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  1. Let me start by saying that I do not watch every play on All-22, and I don't have any in-depth coaching background. But there is something major that I do not get when I watch the Patriots: It seems 4 out of every 5 of their completions are to guys that run very simple routes, very short routes, and the moment they get open (either freeing of their guy from a pick in man-to-man or releasing form the zone), the ball is thrown to them. I will sometimes WATCH a slot receiver (and not the ball) on TV, and the buy just takes 2 or 3 steps forward, cuts across the middle...and if he is open over the middle 1.5 seconds after the snap the ball goes there....if 3 seconds after the flat he is finally released and he is open in the flat (or 5 to 7 yards downfield) the ball goes to him there, he catches it and falls forward for a couple more yards. I just don't get it. It almost seems like it is not the Great QB, not great teaching by the coach...it is simply the design of the play and all the QB has to do is find the opening when it does occur.....but it can't be that because then why does no one else do it? Or why can't anyone stop it? I just don't get it.
  2. Ok, has anyone gotten to a point where they are looking for another of the younger, up-and-coming teams to start following more closely and become a fan of? I'm not saying to denounce your Bills fanship, but with how this team is looking is there another team that has been down-and-out for a while..but looks better now, anyone is hitching their wagon to? I was thinking The Raiders, Jacksonville, Tenessee, Tampa? Maybe some others. For me, I really enjoy watching the Raiders and Jacksonville play. They aren't favorites to win the Super Bowl of course, but there is a huge positive vibe around them.
  3. That is the problem. Unless there is a miraculous turnaround this season...Cleveland is a year or two (or 3 years) ahead of Buffalo in the required rebuild. Maybe this team will be good just in time for the debut in that new Downtown stadium?
  4. And that would look like another rebuilding project. If they don't make the playoffs this year, the SHOULD tear down the roster (and if it is that bad of a season, they probably will), which means realistically another 3-4 years AT LEAST until they are good enough for the playoffs. 20, 21, 22 year drought, anyone?
  5. I think Tyrod had a terrible game, but with the All-22...I really wish there was someone (with a lot of time) who could analyze how all the QBs do over the course of a season in relation to each other. I mean, can you pick out 8 plays a game where Tyrod had open receivers that were better than what he chose (either a completion or one for longer yards)? If so, how does that compare to other QBs around the league? I mean, if over a game, or a season, Tyrod had wide open receivers 50% of the time he throws into coverage, how does that compare to anyone else? With Brady is it 40% of the time he throws incompletions? With a rookie is it 55%? Once again, this isn't about defending Tyrod at all, he played bad and it has to stop...I'm just hopeful sometime in the future the fans get to see more in-depth analysis of All-22...with stats derived from it....rather than watching pre-game or post-game shows with former players saying the garbage they do.
  6. That is not what this thread is about at all, I'm not sure me...or anyone else in it..ever said they wanted to lose big as long at they scored some. The problem is that they didn't score AND they lost. A Loss is a loss, but not only did most of the other teams that lost give their fans more excitement doing it....but with an offense that is SO bad as they were today, that is the sign of a bigger problem that will leave the team in bad shape going forward if it isn't fixed. I'll take a win over anything..but I'd rather have a high scoring win than a low scoring win. I don't want to take a loss at all, but I would MUCH rather sit through a 34-27 loss with some scoring and ball movement than sit through that trudge through the mud they had today.
  7. If the Ravens kept a Safety deep, one safety cannot cover the entire field, sideline to sideline on long passes. So they must have had that one Safety deep and had other players playing deep, or at least softer coverage. If that wasn't the case and there was only 1 Safety deep, they Bills still should have been able to pass downfield. If it was more than one Safety deep, or one safety deep and CB's playing off the line, they how did you not pick them apart on short and medium routes? His comment is garbage..it doesn't matter how the D plays you, they will ALWAYS leave something open....If they are taking away the deep stuff, you STILL should be able to get the easy short and medium stuff better than 5 yards per attempt.
  8. So far, the Browns are the only team that has lost by double digits, aren't they? With that being the case, and with the Bills anemic offense, I expect most writers to have them in the bottom 10 in the league in the power rankings....and I'm sure we will find a handful of sites that have them in the bottom 3.
  9. That is kinda what I think....Rookie QBs did better, teams that worse than the Bills last year moved the ball better...Teams with lower payrolls, rookie head coaches....once again EVERYBODY moved the ball better on Offense by a lot. Ok, yes, it is one week, but if you want to make the playoffs, you don't EVER want to have the worst week of anyone.
  10. It was Boring. I never want the team to lose, but when you do lose, give me some excitement. The offense was supposed to be good this year? So far, they put in the WORST performance in the league in the early games BY FAR. And this against a Baltimore D that was below average last year. How poorly did they move the ball? From the early games here are some total yardages by offense around the league: Saints 507 Oakland 486 Chiefs 411 Philly 403 Chargers 388 Cincy 381 Atlanta 374 Tampa 371 Jax 348 Texans 346 Jets 340 Panthers 333 Tenn 316 Balt 308 Denver 307 Minn 301 G.B. 294 Cleve 288 Bears 258 Buffalo? 160 The worse in the league BY A LOT, and less than half of what the average is for the rest of the league so far. If you look at Taylors numbers...they rank the same way...he is at the bottom of the list for yardage, TD's (obviously with none) I can be at least entertained with a loss if the Bills move the ball, but not this.
  11. I don't have a problem with him saying there is a chance the Bills go 0-4. What I DO have a problem with is the pure number of articles that are negative on the Bills this year. I pay attention ever year, but this year seems 'worse' than ever, with about 3 or 4 very negative predictions about the Bills for every 1 positive one. Normally, it doesn't seem this bad.
  12. Maybe a little off topic, but is there any chance at all (I doubt it but I figured I'd bring it up) that there is a major renovation to the Sabres arena if a new football stadium is built, or a new hockey arena to go with it? The reason I ask is something Ted Black said about 2 years ago now (I think). He was on the radio and said that the Sabres believed that the current arena was half way though its projected lifespan, I think in the same interview on WGR he mentioned 30 years. If it opened in 1996, that puts its 'lifespan' in their eyes ending at 2026 to 2030. If a new Bills stadium is going to be built and open in the early 2020's....that is very close to the hockey arena becoming 'outdated' in the eyes of the Sabres. It would be a LOT Of money to do something with both a Football stadium and a Hockey arena at the same time. But it would likely be LESS than doing a full football stadium at one point, and then 5-10 years later doing a brand new hockey arena.
  13. If the Bills are going to build a new stadium, make it a dome or retractable roof downtown. IF they decide they want an open air stadium, then there is no real reason to not just keep refurbishing the one they have. As it has been said, there aren't many outside walls at New Era Field (its basically built into a hole in the ground), so for a fraction of the price of a new stadium, you can just keep 'refurbishing' that one for a few more decades. If the reason you WANT a new stadium is because you want things that currently aren't possible in Orchard Park (Downtown location, more of a luxury experience, etc) then you build a roof over one downtown. It just doesn't make sense to build a newer 'clone' of New Era Field downtown for all that money if it is just going to be a newer version. The only reason it makes sense to build a new stadium is if it is going to be vastly different than what you have already. If not, keep it in OP.
  14. Full article here: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25578402/cowboys-new-15-billion-facility-includes-16-story-hotel-and-much-more Starting next season, the Cowboys' practice facility will no longer be based at Valley Ranch. Instead, the team will be relocating over to a Frisco-based facility called The Star. Apparently, The Star, once it's finished, will cost more than the construction of AT&T Stadium -- the gold standard of all stadiums. Again, The Star will cost $1.5 billion! So, why is it so expensive? Thanks for the Dallas Morning News, we know that it includes a 16-story hotel, an event center, a members-only club, practice fields, restaurants and retail stores, office space and an underground parking garage. The Star also features a 12,000-seat indoor stadium, which will be shared with high school teams, and a sports medicine center, which will be available for public use and will hopefully be able to develop an artificial, superior collarbone for Tony Romo.
  15. Another way to look at it....Most of the teams toward the top of that list have had a stable, good QB sitution. The teams at the bottom have generally been a mess at QB. A good QB usually = a good team = average players looking better than they actually are.
  16. Big ticket Free agents aren't worth it. Better to go through the draft and re-sign your own than to get big ticket free agents. Middle tier to lower tier FA's are where it is at. You pay a bit less for guys you are 'taking a chance on', and often times they work. If they don't, it doesn't cost you much. You can get pretty good RBs as free agents (kinda like playing the lottery but tickets are cheap so you can keep trying.) You can get DECENT offensive linemen at bargain prices (not anyone who will be a strenght of your team, but certainly players who can hold your line together.) Scott Chandler was pretty productive here for a while, he was a FA also, wasn't he? And Percy Harvin? Corey Graham was decent for a year or two..Brandon Spikes filled a useful role for a year. Are they stars? No, but can they be useful to plug holes, in many cases more ready-to-play than rookies? For sure. Every year, I'd LOVE for my team to sit out the first week or two of FA, and then scoop up a few mid-tier to lower tier guys after that.
  17. I'm OK with this deal. I do not expect him to have as good of years going forward as he did this year...but I am hoping he'll be close. Close, along with the continuity, is worth the price they paid.
  18. I don't think Marino was BETTER than Manning, but I put him in the same category. As time has gone by, I think people are forgetting just how good Marino was, especially in his early years. You have to look at the numbers he put up, and how he carried his team compared to the others in his era, in an era where it was a lot harder to pass than it is now. Manning I think was the best QB that I have seen in this era....Mario from the 80's and 90's...and from what I can remember of the late 1970's and early 1980s...I'd have to say I remember Dan Fouts as being very VERY underappreciated and one of the better QBs I have seen.
  19. It was time for him to go. Actually, LAST year was time for him to go. I rooted for him over Brady in the Manning vs Brady thing....and overall I think he is a bit better than Brady (I DO think the Pats cheating helped Brady somewhat). However...I have been really 'turned off' by Manning just recently. I guess I'm in the minority, but the whole Pappa Johns thing on the field after the Superbowl..and the plug of Budweiser in the post game press conference really turned me off. Thanks for your time, now get moving along, the league will be fine without you.
  20. McDavid appears to be better in his offensive game to me. I don't know much about D play/positioning/etc, so for now they may be just as good as each other or not. Eichel may be a slightly more physical player (meaning McDavid is better at full speed, but that is 90% his game, Eichel can skate by you or power by you.) I do know this from another forum....it is a small sample size...but not TOO small...and this year WITHOUT McDavid...Edmonton has a better winning percentage and a better +/- as a team they they do with him. As others have said, check back with me in 2 years from now and we'll all know a lot more. I'd say McDavid is a better player now because he is doing better offensively, but overall I'm not sure he will be that much better or not.
  21. I used to like the strategy talk of hearing about salary cap implications and the options for what you could do with players contracts. It has gotten so complex and over the top though, I'm sick of it. I really liked it better when the salary cap had less ways to work around it, less exceptions, less games to be played with contracts, and it was just the draft, free agency, and getting it to fit under the cap.
  22. Or imagine what would be of Peyton Manning if it weren't for Brady and spygate/all that goes with it. I remember after the game NE beat Indy in Foxboro in the playoffs where Ty Law picked of Manning 3 times, Manning had some quote in the week after saying he had no answers, that it was "almost like the Patriots knew the play before the ball was snapped" or something like that. Big Ben has said that exact thing for sure about when Pittsburgh plays the Pats, and he said it earlier this year. Without Spygate and the playbook stealing and Brady getting plays sent to him by coaches at the line during that period, might we be talking about Peyton having 4 or 5 SB wins? Or would Pittsburgh and Big Ben have 3 or 4 in this era? Who knows.
  23. I do not want ANY student debt to be forgiven. Is it very hard on people? Yes, sure is, but student debt (including my own) you knew about before you went into it. Something major has to be done about the cost of Colleges/Universities, however. -Maybe there just needs to be less of them? -Even though a lot is done with donations, 100% transparency as to where all the money a University spends must be made public. The days of Fancy restaurants on Campus, high-end Dorms, lavish Basketball Arenas and Football stadiums, luxury offices for staff....have to end UNLESS they are proven to be 100% paid for by private money. -Salaries/wages for staff have to go down. I know no-one wants to hear that...EVERYONE thinks they deserve what they make and they think they can justify it...but cuts have to be made to universitys and they have to be across the board.
  24. Football (and to a slightly lesser extent) baseball are pretty hard on small cities. If you are a small to mid-sized city and only have 2 sports teams...a combo between the NHL and NBA works better financially. You only have to build one 'Arena' for both teams, and usually at a fraction of the cost of an NFL or MLB stadium. Pittsburgh, albeit a mid sized it (larger than Buffalo) is an example of a city with the short end of things. They have 3 major league teams, and 3 different stadiums. They don't get to share the cost each stadium between 2 teams.
  25. How are they tax exempt? I guess it is a decision of the politicians to determine whether or not they want to make the 'tax exempt' or not. And if that is a condition of getting the game...they are going to go ahead and do it. I imagine the politicians who are involved in these 'giveaways' to the NFL and meeting those demands are treated pretty well by the NFL when the game comes around....they probably get some really good photoshoots for their campaigns....valuable invites to events and parties during superbowl week (and maybe some good seats to the game for them and their family and friends), all paid for by the local residents.
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