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  1. I know that, doesn’t the coaching tree include the coaches that worked under the coaches that work directly for the guy. That’s why I said “via O’Brian”. Maybe I’m wrong.
  2. Doesn’t Vrabel count as a member of the “coaching tree” via O’Brien?
  3. Good new, these scrubs will only get 100 yards vs the Bills defense. Not the usual 200+ they normally give up
  4. I don’t care if we ever run again. With this line, it’s like wasting a down. The real concern is protecting Allen. Beane went out and got Josh some weapons, but, he really handcuffed Daboll by how he bungled this line.
  5. They can’t play football in San Fran. What happens if Western New York goes into the red. Can Cuomo really tell people you can’t go work at the factory job when everyone is spaced apart on the assembly line, but, football player can sweat and bleed on each other? I know that nobody is better at being a hypocrite then Cuomo. You should all have a virtual Thanksgiving, while my mom and my daughters (some of which live out of state) are all getting together.
  6. I’m surprised the NFL has made it this far. Now things are starting to unravel and it’s only going to get worse as the second wave of Covid is taking over the nation. I don’t want to see the season getting canceled. Start the playoffs and get the season in the books.
  7. This makes the one playoff win by the Belichick coaching tree that much more painful
  8. Lol. Can you imagine how big of a mess this team would have been if they hired Patrica and drafted Rosen?
  9. Davis started out his career hot. 13-187 in the first 5 games. Not bad for the 4th option. He had 4 for 70 vs Seattle. Take that game out and he’s had 2 catches for 18 yards in the other 4 of the last 5. As far as the OL, that is 100% on Beane. It was clear to me that OL was the biggest weakness going into the season. I wanted Ezra Cleveland in the 2nd. He’s starting at OG for Minnesota. Is our 2nd round pick even active on game day?
  10. They’re going to play because of the same reason the Bills/Titans played. Money over player safety. And it would be bullshit if they made the Ravens forfeit because the Titans fucked up and spent Pittsburgh bye. The NFL rewarded the Titans for their fuck ups.
  11. I hope you’re right. It’s rare to go 0-16, but I think the Jets have quit on Gase.
  12. Bullshit outweighs everything when it comes to politics. And he’s got a lot of it. The same idiots that are buying his bullshit and voting for him in NY are going vote for him nationwide. Biden was flawed. Cuomo is far more articulate then Biden. Hell, Leodis McKelvin is more articulate then Biden.
  13. Many of us see what a joke Cuomo is. The problem is many are buying into his bullshit. His early handling of Covid was a disaster and he’s killed New York’s economy. And in the middle of killing New York’s economy, he voted himself raise. He’s now the highest paid governor in the country in a state that’s small businesses are dying and people are leaving in droves. The one thing he has going for him is his bullshit. All of New York’s failures, they’re not his fault. It’s Trump’s fault or it’s DeBlasio’s fault, or it’s fault of the few Republicans in the state senate’s fault. We’re going to sue the federal government, over everything, the tax payers of New York have to pay for two lawyers. But, he can talk, he received an Emmy for it. The sheep are going to eat that up. He’s going to become President at some point and the whole country will be fucked and the celebrities and the sheep will love him for it.
  14. It’s a catch-22. And it always has been. A disease with over a 99% survival rate in people under 69 https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/25/cdc-data-shows-high-virus-survival-rate-99-plus-for-ages-69-and-younger-94-6-for-older/ vs the economy. Cuomo’s tyrant ways are killing businesses in New York. Many small businesses didn’t survive the first shut down, the majority can’t survive another. Yes, shelter the elderly, but, let the rest of us fend for ourselves. Cuomo is going to look like a hero for his Covid numbers, but, the rest of the country is going to pay the price. New York’s economy is a disaster, a lot of that is pre Covid, and your all going to bail us out.
  15. Cuomo, “New Yorkers shouldn’t get together. You should have a virtual Thanksgiving. Now, Mom can you pass me the mash potatoes. Do you girls want anymore? There’s plenty of Turkey left.” What a hypocrite.
  16. If ever there was a case against resigning Milano, it was this season. Not, because he’s a bad player. In the McBeane era the Bills have invested heavy on the defense and they have a bottom ten defense. In certain games, PS player, Zimmer, has looked like their best Dlineman. You have a QB and good WRs and that’s why they’re going to the playoffs. Get this line fixed and win games 51-50. I’m normally a fan of defensive football, but you watch them spend high draft pick after high draft pick on the defense, then you watch the Cards go 75 yards in 30 seconds. What’s the point?
  17. I’m rooting for the Jets the rest of the year. Obviously we don’t play them again. They play the Dolphins, Raiders and Browns all teams in the playoff hunt. And I want everyone to beat the Pats, just because. And I like the Jets in football purgatory. I’m not much of a scout, but, if Lawrence is half of what they’re saying he is, I don’t want him in NY. I want them to draft the next Mark Sanchez, Dee Millner, Quinton Coples. The Jets are the AFC East team I hate the least and I want it to stay that way.
  18. I said during the New England game”why would anyone ever kick an extra point vs the Bills”? This defense really sucks
  19. My list is the same as it was last year. 1) OL 2) OL 3) OL And now that I’m watching Moss run into a wall at the line of scrimmage and Josh dodging defenders right after the snap, I realize how silly I was for wanting those things.
  20. I don’t know. All depends on which underachieving LB/DB Beane falls in love with.
  21. It pisses me off more that Seattle’s struggling defense got it done and the Bills defense, that Beane has spent all these high draft picks and cap money on, failed so miserably.
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