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  1. All you libs can put your wieners back in your pants. They postponed the money due to concerns over corruption not sleepy joe’s son
  2. How do I get the stupid google ads from appearing on the top of the buffalo range site? This is the only site that does it
  3. Have him get a job with atefa as a community organizer. Oh wait isn’t that Obama’s job?
  4. Well I am watching the Detroit game on YouTube tv right now. Seams you are misinformed
  5. The local cbs programming manager said it would be. Update I just confirmed again
  6. Just heard from the local cbs station. The aug 23 will be streamed. Also all of the regular season games will be streamed
  7. Thanks I tried cbs all access but it only had cbs tv shows
  8. I could not watch the game tonight on YouTube tv. They said the game is not licensed for streaming. How do I watch nfl games on YouTube tv?
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