jacksonville, Miami, Chicago NY Giants, and Denver is the order I would put the young QBs in, as far as confidence they will be good. I wouldn’t want the Miami or Denver kids because I would have to battle JA and PM for the next decade.
  2. Lol, In this situation, i would go to the person with the most experience, I would just ask you.
  3. Who told you that? Let me guess the same people who told you cloth mask work, the vaccine works. What a tool!
  4. Lol, So he’s the @seandelevan of the pats version of the range?
  5. I heard the people of Western New York smartened up and demanded a multi purpose dome stadium be built for use by the Bills, Bulls, and even the Bison.
  6. He did have complementary play calling, but it helped that the player executed so well, everything on offense worked tonight.
  7. Those numbers don’t lie. Do you know why people don’t say the say things about Tom, Aaron, and Patrick? They have all put together a string of great games and won a Super Bowl. The ultimate “who the f*** do they think I am” by Allen would be to do the same thing and dominate all the way to the Super Bowl.
  8. Now the Pats and BB have nothing to loose. If they do loose the media will say “they dad multiple starters out” , if they win BB will be considered our daddy and the GOAT coach.
  9. I wouldn’t call any of the swings “huge” other then the trade ups for Allen and Edmunds along with the trade for Diggs. None of which I would consider misses. We need another huge swing for this team to get to the next level, I’m not talking about some second round pick, I’m talking a top free agent or top 10, day one impact, draft pick. Spend the money, sacrifice the future picks, cut the overpriced no impact vets.
  10. I really hope we dump these big contract no impact defensive players(Star, Jerry, Mario) and bring in difference makers (CB opposite Tre, double digit sack artist, road grading guard, or WR-2 opposite Stefon) during the off-season.
  11. If your like most of the people on this site you probably only pay attention to the Bills. You hear a few stats about the teams the Bills play from the announcers during the game. So when you see the Bills struggle to do things that you have seen done with ease before, you get worried. All teams struggle, they all have strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows during games and throughout the season. Who is the “hottest” team heading into the playoffs this year? I’ll tell you it sure ain’t the Patriots team we face on Saturday (lost 3 of the last 4 games). Maybe it’s KC winners of 9 of the last 10, but they lost the one to Cin in week 17 and barely beat Den in week 18, while Den was being lead by backup quarterback Lock and KC was playing for a potential bye week. Maybe the hottest team is LV, they won their last four game to capture the final playoff spot, but those four wins, all against non playoff teams were by a total of 12 points. How about the Bills they also won their last four games (tied with LV as the longest win streak to end the season), with an average margin of victory of 12 points in those four games. Yes 3 of the 4 games were against non playoff teams but we also met or beat the spread in each game. We may not be hitting on all cylinders, but no team is, I say we are the hottest team and my confidence is 100%.
  12. No one likes playing in freezing temperatures, they will do it if they have to but they don’t like it. Just another reason to build a dome even if it cost more. When a free agent is looking at which team he wants to join everything else being equal they will choose the dome over playing all of December and January in freezing weather.
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