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  1. It was an amazing play. Hopkins got in the best position and got higher than our guys could reach. It was Hopkins more than Murray that made that play. Murray threw it up and Hopkins adjusted to it.
  2. Halftime adjustments by other teams generally catch us off guard it seems. Our initial game plans seem to be great.
  3. End of the seattle game we kept the pressure on and Tre gets an INT. It was a little different as it wasn't the last play of the game. But still. The defenders should have been hooking Hopkin's arm.
  4. i think a good site is called 5dimes. but I have never used it.
  5. I tried Draft Kings and when I got to the point of loading money they said it was illegal in NY state
  6. Hard to believe the regular season is half over. I gove the Bills and Allen a pass on their play. This was a big mental victory. Te slaying of Belicheck is now small accomplishment. If they had lost I fear it would have damaged the psyche of th eBills beyond repair. Next year the Patriots will be good again with all the opted out players returning and all the draft picks. So it was important to me to see a victory.
  7. Only if the Bills 1) can be competitive against a cover 2 defense that Titans, Chiefs and Jets used. 2) the Defense can get healthy and continue to get better
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