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  1. Why would you give China a favor?!?! These chinks started this whole mess when they ate those infected bats from some slimy market.
  2. They're not even worthy of being called immigrants. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS!. They are bona fide criminals who broke the law by coming here ILLEGALLY!
  3. Some moronic play calling by the Niners near the end of the game.
  4. That rocky mountain trash had different semen in her cum soaked panties. When her crooked lawyers found out about it, the case was dropped.
  5. Sources say the helicopter climbed up then went crashing down.
  6. With different semen in her panties? Yep, that rocky mountain trash.
  7. Honoring Kobe at the start of a basketball game. Many hours and tears later, I'm still in disbelief.
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