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  1. It means weakening the police and enabling other authorities who are more well equipped to interpret and handle the situations. You know they used to just lock up the genuinely handicapped people with the regular bad guys but at least there is now a little bit of distinction although it is still way far less from perfect.
  2. Education & social services > Police More educated people there are the less violence. I know it is a long term goal but it has to start changing sometime we can't keep locking people up for harmless stupid shit then making them victims of the system.
  3. It means empowering social services to help people. I guess that's dumb to you as well? It would lessen the load on police in the long run I guess you don't see big picture things.
  4. I am curious what do you all think defunding the police means? This is what I think it means based off Wikipedia I agree "Defund the police" is an American slogan that supports divesting funds from police departments and reallocating them to non-policing forms of public safety and community support, such as social services, youth services, housing, education, healthcare and other community resources. Activists who use the phrase may do so with varying intentions; some seek modest reductions, while others argue for full defunding as a step toward the abolition of contemporary police services. To be honest it is a poor choose of words open to too much interpretation which the right exploits.
  5. No... don't stay shutdown forever but how about mandatory masks at least indoors until the states reach the presidents own mandated minimum requirements before reopening everything? Is that so difficult? Can you stand here and say that would not have made a difference? I will say in ATL GA area it is about 50/50 when I go out in public it really kind of pisses me off because it is just prolonging the overall issue and costing people their lives unnecessarily. So many uninformed I heard a sportscaster today arguing that all kids should go back to school because they are not effected. Sure they are not at high risk but schools are like a petri dish and guess where those kids go after school...
  6. I am not reading this thread I have enough of these kinds of emails at work but I will say 90% of the time I skip/scroll past SJs posts because dammit SJ get to the point and fast I don't want to read a novel.
  7. Thing about Sack that disturbs me the most is that usually I figure people are just ignorant and support Trump and I actually get it... No time to pay attention to politics IDK whatever... Sack is willingly ignorant which is so much worse.
  8. An F for getting a kicker with accuracy and a big leg in the draft. That's funny who scores the most points in the NFL. http://www.espn.com/nfl/history/leaders/_/stat/points
  9. Wow you really are just a steaming pile of shit Your words are beyond useless.
  10. Here is a little more to digest https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-fire-pandemic-team/ I have to say if Trump were that captain of a ship that was sinking. I 100 percent believe he would be the first one off. In fact on his way to the rescue boats he would tell everyone along the way that everything is fine just so he could save his own ass. After all Donald 1st
  11. I feel like that's a hindsight solution as in we should have drafted Tom Brady or Mahomes etc According to the CDC symptoms may not appear for 2-14 days after exposure. So think about.. possibly within 14 days probably longer before it was properly diagnosed and broadcasted as an issue it was probably already in the US. By that time it was too late. What's important now is for everyone to take it seriously and at the same time don't make a panic of it. Also read recently even if you had it once you might be able to catch it again so think about that... They are still trying to collect data and learn. Should they shut down all international travel now ? I would think so or put extremely stricter guidelines in place than he already did. I wish Trump would have not downplayed it early on as if ohhh it's just a flu people die from it all the time. This has the capacity to be much worse than a common flu although hopefully our brilliant scientists minds (you know the ones who talk about climate change) can find the vaccine that works.
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