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  1. I think it could be a lingering injury that Allen suffered which is why his throws are off. Found this from another forum which makes sense: Something is wrong with Allen's arm. I'll bet a report comes soon. Something happened last week that they aren't disclosing or it could've been during the GB game. I think it may of actually happened during the Moss preseason game. His velocity is completely off, on passes he always bullets in there, the ball is coming out slow and flat. This doesn't make sense unless he's hurt, his passes are worse than I've ever seen in terms of velocity. I guarentee something happened. Another one: I don't see any way that he's not. If he was throwing the ball all around and had his velocity I would be like "yeah he's regressed" But it took him everything to throw the ball 40 yds to Diggs. He used his whole body for that pass. Something's wrong.
  2. That's how the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Eagles coach had balls, just like Harbaugh.
  3. Fuck you Nick Wright! How does that crow taste, you horse face twit.
  4. Sean was right about these two. I'm still worried if Allen can match his MVP type performance from last year. He looked tensed and his body language does not show a lot of confidence.
  5. He's regressing. And gee what a surprise, he is dog shit after getting a huge contract.
  6. The open borders created by senile Joe will also raise the Covid death count. Thanks Joe, you old dumb ass.
  7. A few weeks ago you praised Biden for using the drone to kill the 'terrorists'.
  8. I cannot wait for your rant IF Bills shit the bed again and lose big tomorrow.
  9. I can't believe after all these years the Bills are still a very dumb team.
  10. 38 - 36 Bills. Allen throws a game winning TD throw to Dawson Knox.
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