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  1. Here's the thing... when unfounded LIES that lead a country TO THE BRINK are being spewed on your creation, your platform, your moneymaker then wouldn't you do the same?
  2. Private companies can do whatever the fuck they want right? Isn't that a conservative mantra? Have your godfather come up with his own Magaspew platform then all is good right?
  3. Meanwhile, Sydney Powell gets slammed with a $1.3 BILLION defamation lawsuit by Dominion. LOL.
  4. Are you making assumptions here that he is a Democrat because his father is a Democrat?
  5. You said the country will burn after Biden is in office twit.
  6. Any word about if Stills will be activated? I doubt there was enough time for him to get in a rhythm with the offense. This might be too high stakes to experiment.
  7. That sucks. Cheers to all the folks who work weekends and keep the machine going. I could never do it.
  8. Then who's going to burn the country down under "Biden's America" that all those pre-election Trump commercials told me would happen?
  9. Haven't heard much about BLM protests much lately have you. I thought the country was going to burn if Biden was elected?
  10. Because she was the one attempting to breach the door. I'm sure that it was more than her that broke the windows, but it was her that broke the plane when she tried to enter. Would you rather this be the response?
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