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  1. Which ones has he not kept? You libs are like sheep just follow and believe lib unconfirmed statements
  2. All you libs can put your wieners back in your pants. They postponed the money due to concerns over corruption not sleepy joe’s son
  3. How do I get the stupid google ads from appearing on the top of the buffalo range site? This is the only site that does it
  4. Have him get a job with atefa as a community organizer. Oh wait isn’t that Obama’s job?
  5. Well I am watching the Detroit game on YouTube tv right now. Seams you are misinformed
  6. The local cbs programming manager said it would be. Update I just confirmed again
  7. Just heard from the local cbs station. The aug 23 will be streamed. Also all of the regular season games will be streamed
  8. Thanks I tried cbs all access but it only had cbs tv shows
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