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  1. Lets see, industrial sized flame thrower posing as a heater on the sidelines, heated seats and everyone knows that circulation increases greatly during actual on field play. I call bullshit.
  2. This game could go either way so I'm at 50%. IF the Bills win Saturday I think the season ends quickly after that. Allen choked at the end of the last game against the Patriots here so I don't know where this Allen will dominate mentality comes from.Allen actually did plenty of struggling against the lowly Jets at home a week ago so he isn't on a roll by any means.
  3. Thats what all Commies do, disagree wiith someones opinion? Ban them LOL. True to form. The good news is that even though he hit the ignore pussy button, Im still very alive in his mentally ill mind! He can't turn it off!!!
  4. Don Shula used to do this every time he played Buffalo. He would compliment the Bills in every way possible then promptly destroy them on game day. It's amazing that people actually fall for this salesman type rhetoric.
  5. I'm simply stating facts about Allen choking in the big games this season. What the hell is your hostility all about?
  6. " Nobody care what you have to here"????? OK then...................
  7. Allen choked at the end against the Bucs, Titans and Patriots at home. He's not really the guy I want making decisions .
  8. I beg to differ, without exception' whenever I see the word diversity, shitty results and stupid decisions are sure to follow. Kim Pegula thrives on that stupidity. Don't be surprised when we get a female coach here.
  9. Hockey diversity alliance=death of hockey. LIBERALISM RUINS EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES
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