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  1. If you think Mahomes on the Buffalo Bills would look anything like the Mahomes on the Chief you are NUTS. He would be part of the shit show we've seen so far this year.
  2. Never should have been the starter in the first place. Should have kept McCarron and let the kid learn. Hope starting out playing doesn't fuck up his game in the future.
  3. I wish someday we could put that to the test and have the college team play the worst NFL team Either way, this debate would once and for all be ended.
  4. Well, at least we know they didn't sign him just for our team secrets.
  5. That is seriously disappointing since its a fact that we are almost into the 2nd decade of rebuilding.
  6. Not only do we fans not "Deserve" what we have been through. We fans have "Earned" a better team by now.
  7. Every year is next year. We have been bottom feeders for waaaaay to long not to have built up a decent team. When is next year going to show up.
  8. I would tend to think this is now Josh Allen's team. But management never ceases to amaze me.
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