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  1. Duh, I don’t know why anyone would think you’re a Biden supporter? Maybe it’s because every time he fucks up you’re there to do damage control. Bullshit you call him out on his mistakes. After all “Afghanistan lol, turns out it just another right wing false flag.”
  2. You never fail to prove me right. How’s the kool-aid
  3. I said Afghanistan was one of the reason I think Biden is the worst President of my life and you said “Afghanistan lol. Turns out that was just another right wing false flag.” Like there’s nothing to see there, it’s all made up. Then when I prove the exit strategy was a disaster you say I never said that. You’re hopeless
  4. No “extraordinary success” that’s Biden’s new motto. I think he’s applying for copyrights ©.
  5. Quick Hip you need to go to NBC. One of Biden’s biggest cheerleaders is starting to have doubts. Saying Biden is having a “credibility crisis”. Saying crazy things like Afghanistan withdrawal was messy, we have a bigger problem with the border then we’ve had in years. He doesn’t realize what a great job Joe is doing. Please hurry and bring enough kool-aid for everyone.
  6. P photos of the 10 “terrorist” that were killed in that drone strike that Hip will be along to tell you it is no way shape or form any fault of the Biden Administration.
  7. Oh but he didn’t push the button. Hip has excuses for all of Biden’s fuck up. Afghanistan was an “extraordinary success”. In fact, they brought Anthony Blinken in front of congress to congratulate him personally for his “extraordinary success “ like they do everyone who nails it like he did. In fact 34% of Americans realize what an “extraordinary success” Afghanistan was. 61% of Americans are flat wrong by thinking it a failure. Which means Hip needs to “educate” a larger group of people. So why don’t you run off Hip and go on tour and educate the masses. You’re wasting your time on this small group when there’s such a large portion of America in need of the kool-aid you are drinking.
  8. Smell the obsession. Let’s start another twenty Anti-Trump threads.
  9. You claim Trump being the worst President is indisputable. Ok. I think what Biden has done exiting from Afghanistan and the southern board makes him the worst President of my lifetime. All opinions. Everyone is entitled to one. AMERICA! You’ve got to love it.
  10. Before the grammar police catch me, I’ll turn myself in. You’re the pot calling the kettle black
  11. I’ve been here almost 20 years and have 4,000 posts. You’ve been here 4 years and have almost 20,000 posts. I post two or three times a day. When Trump was in office you were starting 10 anti-Trump threads a day. Who’s obsessed? Your the pot calling the kettle black.
  12. A song about Joe’s botch of Afghanistan. not surprisingly Facebook has banned it. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/facebook-drops-hammer-on-song-critical-of-biden-blood-on-my-hands good thing we didn’t have Facebook during Vietnam. Songs like “Fortunate Son” and “Alice’s Restaurant” would have been censored. But, only if they were viewed as anti-Kennedy. Anti-Eisenhower and Nixon songs would have been Ok.
  13. His approval rating on Covid has fallen into the red 49% disapprove 48% approve. On the issue that has to be the biggest reason he won the election. He’s no officially in the red on every issue.
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