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  1. We would be 6-0 if we had kept Ryan Fitzpatrick all those years ago. That said, I think why it feels this way is we have been here before and ended poorly. Until we get to 10-11 wins, Bills fans won't relax.
  2. I am going to give a game ball to cody ford for the beginning of the game and getting Wilkins ejected. It may be the only game ball he gets this season...
  3. One interesting note. This was Josh's 5th 4th quarter come from behind win in his first two seasons. He ties Joe F. and is the Bills record. I love having a QB that can pick it up in the 4th and help win the game. These long drives this year are a result of the play calling by Dabol, better Oline play and the better short / medium passing game.
  4. I agree that our depth at linebacker is an area of concern. Like most defenses an accurate QB can pick them apart. Fitz should that when he is accurate its a problem. If Wentz has time he will give us the same problem. Maybe we can get some pass deflections at the line to help. he had a bunch early in the season. I will have to watch the game again, I am curious how many times Josh went through progressions. In the second half he may not have had to. I like 2nd half Josh Allen.
  5. Quick Charlie ... Burp...That will teach you to drink the fizzy lifting drink
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