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  1. well considering we haven't won six games in a row since what 1988? I say Jax-L Oak-L Pit-L Cle-W Mia-W NYJ-W 3-3'll do'er - just too much hurt to key players. Plus we suck at home.
  2. Thursday night game never stopped me from working Friday. It's over by 11 wtf?
  3. or.. it could be good teams just find a way- and teams new to the playoffs find a way to lose. Happens every year. Big Ben comes back in the game with a bad shoulder and wills Pitts down the field for the go ahead FG, yeah Cincy imploded but that was after Pittsburgh drove the ball into near scoring position. Seattle is a veteran team and Minnesota has many guys new to the playoff spotlight. Peterson didn't just drop the ball he had it stripped by a veteran who knew to strip the ball. Clutch 40 yard FG in -6 temps is impressive by Hauscha. Walsh choked under the pressure. Washington didn't beat any team with a winning record this year. Did anyone really think they would roll over the Packers with Aaron Rogers and all that experience?
  4. But we could potentially have three west coast trips (if Rams move to LA) and that's historically brutal and we did lose to Jax this year - so I wouldn't look at that as a gimme game. Raiders out there will be as tough as a KC game.
  5. trying to think of someone besides Freddy and Chandler - anyway- yeah agree this is more about these guys joining an already talent laden squad that's gonna be in the playoffs with or without them. Certainly neither Fred or Chandler had a great deal to do with their teams destiny this year (I did see Ross Cockrell taking a few snaps with Pittsburgh Sunday)
  6. lol you guys are hilarious, "he banned this guy" "he's mean to me". Grow up and get a life dude - this is a sports team message board, like facebook or whatever, meant to pass time once in a while - it has no bearing on real life whatsoever. If it's that bad don't come on anymore. I mean really...
  7. Schoop talking about Jets/ Bills being flexed to Sunday night or at least to 4pm
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