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  1. Really, for a rookie, he has played lights out and is on everyone's short list for DROY??????? Don't get me wrong. I'm not a huge fan of DW who screwed up bigtime in the EJ matter and may be seen to have screwed up on Sammy unless Sammy can figure out a way to stay healthy. But he has had had a lot of hits (McCoy, I think and the others mentioned above) as well as misses.
  2. Wow, have to give Whaley and Co. some credit on that second-rounder. Those are first round numbers.
  3. USA Today had us at 8 now I believe, not that this matters at all anyway.
  4. There is free radio streaming on the bills iphone app for what its worth, but it is on about a 2-3 minute delay. It is the regular Murphy-Kelso broadcast.
  5. same here. Anyone help me on this? Usual links not working. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I'm in VA too but too close to DC so the so-called Washington Football Team is on here. I will see this one way or the other. Biggest game in a while for us. Will have to make other plans.
  7. Typical Cheatriots arrogance. Problem is they back it up most of the time.
  8. Look, we were a minimally competent offense, Coach and QB away from being able to take these SOBs on. I think we have all of that now.
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