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  1. Your talking the world. Both of my numbers are just US. If you want to compare apples to apples. 250,000 to 500,000 deaths worldwide flu deaths.
  2. 7,500 people have died from Covid 19. on average 25,000 people die from the flu each year. We should be shutting the country down every flu season. Or don't the liberals care about those 25,000? No, we only care about what the media tells us to care.
  3. Yes. We should ruin hundreds of millions of lives to safe thousands. What would Mr Spock say? Yes, I know what Kirk would do. But, in todays world James T. Kirk would be an illogical Bernie supporter. Fight the virus, but, don’t destroy America in the process.
  4. Why? Is there set limits on how much farmers can pay? No. They can pay whatever they want. They’ll just pass the price onto the consumer. Just like fast food, they waned $15 dollars. It didn’t shut the industry down. So saying cabbage just doesn’t pay enough is BS. It’s up to the consumer if they’ll pay. Right now, the majority of consumers turn a blind eye to Paco sneaking over to work for peanuts and living in a shack, as long as they get cheap food. And the majority of the people that would have that job are ok with sitting on their ass and living of our tax dollars.
  5. The point is: is that right? And if not, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it. Because average Joe Public wants cheap cabbage and doesn’t care why it’s cheap cabbage.
  6. And maybe, that's the problem. The fact that the farmers are getting away with paying them peanuts. Almost everyone. Republican, Democrat, the shoppers at the grocery store, are all turning a blind eye to it. Because they all think they are benefiting. But, if it wasn't so easy to sit on your ass and get paid for doing nothing in this country and those jobs paid a decent wage.... Americans would pick the cabbage.
  7. I have to call bullshit on this. One these jobs that supposedly “only immigrants would do” is asbestos removal. I had a removal card for over 20 years. You couldn’t get immigrants into the power houses. So we had to remove our own asbestos. And there was no shortage of people to do it. Union laborers, insulators, roofers, electricians all removing their own asbestos. It was shitty work. But, if you pay a decent wage, Americans will do it. The question is, will you bitch about the price of cabbage if farmers have to pay a decent wage?
  8. Should people have forced out of their job. I worked alone over 90% of the time. I was more isolated at work than home. Yet, Cuomo tells me what’s best for me. Is this how Communism works?
  9. The greatest Bill, when you're taking about what he's done for the team and Western NY is Jim Kelly. If you're taking about what they did purely on the field? Bruce Smith. He was an unbelievable talent. Easily, top three all time at his position. Reggie White and Deacon Jones are the only others in the conversation. You can't say that about Kelly.
  10. Breaking: Cuomo is hoarding all the toilet paper. Not really, but, it’s a lot like that. Let’s hoard all these ventilators, so no one else that needs them can get them, because we MIGHT need them.... someday.
  11. They're clearly not from upstate New York. Cuomo would lose in a landslide as Governor if it wasn't for NYC
  12. Why not? After all he's done such a great job containing this virus. His state owns almost half of the US cases. Now his mission seems to be destroying New York's economy. Shut down all "non-essential" business. Some small business are never going to re-open. Over 2 million New Yorkers visited the States unemployment website the week of march 16th and over 1.7 million called that week. That number is going to soar even higher this week with all construction being shut down. Trump said we can't let the solution be worse then the problem. Cuomo is determined to prove him right by destroying the state. And some of you morons want him running the country?,
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