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  1. I only use alcohol to enhance the other hard drugs I like. I don't need nearly as much smack if I have some vodka too.
  2. I don't give a fuck or a shit either way. I would watch it, I don't care about distractions, and if they don't do it that's fine too. Not important.
  3. Amen brother. Fuck the haters, we're gonna be good. Playoffs for sure.
  4. Either all this shit Whaley did is gonna work and we'll make the playoffs for the next few years or we won't. He'll either be here or he won't. A lot will depend on the QB play. But all this arguing about results that haven't happened yet is dumb. Maybe Clay sucks the next two years and gets released? Maybe Watkins is average. We really have no way of knowing til it happens.
  5. Charles Clay has caught the 6th most passes as a TE in the last 2 years. He's a productive player in the passing game, and his versatility makes him even more valuable. I don't expect anyone who can't break down film to ever like this signing. But not everyone is an NFL Expert Insider. There are a lot of Football for Women seminars available for you guys to polish up your knowledge.
  6. Anyone against signing Clay to a 7.6milly contract can suck my s covered d til the j shoots out. He's worth about 6.9milly in a perfect world. But we had to steal him from a division rival so we had to overpay a little. But jeah...... S my parts.
  7. Cleveland offered our pick and got shut down. So anyone bitching about my trading for Bradford isn't paying attention
  8. Petty needs to be stripped down and rebuilt as an NFL QB. But I like him from a physical standpoint.
  9. They aren't getting rid of Bree's. They resigned Ingram and signed Spiller. Obviously they are making some salary moves, but how much worse have they really gotten? They will just run the ball more and take pressure off Brees which is smart. Worrying about these contracts is a waste of time.
  10. I keep hearing about cap jail. I keep hearing about how the New Orleans Saints are in cap jail. Sure they had to trade Jimmy Graham, but they got a pro bowler at a position of need, and a 1st rounder. And they signed Spiller. They make FA moves every year. So I'm going to conclude that there is really no such thing as cap jail. The cap rises and you can alsways move money around, cut and trade guys etc.... The cap is just a way to prevent Jerry Jones from spending $300mill on his roster.
  11. It's stories like this that make me happy that Whaley is the GM and not the fans. Fans bitching about every move we make because it's not a QB, regardless if there isn't a QB available to us (Fole and Bradford were not options even if we had a 1st rounder) don't see how we are setting up for a vet QB should one come available. If Rivers decides to test the market what team is better suiting to go compete for a SUPERBOWL right now?
  12. I got you bro. Not only am I an NFL Insider with sources but I'm hilarious than a mah'fucker
  13. @viccarucci: The #Bills' offer to Clay is for 5 yrs and $38 million. More than $20 million guaranteed. #Insider #Sources #Knowledge Next up, working on a trade for a G.
  14. The cap hit on Clay in 2016 is far more important to the Fins than throne in 2015. That's the issue and why the Bills are taking their time. Suh cost a bunch next year, plus they'll have to sign Tannehill, so a contract with a big hit and real $$ next seasons would make the Phins unlikely to match.
  15. I'm getting some buzz through my sources and insider connections that the Bills are going to make a move, possibly 2 in the next day or 2. Possible Clay resolution by this afternoon, and working on the OL.
  16. This is an issue nobody talks about, but the lack of state taxes is a huge advantage for teams in certain states, Florida for example. With no state tax Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville can essentially offer 5-10% more money than teams in NY and other states with a state tax. For a contract like Suh for example, we're talking about $6-7 million more over the life of a contract. The NFL should adjust a teams cap accordingly if the idea of a salary cap is to have an even playing field.
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