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  1. I’m sure he’ll look great missing tackles vs the Patriots as they drive for the winning score.
  2. Can we rename this thread "Why I hate the two party system?" If you think this is just being done by the Republicans, then you're one of the foolish sheep that are part of the problem. The system isn't about fixing problems,. It's about making sure that the other party doesn't look good, by fixing problems.
  3. Throwing that kind money at a 32 year old Tom Brady is brilliant. Throwing that kind of money at the 42 year old Tom Brady I watched last year??? That' s career suicide for Chucky and Mayock.
  4. I don't follow party lines. So I'm not going to talk political propaganda. The healthcare industry is out of control. The top two employers in Rochester are U of R and Rochester Regional Health, by a lot. More then the rest of the top ten combined. They both are building multi-million dollar additions. Almost $10 of my negotiated salary goes to shitty health insurance that doesn't seem to cover anything. And it's not going to get better anytime soon. What's the answer? I have no clue. Free health insurance is a myth. You can't force the top 1% to flip the bill, because they have the means and loop holes to avoid paying it. The Healthcare industry is exploding the free market system and we are heading towards a cliff.
  5. Democrats would have to back to caring about the working class to win. Instead, they seem focused on the criminals, illegal immigrants and the gender confused.
  6. The Bills should draft a big WR high in this draft and sign a FA who can be your #4. McKenzie and Roberts compete for the returner/gadget guy. I think the other guy might have trade value, you don’t need both. Duke and Foster should have to earn a spot next year.
  7. Josh gets another year so Daboll getting another year is good. We don’t need Josh learning a new offense in a year they should be trying to figure out if he’s the guy.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001096127/article/browns-hiring-kevin-stefanski-as-next-head-coach Browns are hiring Kevin Stefanski
  9. If they played more like the Titans they would have won. In the 2nd half they ran Singletary only 7 times. Josh passed or kept it 31 times. Your begging for bad things like that.
  10. I don’t know if Josh is the QB of the future, but, he’s the QB of next year, so here’s what they need. 1) a big WR, with good hands to catch contested balls. 2) an upgrade at OT, somebody that can block a one armed JJ 3) Love Singletary, but, they need a bruising RB like Henry. Combine that with: 4) an upgrade at OG. So they can get a 3rd and 1 with out some tremendous effort by Josh on a QB sneak . Maybe that’s Ford... maybe it’s not. 5) And with all the assets invested in defense is someone that can tackle DeShaun Watson to much to ask for? 6) some ST players that can block without being flagged.
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