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  1. It was an amazing play. Hopkins got in the best position and got higher than our guys could reach. It was Hopkins more than Murray that made that play. Murray threw it up and Hopkins adjusted to it.
  2. Halftime adjustments by other teams generally catch us off guard it seems. Our initial game plans seem to be great.
  3. End of the seattle game we kept the pressure on and Tre gets an INT. It was a little different as it wasn't the last play of the game. But still. The defenders should have been hooking Hopkin's arm.
  4. i think a good site is called 5dimes. but I have never used it.
  5. I tried Draft Kings and when I got to the point of loading money they said it was illegal in NY state
  6. Hard to believe the regular season is half over. I gove the Bills and Allen a pass on their play. This was a big mental victory. Te slaying of Belicheck is now small accomplishment. If they had lost I fear it would have damaged the psyche of th eBills beyond repair. Next year the Patriots will be good again with all the opted out players returning and all the draft picks. So it was important to me to see a victory.
  7. Only if the Bills 1) can be competitive against a cover 2 defense that Titans, Chiefs and Jets used. 2) the Defense can get healthy and continue to get better
  8. Well our coaching staff made better adjustments than the Jets staff. So there is that.
  9. (WHAM) - As most longtime Buffalo Bills can attest, being a Bills fan is its own reward. For Michael Mansfield, taking his fandom to the next level gave him something extra. The Bloomfield man and his neighbor are friendly and have a good relationship - with a competitive streak. After his neighbor put up a Jets flag, Mansfield took things up a notch with his State Route 444 home renovations and painted his house and garage red, white, and blue with a Bills logo on the siding. 13WHAM News shared the Bloomfield man's story and it caught the attention of the team - and advertisers. Pepsi contacted Mansfield a few days later, asking if he wanted to be part of a new commercial. for commercial and rest of article... https://13wham.com/buffalo-plus/bills-latest-news/pepsi-creates-commercial-with-bills-fan-in-bloomfield "Why so serious"
  10. I am always amazed when people say the Bills don't have a signature win and always forget the Thanksgiving game.
  11. I think we really don't have any idea. everyone sadi the Bills would embarrass themselves last Thanksgivig too.
  12. OK, Hell might have just froze over. Sullivan: 2020 Bills looking more and more like Super Bowl forebears By Jerry Sullivan Oct 4, 2020 Jerry Sullivan JAMES NEISS Let’s start by taking care of one major piece of business. You might want to brace yourselves, and no, my brain has not been inhabited by sinister creatures from some other planet. The Bills are good enough to reach the Super Bowl. There, I said it. Look, I’ve been around. I lived through a 17-year playoff drought, with some truly poor and prehistoric Bills passing offenses. But I haven’t forgotten what a modern NFL contender looks like, and the team that got to 4-0 in Las Vegas on Sunday looks the part. Are they flawed? Of course. Every NFL teams is nowadays. A quarter of a way into the 2020 season, it’s pretty clear that the Bills do not have an elite defense. They struggled at times against the Raiders, allowing the opposing quarterback to pass for over 300 yards with a rating of over 100 for the third week in a row. *** More *** https://www.lockportjournal.com/sports/sullivan-2020-bills-looking-more-and-more-like-super-bowl-forebears/article_da915606-06a8-11eb-b1d8-8fdf2b177889.html
  13. I could see if we get close to the Superbowl, but not win Daboll could stay one more year - he is from this area, but he is a hot commodity and has rings already, just not as offensive coordinator. Honestly, Allen has shined through his hard work, but also because of stability in the coaching staff. It would seriously risk hurting the offense to lose Daboll, but I would keep McD.
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