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  1. https://giphy.com/gifs/jack-nicholson-nodding-anger-management-S3Ot3hZ5bcy8o
  2. 99.99% black punk thugs never listen to cops. Floyd and now this fuck nut are two examples who don't listen to cops.
  3. During Chauvin Trial The Official Medical Examiner Confirms Floyd’s Heart Gave Out Due To Heart Disease, Hypertension, Drugs, And Stress https://www.rightjournalism.com/breaking-during-chauvin-trial-the-official-medical-examiner-confirms-floyds-heart-gave-out-due-to-heart-disease-hypertension-drugs-and-stress-videos/
  4. Strange how Mexico didn't want a wall on their northern border but they sure as hell have a wall on their southern border. Gee I wonder why?
  5. Even if this drugged out thug died of something else he should have listened to the police. But to no one's surprise most black people do not listen to cops.
  6. Liberal rats in the media like CNBC will say things like. "See how good Bidung is? Covid cases is lowering because of him!" And you moronic sheeple lap it up like the good tards that you are. No way I will fall for that line of dung, bullshit news.
  7. Joe Bidung is responsible for lowering Covid cases? Will this useless, dumb old fart be responsible if Covid cases rise again? Nope, this old fuck nut and the rats in the media will say it's Trump's fault .
  8. Another stupid guinea pig bit the dust. Even if assholes put a gun to my head I won't take the deadly vaccine.
  9. Biden's brain is as useless as a screen door in a submarine.
  10. Good God. The right side is just downright butt ugly creatures.
  11. Is Christianity just another man made religion like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.?
  12. This old fuck nut is on a roll. While millions of Americans have yet to receive their stimulus checks, a new study reveals that $4.38 billion of the new round will go right into the pockets of illegal immigrants. Yes, that’s right: illegal immigrants. Biden bucks for all. https://humanevents.com/2021/03/22/illegal-immigrants-to-receive-4-38-billion-in-biden-bucks/
  13. Obongo started this beaners in cages shit while BiDung was his VP.
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