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  1. Give that two stupid morons Coumo & DiBlasio the credit by making NY the libs wet dream of Utopia. Well done you dumb fuck assholes.
  2. BLM needs to be recognized as a terrorist hate group... Asap! These losers need to seek refuge in a communist country like China if they hate America so much! Otherwise they won't realize how lucky it is to live in USA. Criminality these thugs are displaying is beyond words.
  3. Thanks for quoting the media four years ago.
  4. I noticed Miss Piggy didn't mention the idiots protesting & looting without masks that spiked the virus infections. No surprise there.
  5. Criminal are jumping for joy in the streets!. You can rape, steal a car, rob banks, loot stores, behead someone in the middle of the streets and the cops won't come. It's the liberal wet dream of utopia.
  6. You didn't loved Joe in the 80's? He won a playoff game against the Jets.
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