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  1. This doesn't make sense.The democrats say the illegals are all great people and commit VERY LITTLE CRIME...………….Idiots
  2. Nice post genius, it's a disease to want to be employed,watch their 401K on rocket fuel and protect the US constitution while protecting our borders. Not to mention have quality health insurance. you better stick to finding role models in parking lots with cameras. Your kind is the most dangerous kind of idiot available.Despite all of the history of misery and failure you and your politicial ilk still want to go down that road. Simple minded fools like you just don't get it.
  3. TRUMP-BEST President of my lifetime! Harassed by the swamp and leftists alike since he was a candidate yet he has the economy of this country the envy of the planet.He has set employment records in every category imaginable.
  4. This doesn't surprise me at all Hip Kat, your Role model is an obnoxious asshole.
  5. TRUMP may not be perfect but he IS the best President this country has ever elected. Talk all the bullshit you want but until you can identify a President with all of the economic firsts TRUMP has produced then just be quiet.
  6. Kim Pegula was a waitress when she met her husband, he gave her a token job in his company because he was interested in dating her and later married her.I've always resented the fact that she has so much input in hiring coaches and general managers of the Sabres and Bills. She has no expertise whatsoever to be a factor in hiring. I think it has set the Sabres back in a big way as well as the bills. It seems to me that Rex Ryan was her guy.
  7. I love this, Democrats didn't have any issue with Hillary destroying 30,000 e mails but now they have lofty standards in this impeachment scam.
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