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  1. One other note - We benefitted from consistency last year, same staff and players from 2019 to 2020. I think that helped a lot. We didn't have a lot of opt-outs, and new people to learnthe schemes. With only virtual OTAs and limited Training Camps, other teams with significant changes, started the season with more obsitcles to overcome. This year we won't have as big of an advantage at the start of the off-season OTA's and Training camps.
  2. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/bills/beane-im-in-the-shopping-market?utm_campaign=sharebutton&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=WGRAM
  3. I credit "Androk" with thisinteresting take "The Bills top 3 picks in 1990 were James Williams, Carwell Gardner, and Glenn Parker. The only other noteworthy name I see is Mike Lodish in the 10th round. Williams had 5 starts, Parker had 3. Free agency wasn't really a thing yet, but James Lofton and Kenneth Davis joined the team the year prior, in 1989. Did the Bills make their first SB in 1990 because of those draft picks? Or did they make it because they already had a team that they put together in the years leading up, and everything finally clicked?" Just a thought. Had we not resigned someof our key players, then we might have been more focused on immediate impact players.
  4. Lit, - do you want to consider only the draft or all offseason? Not considering cap position or long term position, which Beane has said he is building for the long term and sustained success. Position analysis Better / same / worse C - slighly worse No change in roster - Same to maybe slighly worse as Morse is a year older CB - Better (- Norman, No major additions) slightly better as young CBs continue tio develop QB - Better (-Barkley, + Tribusky, Fromm another year in system) better RB - Same (- T.J. Yeldon, + Matt Breda) Moss another year in system - Same DE - Better - Additionof 2 draft Picks - Losses Trent Murphy who didn't play DL - Better + Star Safety - Same WR - Same TE - Same Punter - No idea Kicker - Same
  5. I will say I really enjoyed the Dallas Game at Thanksgiving.
  6. With the big contracts ahead of the Brandon Bean, I think the Bills will need as many draft picks on rookie deals or vet minimum contracts for our backups.
  7. IMO - To much money is involved for there not to be some level of coersion. From the TV revenues, Ticket and merch sales, TV sports shows, and betting - it seems to tempting.
  8. If you are buiding for the long haul you have to use your draft picks. That is what Beane wants to do.
  9. Imagine that - Last season he played for ....
  10. They protected Brady a heck of a lot better than we protected Josh
  11. you could dollar cost average on cryptos. I no nothing of cryptos, but volitile stocks that always seem to trend up you should dollar cost average into them. But then again I still have to keep my day job. lol
  12. we play Tampa this year, right? I saw that in another thread. That is enough of an opportunity to beat Brady.
  13. Interesting there lost the 29 year old to the Giants. Jordan is 33 and has less playing experience.
  14. After reading the thread I wish to change my vote to go ahead and merge them. Anyone can filter the topics they want to see. And remember the popular vote is not the electoral vote.
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