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  1. Just throwing this out there. I'm currently in the mostly highly contagious area of the country just outside of DC. My wife has been battling symptoms of COVID for over 2 months. She is currently in her third bout of fever. She did get tested once after about 6 weeks but the results were negative. Her first blood test suggested a possible Lupus flare, but the second test ruled that out. Both her GP and rheumatologist are convinced she had/has COVID-19. All 3 of my kids had fevers lasting 2 weeks. Somehow I managed to dodge the bullet that hit the rest of my family. No idea how as the kids all had free roam of the house throughout. It would be an amazing coincidence if my wife had something else, but I'm convinced once a reliable antibody test is available we'll all test positive. I just want to say that this shit isn't just over in 2 weeks for many. It sticks around for months for some and doesn't appear to affect others at all.
  2. Hmmm. yet again with your conflicted reasoning. You said "All of those are for your own personal safety". TSA rules are not for the safety of the individual being screened, they are for EVERYONE on the plane. As wearing a mask is for the safety of EVERYONE in the store. I'm the douchebag. LOL.
  3. In high school I was in charge of selling newspapers at 4 exit gates at Kodak Park in Rochester at quittin time. I'd get home from school and immediately head there for work selling the Times Union evening paper. The day the Challenger exploded there were 2 added editions that followed the early afternoon printing. Tragedy, but I really raked it in that day. Nearly everyone wanted a copy. If I only had the foresight to keep memorable editions...
  4. Hopefully a New England game in Foxborough and we see the Pats get dismantled. How epic that would be.
  5. Perfect example. This thread is showing up no matter how hard I try to toggle off politics and/or off-topic.
  6. Love Killing Joke (saw them open for Tool in Dec.) and do believe in maybe some (very few) conspiracy theories, but 9/11 is not one of them.
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