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  1. I suspose if the contract wasn't xtended it would mean their jobs. So I guess it was big news foer them...
  2. Addison could be cut in favour of a younger guy, I don't think Hughes is going anywhere. I don't see a team trading a draft pick for Hughes at this point. It may come down to wanting to pickup a player off waivers. Either way it will be an interesting day.
  3. I tried agaon an it worked. I used the original link in the OP
  4. I am an idiot - not letting me in. Says "The page your looking for isn't there" Groud ID: 10025 Pasword: kelly
  5. Sigh, the Bills can't have nice things. Leave it to the Bills to mess-up a good thing.
  6. The article said about 80 % of the players are vax'ed. 80 man roster - thats 64 players vaccinated and 16 not . Isaiah McKenzie, Cole Beasley, Gabriel Davis, Star Lotulelei, Vernon Butler are not vaxed. That leaves 11... I am surprised Star is not since he opted out last season.
  7. We are better at DT and DE. I think we improve there. I am worried about the oline, but just haven't seen enough.
  8. George, I believe your are right. An extra pair of legs at RB. Not sure of the CB. They must be pretty sure of who they are keeping.
  9. hmmm ... get vaccinated IMO "Starting left tackle Dion Dawkins missed the first three weeks of training camp on the Reserve/COVID-19 list after testing positive before the opening of camp. Dawkins, along with Ike Boettger both tested positive and general manager Brandon Beane said at his opening press conference that one was vaccinated and one wasn’t. Boettger returned in Week 2 of camp and started the preseason game on Friday night, the day after Dawkins was cleared to return."
  10. It vry easily could end thewhole discussion. The budget issues NY and NYC face are very large. The new govenor may not want to spend money they don't have. Hope she is a football fan, but I douubt it.
  11. Seems like every year there is an underdog wide reciever that is doing very well in training camp and preseason, is a camp favorite of the fans, and believed by the fans should make the roster....But doesn't. Jake Kumerow could be that guy this year
  12. Next the reporters will be repeatedly asking the players, coaches and GM how the threat of the team moving affects there decisions about playing here inBuffalo, and negitive affect on team chemistry..... Which ultimately means I will turn the radio off...
  13. I do not have the strength to enter into this again. I always felt the more we talk about it the closer it comes to reality. I am ignoring the idea .... maybe it will just go away. Oh damit - my interest inthe Bills and the NFL will fade away if they move. Buffalo just can have nice things without sticking the noses in it and messing it up. With the budget short fall it can't be a good time to ask for money.
  14. Not worrying about things I have no control over. Just enjoying the season.
  15. I don't buy the hesitation of the ball inthe machine, but I have never been close to a machine. That being said - TB12 is the GOAT
  16. Maybe there is more to why Dallas wasn't heart broken when he left Trump wouldn't stop, if he had he would still be president. Funny thing is that Cole was quiet all season, played hurt. I am starting to think he doesn't wat to play? Same here.
  17. This would make a great 32/64 single elimination bracket like the NCAA tournament....
  18. Buffalo Bills predicted to sign free agent CB Steve Nelson Nick Wojton Wed, June 30, 2021, 1:55 PM All signs from the Bills point to their No. 2 cornerback battle during training camp to be between Levi Wallace and Dane Jackson. Not only have coaches and general manager Brandon Beane touted both this offseason… actions do speak louder than words. Buffalo has yet to add another player to that offseason competition so one can point to that as a reference for how the Bills feel about those two. Still, that hasn’t stopped Bleacher Report from thinking otherwise. With training camp still a few week away at the end of July, B/R made some predictions for the top-remaining free agents still unsigned. Regarding former Steelers cornerback Steve Nelson, B/R thinks the Bills will land him: *** More *** https://us.yahoo.com/sports/buffalo-bills-predicted-sign-free-175529716.html
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