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  1. They have 5 WRs that are pretty much locks and a couple good options for the 6th spot, so I’m going to say the 8th round
  2. I know some people wouldn’t be surprised,but, safety in the first would be a surprise pick for me. Hyde and Poyer are one of the best safety tandems in the NFL. I think drafting an Olineman in the first might be an under the radar pick for some. For this offense to got to another level the blocking needs to get better in the middle. Ford shouldn’t be handed a starting spot. Morse’s health is always an issue. There’s a couple OGs I’d take in the first.
  3. I’m not anti-vaccine guy. I’ll get the shot if they force me, to keep my job. Other then that I’d rather not. My parents got the Phizer shot and I’m happy about that because they are in the group most vulnerable. But, these drug companies have rushed these vaccines out, with little trials. The Johnson and Johnson already has shown some short term side effects. Nobody has a clue on long term side effects. You hear ads daily for lawyers that want you to sue over drugs that have side effects, that had a hell of a lot of more tests before being released on the market. And you won’t be able to sue if a vaccine has something like that. As far as myself I never get sick, I never had a flu shot. If I can, I’d rather take my chances with a virus that my age group has over a 99.9% chance of surviving. For at least the first few years.
  4. I’m on board with the mandatory retirement age. For politicians and judges. You shouldn’t be able to serve until the day you die. I’m fine with a judge serving from the time he’s appointed until then, if it is 3 or 30 years. Packing the court just seems like moving the goal post. It would be nice if politics could be removed from the judicial branch. The law is the law, your job is to enforce it not twist it to serve your party’s beliefs. The two party system fucks everything up. I have yet to have anyone explain why we need it.
  5. If you can do this, why doesn’t ever time a party win add five judges to the court? You’ll have a thousand judges.
  6. Yeah, but this isn’t going anywhere. The average Joe won’t see this. And they’ll be influenced by a media that pushes an overwhelming biased narrative. It’s like 60 minutes ran that piece on Desantis, but, refuses to mention Cuomo. That’s because Desantis is viewed as a real threat to the Democrats, he needs to be squashed. After the piece, everyone over to zone is saying how Desantis is 100x worse then the golden boy Andrew Cuomo when the Covid numbers tell a difference story and Cuomo has Desantis by about ten scandals. I wish the news stations would all just report the unbiased news facts and let people form their own opinions.
  7. Why wouldn’t he? NY state is back in the top two in overall deaths and death rate, so clearly he’s doing a great job. By the way when are the Emmys in 2021?
  8. I can’t wait to see your face for when he gets re-elected. Mayor Lovely Warren is getting re-elected. Promise people free stuff and it’s amazing how many people are cool with whatever you do.
  9. https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2021/0409/Is-the-political-scandal-dead-Gaetz-Cuomo-scoff-at-resigning It’s funny that this thread about a Republican is really getting a lot of responses when the one about Cuomo has withered and died. In fact, frawk hasn’t had anything to say about Cuomo at all. They both should resign.
  10. Real justice is moot. They’ll have to convict him to save millions in damage and violence in riots I mean protests.
  11. It’s a lot of money, but, I like the fact that it is going to create jobs. Jobs equals people making money, paying taxes, buying stuff which equals more jobs. I am concerned about raising taxes on corporate America when we are already struggling to keep corporations in America.
  12. I am a little scared on where Joe might go on some of the social issues, but right now the economy is doing well and I’m happy about that.
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