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  1. I'll be hosting a poker party on my porch in June. If you're fully vaccinated you're welcome to come on over. My house, my rules. Passport required.
  2. Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if this happens. Flip flopping from one extreme to the other seems to be the course for this country. The Biden camp should have seen the extremist behavior of the right and thought "hey. this crowd is bigger than expected. Maybe we should throw them a bone every now and then." Unfortunately a moderate who can appease both camps will never be elected. But if a moderate isn't elected in the near future this country will tear itself apart and China wins.
  3. Don't be a retard and send small packages with UPS. Small packages = USPS always. Large boxes = FedEx.
  4. No way you put that on Biden. Lumber went sky high last Summer. Put a lot of this shit on Covid.
  5. Didn't read what exactly? Please do enlighten me and don't discount this... "The data here track previously existing medical devices that are now classified by the World Customs Organization as critical to tackling COVID-19"
  6. Because the instruments and and apparatus used to administer the COVID-19 vaccine are the same instruments and apparatuses used to administer pretty much every other vaccine. Instruments and apparatus = hardware.
  7. Hate to seem him go, but Davis effectively became his replacement on a rookie contract in a very crowded and talented position.
  8. I'm very liberal in many respects but this gender stuff has gone way overboard. Geneseo was an epic party school in the early 90s.
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