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  1. I guess my wife who works in Strong Hospital here and the 10 staff mambers that just were sent to NYC to help treat the patients will be in for a big surprise.
  2. I do not know if each state is different/ I suspect not, but I found this as well. It does seem to give the Govenor the power to restrict access for public safety. http://ready.nj.gov/about-us/state-of-emergency.shtml Does a State of Emergency mean you aren't allowed to go anywhere or do anything until it's lifted? Answer: The Governor's declaration does not normally restrict citizen movements or activities. The State may limit access to affected areas due to concerns for public safety but will notify the public of these restrictions. If it is necessary to impose vehicular or personal movement restrictions, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management will alert the public using all available means, including, but not limited to: the Emergency Alert System, urgent press releases, DOT highway signs, law enforcement teletypes, etc. Every effort will be made by NJOEM to facilitate safe passage for utility, health care and emergency services workers whose presence is necessary for public safety or in response to the Emergency.
  3. here is what I found (below). I bolded part of it. Covid-19 is a significant threat and the discussion charges the govenor "recommendations for state action." and "communicating with the public during an emergency, providing advice and instructions and maintaining calm and public order." But it is not clear what happens when a state emergency is declared, https://www.nga.org/consulting/powers-and-authority/ Emergency Powers As chief executive, governors are responsible for ensuring their state is adequately prepared for emergencies and disasters of all types and sizes. Most emergencies and disasters are handled at the local level, and few require a presidential disaster declaration or attract worldwide media attention. Yet governors must be as prepared for day-to-day events—tornadoes, floods, power outages, industrial fires, and hazardous materials spills—as for catastrophes on the scale of Hurricane Katrina or the September 11 terrorist attacks. States focus on four stages of disaster or emergency management: Prepare Prevent Respond Recover These components afford a useful rubric for thinking about the cycle of disasters and emergencies and for organizing recommendations for state action. During an emergency, the governor also plays a key role in communicating with the public during an emergency, providing advice and instructions and maintaining calm and public order. State emergency management laws usually define how a governor may declare and end a state of emergency. In some cases, the necessary response to a disaster is beyond the capacity of state and local governments. A state may petition the President to declare a major disaster. The declaration of a major disaster triggers a variety of federal programs depending on the scope of the disaster and the type of losses experienced.
  4. No they haven't because I believe there wasn't enough material. Kinda nice. Kinda a change for the better. The current OBD has there act together a lot better than in the past. I am going to start watching headlines this year...
  5. I have watched video and another one he made on the 25th of March. I amnot sure where the conspiracy accusations are any value, but his points raised are good ones to consider now that we have more data on the virus. I do not see any smoking gun here.
  6. The report I saw was refridgerator tractor trailor where coffins were being placed. Not quite the "Bodies were placed in trucks" slanting ot the story. And yes there was video of it. Which turns out is part of the contingency planning. https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.cremationassociation.org/resource/collection/92B15C84-6069-4F82-8651-7659EA9B8A52/Standard_Operating_Guidelines_for_Mass_Fatalities_During_a_Pandemic_Incident.pdf
  7. Its all about overwhelimg the healthcare system. My wife is a nurse at the local hospital. Overwhelming the hospitals is a real concern. No one says we quarentine until the virus is eradicated. Just until we slow down the spread enough and more importantly get enough capacity in the Health Care system.
  8. Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Kyle Allen riding out quarantine together Posted by Josh Alper on March 26, 2020, 2:38 PM EDT Most NFL players have had to figure out new ways to work out given the closure of team facilities, gyms and other gathering places as part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, but three quarterbacks have been able to keep working out with trainer Jordan Palmer. Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Washington quarterback Kyle Allen rented a place together in Southern California after the Super Bowl and they were joined in workouts with Palmer by Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, who lives a few minutes away. Kyle Allen told Albert Breer of SI.com that they’ve continued those workouts by going to throw at the beach and lift in a garage that’s been turned into a small weight room. Other than that, the two Allens are holed up with their girlfriends for the rest of each day. “This is really how we lived anyway,” Kyle Allen said. “It’s just 24/7 now. It’s an interesting time. You talk to some people, and they’ll say the football part of it is similar to the lockout year, we might have nothing until camp. And maybe we’ll look around the league in August, and there’ll be some teams that took advantage of the time, and some teams that didn’t. That’s the most interesting part. What happens to OTAs? Training camp, maybe that’ll only be four weeks.” Allen found out he was traded from Carolina to Washington this week and doesn’t have a place to live in his new spot, which has left him wondering what he’ll do when the lease on the rented house is up in the coming days. He suggested Darnold’s couch might be his landing spot, which would keep the quarterback quarantine going a little while longer.
  9. That sucks meat. Hoping for the best....
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