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  1. I don't know. As much praise as they get these days, I've been a little concerned that they're a little overrated. What injuries were in play today?
  2. Might. He's a critical piece. What was the defense's problem in the second half??? Was LA just that good all of a sudden, did the Bills D get tired over the TOP?
  3. Rams start scoring at will. That seems more like a defense problem.
  4. He got better 24/35 for 417 yds 4 TDs, ZERO INTs, with 4 carries for 18 yds to boot... and no fumbles.
  5. Goat: Lit, for hanging 11 threads without one positive take on a good week 1 win. (okay, one of those 11 (Diggs is Real Deal) suggests positivity, but is likely an Allen bashing in disguise)
  6. I get you, but if you have to rename it.... THE BUFFALO RANGE!! Why wouldn't you??? Bills Stadium? Lame. Weak Sauce. Vanilla.
  7. They signed a tackle, maybe they want to kick Ford in to guard? That wouldn't be all bad...
  8. This is stupid, honestly. I live in the SF Bay Area, there;s talk about that idea but no one really takes it seriously. Jimmy G was ranked among the top in passing TDs (5th), Yards per pass attempt (3rd), and overall passer rating (8th). Plus he helped lead his team to the Superbowl in his FIRST FULL YEAR AS A STARTER! No. Absolutely no, you don't fold up on that. Ridiculous.
  9. This whole argument/discussion is pointless. We don't have Mahomes, few people figured he would be THIS good before the draft, and there's no way we're getting him now. So time to grow up and move on.
  10. Disagree. OL play is the biggest problem on this offense. Create a pocket Allen can trust, it's a different ball game. The OL is so inconsistent it's maddening. The Bills had taken the "just fix one player" approach for most of the last two decades. Look where it's gotten them. They need to upgrade the OL and when they start winning in the trenches, the rest of the offense will find a good rhythm.
  11. What do you think changed? He was hailed as such a promising talent last year... a SB QB. There must be something with the team that is different between this year and last; something that either covered up his weaknesses that's gone now, or something new in the situation that is causing him to struggle. What do you notice?
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