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  1. We will have beaten 3 winless teams and the Patriots will put us in our place. Same old Bills.
  2. Like it or not peoples past will haunt them whether it's fair or not fair.I just can't stand the double standard people have.Only Allen knows whats truly in his heart but I have to say he's been an asset to the WNY area off the field since he arrived.
  3. Meh, this is lame. It was pure and simple racist crap with the full intent of marginalizing people.Don't forget the NAZI rhetoric he spewed as well, what TV show did THAT come from? You've been a stand up guy here, dont defend trash like Allen and his ilk.
  4. Ah, I see.So your response is to respond like a child when asked to do research and discover your mistaken.Sorry to burst your bubble regarding your hero.
  5. Thats easy, He'll point out that Shady was injured most of the season and he gravy trained a ring.
  6. Are you really this clueless or do you have blinders on? Either you are new to football or you somehow weren't paying attention when he was drafted.Google his name coupled with racist and prepare to get an education. However, once you are enlightened I'm sure You'll be back on here trying to dismiss all of the evidence because you are a "fan".
  7. Dude will be injured by week 4 and the off field crap will begin in a bar fighting cops or some crap. Good riddance "Shady".
  8. Allen sucks, he's shown me nothing.As I've said before, the Bills should just put a running back under center and let him run like Allen does for more yards per snap.
  9. Ive not been here for a while....MEATHEAD is in CHARGE??? Is this a joke?
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