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  1. Looks like there's bad chemistry between Taylor and Watkins....Taylor misses his Throws to him almost purposely.
  2. My cheers and congratulations to Rex Ryan, Thurman and the defense for their great game. How many years has it been since we've seen Brady & co. get bopped around like they did BY ANY TEAM! Even though they lost the defense was great. Good luck and health in future games.
  3. And In come the The Buffalo Chilipeppers vs. The New York Hollyleaves ......really- just terrible marketing. the whole idea is sickening.
  4. I agree with Jim Kelly, that tyrod is a very good quarterback. He has a strong arm and can only get better . God grant him health. Even Tom Brady was a back-up for what 3 yrs? And his excellent play didn't come over night. I,m sorry but Manuel should not be on an NFL field.
  5. The whole team can't seem to stay healthy! Honestly, I know injuries are going to happen but this is horrendous. The injuries on this team go beyond the pale. Something is drastically wrong with this team!A determined, confident and focused team tend to have less injuries, as you can see in the top NFL teams now. And we're only a quarter way through the season. I almost cringe to see what will happen Sunday. Hope all goes well - I pray nobody gets further hurt.
  6. I too noticed how the flags stopped flying when it looked like the game was out of reach for the Bills. Oh come on ! who is kidding who. They (the so called officials) have got to let these teams play. They ruined the game for everybody-became disgusting to watch.
  7. I hate when our players go to the Pats-wish it were somewhere outsiide the division. Now watch Chandler bloom and Bellachick turns him into a superstar!
  8. I will try to ignore the troll poster but I don't know how. He especially fouls up the shout box. see what comes of it . sorry.extremely annoying though.
  9. Can the administrator do something about blocking out this troll or whatever you call him from marring and getting in the way of honest posts. this person is plastering messages all over the board and it's not funny. I am a true blue Bills fan since I grew up here. I have lived in New England for over 30 yrs until moving back here. I have come to appreciate the patriots as a truly professional team and I hope they win this SB. but the Bills are my first love. I do not like this poster smearing his messages all over the board however. I also don't like the vitriol being hurled against patriots. I wish you all would stop the foolishness-you act like a bunch of cry babies-It does not do well for us here in Buffalo- I would like to think we are better than that.
  10. Well OK. In 4yrs with Buffalo he had 8 fumbles- not bad. but his production became less and less. what do you do when someone wants out of a team. Good riddance.
  11. Come on! He was getting stuffed many more times than not in Buffalo and....he fumbled quite a bit. Now he has a good Oline in front of him and you all cry for letting him go. Good ridance to Lynch- of course I can't stand him. Acts like a spoiled brat.
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