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  1. He obviously has accuracy issues under pressure. He undoubtedly has shown improvement otherwise. Likely he had to keep one eye open for free blitzers. He was harassed all game.He has time to grow. Let's see if he takes that game as something to learn from.
  2. Where is the ball at this moment in time? He was obviously having issues with a swiss cheese line. Easier said than done.
  3. How about this? EVERYONE pays the exact same percentage of their own income? I think it should be that simple.
  4. I still think Allen’s brain processes things slower than the average qb. I’m hoping this changes.
  5. I have a good friend who is a Philly fan. He's still not convinced Wentz is the answer. There's always going to be doubters. I was on the fence up until just a few weeks ago about putting in Barkley.
  6. I think it’s all fake news. The republicans told me it’s all just sour grapes by the dems so that’s what I believe.
  7. Can someone... anyone... explain to my why Duke Williams wasn’t out there? Is he on a coach’s shitlist for something? I just don’t understand.
  8. The wind is the 13th man. Paul Zimmerman (Dr.Z) used to call it “the hawk”.
  9. In depth discussion on Howard & Jeremy now about why so many tickets are STILL available. They are baffled.
  10. I'm in northern Virginia and it's the same here, but still, with the way the Ravens are rolling, I'm thinking it's their fans.
  11. My question is why the hell wasn't this game sold out already to Bills fans?
  12. Flutie Flakes were awesome! I still have at least 3 unopened boxes. I was at work when I first read this report this afternoon. I had a box sitting right there on my windowsill. Expired in 99. LOL. Dare me to try some?
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