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  1. I was thinking about this during the game. Earlier in the day on WGR Sal was talking about SuperBowl 25 and how Belichick handled the Bills. The Giants had not allowed a 100 yard rusher during the season that year. Belichick made the conscious decision to allow Thurman to gain yards in chunks in order to slow down the quick strike offense that the Bills were known for. That kept it a low scoring game and gave the Giants a chance to win. That was fresh in my mind and thought maybe the Bills were doing the same. Didn't quite work out though.
  2. I'm thinking something *significant* happened that nobody wants to talk about.
  3. Agreed. Enough of the undersized shifty backs. We need a bruiser.
  4. That's what Sal said on WGR. Sal seemed to agree with the decision. I wanted to keep him fwiw.
  5. Yeldon doesn't dance around in the backfield. They need more of that quick hole hitting.
  6. Hey where's the twit? Still an unbeliever asshole? My wife is STILL dealing with daily fevers. Like I said, you're seeing more and more proof of the long haul effects this virus puts you through. So be a dick like I know you're going to and keep fighting the good fight... https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-jersey-woman-coronavirus-100-days-covid-terror?fbclid=IwAR3T8xNCrtSVjhTWkhQ34yBt9cTEgrPzP6ybKJ8FeAOWgxS-U_PoGL30pTw
  7. Hey twit. I was wondering if aluminum foil does as good of a signal blocking job as good old tin foil? I can’t seem to find tin foil anywhere. Here’s some more reading material for you. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/joshuacohen/2020/06/13/report-suggests-some-mildly-symptomatic-covid-19-patients-endure-serious-long-term-effects/amp/ Let me know if I should keep going. My wife’s temp was up to 99.7 today. I’m living this firsthand motherfucker. GP, Rheumatologist and an infectious disease specialist all point to COVID as being the most likely cause by far.
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