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  1. While I do not believe the simulation, I will say sam Danold is a good QB, and if Adam Gase gets out of the way the Jets will be good.
  2. Sadly I gave away my football and baseball cards when I went to college back in '79. I know I had a couple Brian Piccalo cards and Gale Sayers. Ah well.
  3. Dang I new it was your mother, but just typed grandmother. Praying for your mother Ruth. So sad about your latest update.
  4. Hipkat, So sorry. Praying for her and your family. What is your Grandmother's first name?
  5. I think and I hope its true, having the same Oline and OC is valuable.
  6. I personally hope they trade and move up. Reduce their number of draft picks
  7. I think the confusion occurs that the selecting the Tags do not show what tags are seleceted. Select the politics again and those threads should go away.
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