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  1. Put him on the one-way train out of Buffalo as fast as possible.
  2. I'm on record as not liking the draft pick for a host of issues, but they took him. Why are they not at least trying harder to use him? And not only as a pass-catching RB. Doesn't it seem odd, that when healthy he doesn't get more touches?
  3. You can add Edmunds & Oliver to the goats too if you want. Both looked overmatched at times.
  4. Balls: Milano & John Brown Goats (in order of culpability): Sean McDermott: dumb ass for not letting Hauschka kick and going for it on 4th and 10. Just stupid. No matter how windy. Daboll: QB draw? Really? Stupid. And now he sees why. Josh Allen: not showing any improvement. Regressing, in fact. The above 2 get another demerit for letting him run so much. Robert Foster & Duke Williams: Zay Jones is in sunny California laughing at you two. Lee Smith: the guy finds a niche for himself as a blocking TE, but all these penalties make him readily expendable.
  5. IDK. Even posting in music & word association threads, I don't see how I did that. Have to look at how much of my life I wasted here. LOL.
  6. I see that list. The site says I have 57,000+ posts, higher than two on that list, yet I'm not there. I wonder why. I also know those two posters posted a lot, probably a lot more than I. I have been around for some time, but have a hard time thinking I've made that many posts. Weird.
  7. Buscaglia is a good reporter. I always like reading his stuff. I wish there were more like him. As far as Lotulelei, fans have been complaining about his play dating back into last season. I don't recall the Panthers fighting real hard to hold on to him. Hopefully McDermott is just looking at him as a couple-of-year patch. Upgrade forthcoming.
  8. I guess they took a hard look, then a hard pass on Sam Young. They will pick someone up after cut-downs.
  9. Some of us are old enough to remember the Patriots before Brady & Belichick. That's a long time ago however.
  10. It's amazing he remembered how through all of those concussions.
  11. It's not them. It's Bortles. Just more proof that the golden rule in the NFL is get a franchise QB then worry about anything else.
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