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  1. ^^I agree^^, it would cost too much. The Bills need more picks. They need TE, LB, RB, DL (pass rusher), OL.... they've got enough to tighten up/areas in need of upgrade. They need to deepen the pool of options.
  2. Your probably right... and, honestly, Beane & Co. know way more than I do, but personally, if I'm going to bet that he matures physically and mentally and takes a good step forward this year, I exercise the option and make that a "prove it year." The extension would come afterward. I know they like him, but he's just been painfully inconsistent. Maybe that's a maturity thing, but they seem to think he's mature beyond his years... that doesn't bode well. I like the dude, but he just hasn't been the playmaker they need him to be at all yet..
  3. I'm thinking "no," not a guarantee. Edmunds has a lot to prove still and really needs a breakout year. This should be it. I wouldn't be shocked if they exercised the option, but I hope they don't and franchise tag him if he has that breakout year. He will likely develop, but the Bills window is going to start closing in a few years and they'll need to make a greater number of adjustments to stay competitive and can't wait for Edmunds to hit 26 or 27 before he "fills out" at the position--if he even will. It's possible this is as good as it gets. They need him to take a leap this year before hamstringing themselves with a big contract. Especially with the adjustment to the salary cap and current needs glaring like they are.
  4. My grapes have soured. The Cardinals?!?!? Lame!! He has a much better change for a championship in Buffalo... or almost anywhere else for that matter, but Watt would have been a perfect fit with the Bills.
  5. I know. I said "Watt now." I know he's older. I know he's had some injuries that have plagued him. I understand the $$ argument. The price has to be right. But what Watt could bring to this D Line, could be enough to get the Bills (defensively) ready for the Chiefs. Because the road to SB 56 goes through KC. Even if he's not a "three down" per series guy... Offensively, the Bills have to protect JA better and sprout a run game. The former might be easier if they can at least do the latter.
  6. In what universe is JJ Watt, now, not an upgrade from what the Bills have? Even older Watt > Addison+Jefferson. The DL just had NO difference maker this year and failed to get pressure in key matchups. They need to do something there and Watt is still a problem for teams
  7. I think you have to take generational talent over generation coaches. A coach can put players in the best position to succeed, but players like Brady raise the game of everyone around them. He's had great results with both strong and weak OLs, strong and weak WRs... Coaches are great for knowing their players and working the Xs and Os, but the game is played on the field.
  8. What can I say that hasn't been covered on point? The big difference? Chiefs were playing, Bills were working. PH and the crew out there having fun and acting like they belong there; JA and this crew of miscreants out there trying desperately to "make something happen" and acting like the red-headed step-child just trying to earn some love. All I asked for was that they play their best game, and they turned in their WORST performance of the year. Honestly, don't know what adjustments could have been made with this personnel. You can't stop the Chiefs, but at least hit the TE and WR off the line and TRY to throw off the timing. I thought that was fundamental football?? No?? The offense was abysmal -- conservative, and it seemed to get in JAs head. He wasn't himself. The whole team was sloppy: blown coverages, shoulder tackles, missed tackles, on O letting guys blow through untouched, dropped balls, overthrown passes, doinked a PAT, penalties at the worst times on both sides of the ball. The WORST. I like what Kyle Brandt said on GMFB: Bills fans should be pissed off today, not content that "they made it this far."
  9. All we heard about all week was the Ravens superior run game against the Bills inferior run defense. So much for that....
  10. Agreed. That wind looked brutal, but Allen still had a decent day, and wasn't afraid to take shots downfield.
  11. ^^This^^ has been frustrating to me. You can't tackle dudes with a shoulder. You have to wrap them up!!! This is fundamental football.
  12. They made the Bills look very mortal after all the hype of the last few weeks. I chewed my fingernails down to the second knuckle...
  13. Try to keep up boys!. As long as they can call the TDs I guess...
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