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  1. Woody you post all those Trump rallies videos. If someone watches 5 minutes of one those and 5 minutes of a Biden and doesn’t admit Trump is a way better speaker, than there’s no doubt they are biased.
  2. Big game vs the winless Jets. Would be nice if he could show up vs a good team
  3. No he won’t. I said something about the record high markets and record low unemployment, before Covid. And he said that was all Obama. Three years after Obama left office, everything good is carry over from Obama, everything bad is Trump. They bash Trump for catering to the rich and to Wall St., but any success Wall St. is having is all Obama. How brainwashed can you be? If the economy crashes after Biden takes over, it will all be because Trump left him such a mess. Even 4 years from now, yep, still Trump.
  4. I’ve been saying that since his rookie year. I could see the Bills using him like Bennett. Let him use his athleticism outside. His football instincts aren’t good enough at MLB.
  5. I’m not going to argue that. Glad we didn’t extend Beane yet.
  6. If they lose today the Bills will be in the middle of a 5 game losing streak. I don’t think McDermott can beat Belichick and Seattle is better then the two teams that blew us out. From talk of home field to missing the playoffs just like that
  7. LIBills was right. I am trying to debate with a moron. If you can’t tell the difference between Trump hiring his kids on to his business and Biden using his VP position to get his crackhead son a job with Ukraine that he has no experience at.
  8. You are a dumbass. Refresh my memory. What position were they given after Trump was elected? Which one is Secretary of State again? I checked Wikipedia and all of them are listed as having positions in their fathers company. None of them are listed as having official government positions. Maybe that’s wrong, I don’t let politics rule my life.
  9. They all got their jobs because their father OWNED a company. Like millions of other kids that father’s owned companies.Not because their father was VP and pulling some pulling some backroom deal for favors. Apples to apples.
  10. So look at the comments section of this video it’s very pro-Trump. Ok, it’s a Trump video. So I decide to check out a Biden video. Go to the comments and they are mostly heckling Biden. The poll say Biden’s way ahead. The vibes say something else.
  11. This might not be a bad thing. What have any of the TE done this year. More Josh and WRs and less of all the other “skilled” positions on the field is a good thing.
  12. Trump is a gifted speaker. And at the other end of the spectrum.
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