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  1. Reports today that the NFL is “inclined” to believe the Patriots. So they were caught red handed and they are going to get away scot-free
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001086298/article/bengals-nfl-investigating-if-patriots-filmed-sideline Filming upcoming opponents sidelines
  3. Singletary and Knox were good offensive picks. So I think Beane can do it. Make every pick next year a player for offense and let's see if Allen can do it or not.
  4. Baker??? Darold??? Rosen??? HA, HA, HA Allen and Lamar and they play next week for bragging rights
  5. I was told that Rosen is going to the Pro Bowl next year. The guy who told me, has an uncle who is an NFL scout. So it’s must be a sure thing.
  6. The Bills fan from the last 2 decades doesn’t believe it’s in the bag until they clinch a spot.
  7. Hip just posted who he wants to win. But, for the Bills playoff chances, we need the two 6 win teams (Pittsburgh and the Raiders to lose.) Giving the Bills a 3 game lead over them. The other 6 win teams (Colts and Titans) play each other, but a Titans win would give us a 2.5 game lead over everything. To have a shot at the division we need NE to lose. Somebody has to win the south, so it might as well be Houston.
  8. That was a big statement game. Now they have 9 days to get ready for the best team in the NFL. Let’s see what Frazier can come up with for Lamar.
  9. I was thinking the opposite. I’m sure he’ll crucify Garett
  10. I would love for nothing more then to see the Bills win big in front of the nation. Win this game and you can start making playoff plans. But being a fan of this team for the last two decades has done this to me.
  11. The Bills are not good on the National stage. And Jerry has his team on notice. And I’m stuck watching with a bunch of know it all, non-Bills fans. (No it’s not Lit) Im going to be in HELL 35-3 Cowboys
  12. Yes. The Bills can’t win in the public eye, today. The headline will be that the Cowboys are falling apart or they answered the bell. Going into the Baltimore game, all anybody will saying about the Bills, is that they still haven’t beaten anyone with a winning record.
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