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  1. Yes. Covid is all Trumps fault. You know it’s funny, the same people that wanted to downplay the importance of the economy when it was doing great, are the same ones that want to make it front and center now. Yes, he should own this economy, but, how would have been if someone else was in charge? Everyone can only guess. Cuomo is being praised for his handling of Covid and he ran New York into a $30 billion deficit. And is looking for the federal government and the rest of the country to bail him out. Great job.
  2. Drive around. Look at all the help wanted signs. I had to get a tire patched the other day, so I stopped at the local service place. I was just dropping off the tire, not interested in talking politics and out of the blue the owner said “the government could stick the stimulus up their ass.” He’s desperate for help and other local businesses are desperate, nobody wants to work when they can sit home for an extra $600. Welcome to socialism. But, it’s easy to act like those numbers are because the economy has taking a crap on it’s own. What was unemployment before Covid? Record low. But, let’s compare Trump’s economy in the middle of a pandemic to everyone else’s in good times and pretend they’re on a level playing field.
  3. He Should be. The Democratic party is hiding him in the basement. Can they really keep hiding him until the election? Every time he speaks he shoots himself in the foot. Did you know that African Americans aren’t diverse? They all think alike. https://nypost.com/2020/08/06/biden-suggests-black-community-not-as-diverse-as-latino/
  4. The lady keeps referring to the button as the dolls privates, when really it’s the dolls ass. I don’t know if that makes it any better. I’m not a Karen, so I don’t know how they judge these things
  5. Nobody is voting for Biden because they think he’s the right man. They’re voting for him because he’s not Donald Trump. A box of rocks vs Trump would get as many votes as Joe.
  6. The Bills need to eventually sign him long term. The have 8 million extra this year. Just saying. This is suppose to be the Bills shot. Going into the season with Levi Wallace and Josh Norman as your starting CBs is going to really hurt.
  7. Oh, is that what that was? I thought I was watching Sean after the Bills drafted DE
  8. So Chris Brown has a reputation for being straightforward and measured as opposed to relentless optimism? We must not be talking about the Chris Brown who annually wrote about this is the year John McCargo turns the corner.
  9. After what’s going on with the Marlins, it’s hard to believe there hasn’t been any Dolphins opting out.
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