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  1. Wow - insensitivity from Buffalo fans....Jerks https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/08/06/tredavious-white-reacts-to-fans-criticizing-his-opt-out-deliberations/
  2. Newton is an experienced and succesful QB inthe NFL. Former MVP. He is playing on a prove it contract. I expect his A game. He makes the Patriots more competitive and the Bills road more difficult. With so many variables this year, I think this season could be anything.
  3. Does that mean your scotish if you wear a mask. The joke kilts me.
  4. This analysis of masks is correct. But the conclusions may overreach a bit. Surgical masks work best but are designed to be disposable. Thats why it was a big deal when they were in short supply and healthcare workers had to re-use them. The masks with a vent hole are supposed to come with a replaceale pad that traps thing being exhaled. The pad is washable so can be rotated. That is why it has a slit on the inside of the mask- for replacing the pad. N95 is what it is designed for keeping contaminates out. As far as exhale - would it be logical that it would reduce the radious of the exhaled droplets. Finally, Masks are a visual reminder to wash or sanitize. That is wear some say there is a politically based motive. Personally, I don't associate COVID to any party or person. It is real and NY healthcare was in danger of being overrun. I hope people vote on what each candidate's platform says, and with both candidates in their 70s, the strenght of both the president and vice president. Either way the winner will be in office for only one term I suspect. <edit> I wear my mask at bars and grocery stores. Not outside walking the dog (if you saw my dog you wouldn't want to get near lol), hikes etc. When I get to a Bills game this fall I will probably wear a mask there as well for atleast the first few games.
  5. I will watch. As far as the kneeling, I have no real problem with it. Its a free country and I believe them when they say they are not direspecting the USA. They pay attention to the anthem while kneeling. They are not stopping anyone else from standing during the anthem. So I have no issues.
  6. While I do not believe the simulation, I will say sam Danold is a good QB, and if Adam Gase gets out of the way the Jets will be good.
  7. Sadly I gave away my football and baseball cards when I went to college back in '79. I know I had a couple Brian Piccalo cards and Gale Sayers. Ah well.
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