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  1. Josh gets another year so Daboll getting another year is good. We don’t need Josh learning a new offense in a year they should be trying to figure out if he’s the guy.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001096127/article/browns-hiring-kevin-stefanski-as-next-head-coach Browns are hiring Kevin Stefanski
  3. If they played more like the Titans they would have won. In the 2nd half they ran Singletary only 7 times. Josh passed or kept it 31 times. Your begging for bad things like that.
  4. I don’t know if Josh is the QB of the future, but, he’s the QB of next year, so here’s what they need. 1) a big WR, with good hands to catch contested balls. 2) an upgrade at OT, somebody that can block a one armed JJ 3) Love Singletary, but, they need a bruising RB like Henry. Combine that with: 4) an upgrade at OG. So they can get a 3rd and 1 with out some tremendous effort by Josh on a QB sneak . Maybe that’s Ford... maybe it’s not. 5) And with all the assets invested in defense is someone that can tackle DeShaun Watson to much to ask for? 6) some ST players that can block without being flagged.
  5. Gore’s role, on the field, can be filled by a mid-round pick.
  6. Two touchdowns and two two point conversations. Don’t forget to add that, it takes to the next level of incompetence.
  7. And another thing is the travel. They only left the East coast once this year. And that was Dallas. Next year, they have trips to Denver, San Fran, Vegas and Arizona.
  8. Agreed. Defensive coaches put to much faith in their defenses. That’s why you get Frank Gore dives and huddling up with under 30 seconds in the half. You always believe 3 points are enough. Well not in the playoffs, not when your defense can’t tackle.
  9. All comes down to the Eagles today. Come on Philly.
  10. If the Bills didn’t shit their pants last night, I would have been all over this. I so pissed over that shit show, last night, that I could give a fuck over anything else.
  11. I agree with almost everything you said. My priorities are WR and OTs. And Beane needs to find a “down hill RB” to supplement Motor. I expect Duke to be more in the mix next year. And I forgot about Wade. Have him battling Yeldan for the 3rd spot. As far as defense, I would sacrifice flash for the ability to tackle.
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