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  1. What can I say that hasn't been covered on point? The big difference? Chiefs were playing, Bills were working. PH and the crew out there having fun and acting like they belong there; JA and this crew of miscreants out there trying desperately to "make something happen" and acting like the red-headed step-child just trying to earn some love. All I asked for was that they play their best game, and they turned in their WORST performance of the year. Honestly, don't know what adjustments could have been made with this personnel. You can't stop the Chiefs, but at least hit the TE and WR off the line and TRY to throw off the timing. I thought that was fundamental football?? No?? The offense was abysmal -- conservative, and it seemed to get in JAs head. He wasn't himself. The whole team was sloppy: blown coverages, shoulder tackles, missed tackles, on O letting guys blow through untouched, dropped balls, overthrown passes, doinked a PAT, penalties at the worst times on both sides of the ball. The WORST. I like what Kyle Brandt said on GMFB: Bills fans should be pissed off today, not content that "they made it this far."
  2. All we heard about all week was the Ravens superior run game against the Bills inferior run defense. So much for that....
  3. Agreed. That wind looked brutal, but Allen still had a decent day, and wasn't afraid to take shots downfield.
  4. ^^This^^ has been frustrating to me. You can't tackle dudes with a shoulder. You have to wrap them up!!! This is fundamental football.
  5. They made the Bills look very mortal after all the hype of the last few weeks. I chewed my fingernails down to the second knuckle...
  6. Try to keep up boys!. As long as they can call the TDs I guess...
  7. Where's the obligatory ref goat? Or was this such a good game for the Bills that even the refs get a pass? Or maybe the Bills were so good they didn't give the refs a chance to choke a call?
  8. Dude, you rock! Looks like two people actually figured for 13 wins. Most people picked 10. I was very pleasantly surprised this year. I expected to see good progress, but the Bills have systematically slayed every demon from the past 20 years. They're solid in all three phases, and a solid coaching staff/front office... all at the same time! Winning record, strode into the playoffs completely on their own power and looking like they belong there. They swept the AFC East winning the Division, beating the Pats twice (manhandling them at Gillette)! They've won close games, and absolutely destroyed teams. Franchise AND league records broken. I'm in football euphoria. I find it interesting that the Titans squeaked in... Maybe a vanquishing of the "music city miracle" demon to win a trip to the SB?? I know, i know, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Focus on the Indy game Saturday.
  9. So, there was a "predict the record" thread at the start of the season. Did ANYONE see the Bills steamrolling their way into the post-season with 13 wins?? Lit, can you resurrect that thread?
  10. Good golly they're a fragile bunch over there. Steelers are 11-2... 11-2!
  11. So, you judge the player and "rank" him based on your opinion on the player's loudest supporters and NOT what he actually does on the field? That makes ZERO sense and drops the bottom out of your credibility.
  12. Nah, look at this. White's trying to catch it. He should be batting it away. Horrible decision.
  13. I liked the matchups for the Bills in this game, but this exceeded my expectations! Great win over a very good Seattle team. The Bills did a great job exploiting their weaknesses on D.
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