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  1. This maybe a stupid question. But aren't they running vertical first before going horizontal?
  2. We could have gotten Minshew and spent the 1st round on a stud tight end or receiver. Fuck!
  3. It's better to miss the playoffs (which I know they will) than get embarrassed on national TV getting crushed by a legitimate playoff team.
  4. Not sure what about this offense makes you confident that we can cut 36 yards in 30 seconds with just 1 timeout.
  5. I see all losses there. Yeah. I wouldn't be shocked if Dolphins, Broncos and Jets beat us.
  6. But Daboll will have more design plays with Barkely than Allen. Allen is limited in passing and very limited in intelligence. Allen is dumb as a box of rocks.
  7. We'll win with Barkely. I'm tired of this suckass offense with Allen as the QB.
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