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  1. If you could rub two sticks together someone might consider you smart. You aren't. Crawl back under your rock. You know the one, it says useless idiot on it.
  2. And Trump ain't slim one. What's your point Einstein? Did you even have one?
  3. I still don't know how Trump makes fun of Ted Cruz's wife and calls Rubio "little Marco" and still fully garners support from these clowns. Stand up for decency already.
  4. Well, certainly, it's time for both parties to take hard looks at themselves. The Democratic Party being what it is is exactly what gave us the past 4+ years of garbage. I like Biden, somewhat, but not completely. The fact that he and Clinton were the "best" candidates they had led to this nonsense. And no one goes without blame. Each party has moved to pander towards their fringe, radical voices because 30-40 years of "moderates" (both parties) produced gridlock. As long as there are lobbyists and political action committees in Washington DC nothing is going to change.
  5. Greenard and Quarterman are going to go a round above where you have them slotted.
  6. That drives me nuts too. I knew there must be a way to shut it off. Thanks HipKat.
  7. Where has Bernie said he would "fundamentally change the country?" He hasn't. He has said he wants to to go to work for working Americans. Nowhere has he ever said he wanted to change the structure of our democratic republic. He plans to work within the framework of the Constitution and laws as they exist. He has never said otherwise.
  8. Well stupid is as stupid does. Trump doesn't even know what state Kansas City is in. So there's that. Stephen Miller took down that post as quickly as he could, but alas, it wasn't quite fast enough.
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