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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.



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  1. In the hugely successful enterprises TRUMP built. It's time to give up HipKat, too much winning
  2. HipKat, I'll give you time to refer to CNN-MSNBC. When your ready to respond please enlighten us as to why TRUMPS latest win, the USMCA is a bad thing even though it will produce thousands of new jobs. Thank you for your attention.
  3. All I know about the guy is that he's been a mouthy prick since I showed up 6 years ago.Then he gets back surgery and talks about all of the awesome painkillers he was taking and finally some clown here shows up here and discusses purchasing them from him.I mentioned to him that it wouldn't be a great idea to continue dialogue regarding selling prescription drugs on this board and he finally shut up about it. He's the typical dish it out but can't take it type of whiner. Call me what you like AB but the day will never come that Ill be threatened and be silent about it.He can ban me if he likes.
  4. Your such a liberal dumbass.You may want to actually read the previous post that I was responding too so you don't look silly next time.
  5. You are truly a clown, laying on a couch all day jacked up and threatening to ban people on a message board .You are pathetic.Go ahead and ban me loser.
  6. OHHHHH, the Dems say Biden has nothing to do with this????Well I guess that's that then huh? It's absolutely amazing to me that there are people stupid enough to believe this crap!
  7. You aren't seriously trying to justify this Biden Ukraine-China no experience employment are you? You AREN"T saying it WASN"T a pay for play scandal, ARE YOU?
  8. Making a point?? Bringing a Duly elected President up on Impeachment charges then purposely distorting evidence of a phone call to the American public is making a point? You're an idiot doctor, a pure useful idiot.
  9. I care because I'm sick and tired of watching people have to walk on eggshells and watch what they say because of the liberal agenda in the workplace.Just mention (rightfully so) that this is simply untreated mental illness while sitting in the lunch area at work and some liberal HR person will call you in the office and terminate you.
  10. Everything the house managers said was true? Are you kidding? You have to be an ultra partisan fool to believe that. Schiff even made up a version of the call to start and claimed he didn't know the identity of the whistleblower.All lies
  11. Good, I hope Crack head Biden is the very first Witness to expose the Biden and Obama corruption .Next I would love to see Maxine Waters explain to the American people why she called for impeachment the very month TRUMP was sworn in, this would expose that this is simply a political stunt.Hearing from the whistleblower about his 3rd hand knowledge of the call plus his heavy partisan leanings and relationship with Schiff to expose his lies will be fun as well. Just like the Kavanaugh trial Democrats are trying to pile on the crap and see what sticks.Democrats will look more foolish than ever when this is concluded, I'm looking forward to the show. PREDICTION-Trump wins again!
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