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  1. Yes, I have it. But I've Freddie Kruergered my entire account. Need help. So thank you muchly. Cheers
  2. Hey Hipkat, Need help if you've a mind to. I am somehow all messed up over at that other place. I am now for reasons unknown, unable to communicate in anyway with the planet. Maybe you could pm UT and give him my email ( macskye22@gmail.com) or phone (978) 994-2502 and tell him I beg for him to reach out to me and help me out here. TIA and sorry about hi-jacking your thread. And while I don't predict scores, you guys got vegas. No sweat. Chears
  3. I've had several opportunities to watch the Bills this year. Fun team to watch as well as much excellence. Next week has in Pats land nervous. Could/Should.be a tremendous meeting. Congrats on the playoffs and on your play. Cheers, BostonTim
  4. I thought Goodell might weiii break precedent here, But he hasn't. Prior to this, the exempt list has only been applied where criminal conduct is the issue. Here, it is not. Know everyone would be pleased if he had broken precedent but he hasn't.
  5. I loved it! Good win in the end. The Jets never stop bringing me endless laffs. Cheers
  6. Speaking as, well, who, what I am, it's sure nice to see Pats rings here. Thanks :itsfriday:
  7. Not arguing, but as a general rule (IMO) you can't be sure if a player can succeed in the NFL based on his college performance.
  8. Only saw replay but his first touch was fantastic. Maybe next week he can get 2 touches. Meanwhile, a great NFL top 10 opportunity: 10 most impressive first touches. Cheers
  9. Well, I can see reasons to be somewhat optimistic. Cautiously so. Recent management changes and what seems to me an excellent draft, can't hurt. Cheers, Bostontim
  10. Vic Carucci Retweeted Buffalo Bills ‏ Verified account @buffalobills 7m7 minutes ago More 13-year NFL vet. Life-long Buffalo Bill. Fan favorite. And the heart and soul of this team. Kyle Williams has announced his retirement and will play his final game this Sunday.
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/10/lesean-mccoy-case-takes-another-strange-turn/ Cheers, BostonTim
  12. Why so mean, Sean? You know the Pats love Buffalo. Cheers, BostonTim
  13. Incredibly bad call. Rooting for you. Just a bad game everywhere one looked. Hope it gets better next year. Cheers
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