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  1. Get over it. You can't predict greatness otherwise Ryan Leaf would be a Hall of Famer.
  2. "for misappropriation of text dollars," Spelling is perfect but...
  3. I still say if Romney entered the race as a Dem he'd run away with it.
  4. Get me a Jerome Bettis, Derrick Henry, Marshawn Lynch, Nigerian Nightmare in the first round. I understand.
  5. May be another Panther but it looks like a solid hire nonetheless.
  6. I think McDaniels is holding out for the Patriots gig... Greg Roman to the Browns. We keep Daboll.
  7. You should have kept your comments to yourself. Not saying you're the only offender. Just imagine if you were the OP when you post.
  8. Douchebag post however you cut it. You don't call another man's wife "husky".
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