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  1. He was on WGR yesterday and Tasker was saying it was going to get a lot worse and laughing about it.
  2. Rumor has it (Bleacher Report) OBJ might be shopped by Cleveland if they don't turn their season around asap.
  3. Man if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t be able to hold my shit together. Most questions from he media are downright idiotic. Good thing I’m not the face of a franchise! I can’t even listen to WGR when they have call ins because questions/comments from the fans are even more idiotic than from the media.
  4. The coaches see what’s going on in the locker room and at practice every day. It’s their jobs on the line. I think they would play Foster if they thought he’d give them the best chance to win games.
  5. This will change when one or two Dem candidates come to the forefront. Honestly I haven't been wowed by any candidates. They need to put up a unified front with a moderate candidate to have a chance... assuming Trump is still in office. I think Pence will fall with relative ease.
  6. And the people calling for the Bills to use him as the primary workhorse maybe are seeing the light? I think the coaching staff knew what the were doing using him sparingly... but still they got bit.
  7. Water is a perfectly acceptable mixer. I wish I had a taste for hard seltzer. Seems to be the other lowest calorie way to catch a buzz. Knob creek on the rocks.
  8. The range was 5 years to life. I agree, she should have to serve the full 10 years. She'll be 41 when she gets out.
  9. That was speculation. They can only see what the team is allowing him to do and make educated guesses based on the protocol step definitions.
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