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  1. Ok, but, I am going to reply to something you said in the shoutbox. You said “ haven’t you ever seen the TV show Cops?” I was wondering how you meant that? I remember watching the show and saying a bunch of times “ that seems a little excessive “, both vs black and white suspects. I watched first hand, as a kid on a dirt bike was arrested. The kid was trying to get away off road and hit a ditch and went flying. I remember thinking that kid has to be seriously. When the cop got over to him the first thing the cop did was plow his knee into the kids back. And that kid was white. I think cops have a tendency to overreact regardless of race.
  2. You don’t remember when some people were freaking out about fans boycotting the NFL? When it was how a protest was suppose to work. It hurt the group it was directed at in the wallet and no one else. The ones that had a problem with that protest seem to be OK with this protest, which seems to be destroying businesses (like the local Target) and hurting innocent people and not the men that committed this heinous act. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.
  3. Remember when the people who are condoning these Riots where all up in arms about a few guys not watching football. So a peaceful protest, that hurt nobody but the pockets of the organization it was targeting was bad. But, a riot destroying innocent businesses and violence towards citizens that had nothing to do with Floyd’s death is justified?
  4. I don’t think he’s a scammer. Sometimes you just need to deal with it.
  5. I have a cousin who has been on SSI for 20 years because he’s depressed. I get that depression is a real problem, but, sitting home all day hasn’t made him any less depressed.
  6. The problem is there are “lazy people who don’t want to work.” In New York State there’s third generation welfare recipients that aren’t even trying to get off the system. Welfare should be a helping hand, not a way of life. I’m all in favor of helping someone that has fell on hard times ,but there should be limits. And I agree, everyone should be able to get healthcare. That business has became so corrupt, exploited and owns so many politicians it’s become almost unfixable.
  7. Why would they need to do that? They can track you via your phone, car, etc.... And really I don’t care. Go ahead and track me. You’re going to get real bored.
  8. Biden said it best himself https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/05/23/trust-the-man-joe-biden-is-going-to-beat-joe-biden/ Yep, Joe Biden IS going to beat Joe Biden if he doesn’t shut up
  9. This election is pro-Trump vs Anti-Trump. The Democratic party is further ahead if Joe says nothing then if he keeps coming off as a babbling idiot.
  10. If the Democrats want any chance to win the election, they need to hide Biden. He’s his own worst enemy
  11. Everyone is guilty including Donald. But, who was the last corrupt high ranking politician to see jail time? None of them have anything to worry about.
  12. Miami will practice with Atlanta. Buffalo can only do things with Carolina.
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