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  1. Three supreme court justices.......over 200 federal judges. Tax cuts. Lowest unemployment in fifty years Record stock market growth. And he is awesome, and because he was the only one who ever was found who was willing and able to lead the Rebellion against the failed elites.
  2. Only bright part of the defense yesterday. This guy can really hustle.
  3. For God's sake. Just give him the Lombardi trophy and Super Bowl MVP! Why wait till February?
  4. Karma's a bitch. They were gifted a trip to the Super Bowl with that bogus non PI call vs. the Saints. Those fucking refs.
  5. This game will decide the home field of the AFC championship game. Bills better win this.
  6. Bills defense never forced a single punt in this game. I repeat, not a single punt.
  7. I guess there's a new rule now where a defender can hold the ball that the receiver caught and get rewarded for an Interception .
  8. I used a free app on my phone for NFL live stream and mirror it on my TV. Works like a charm every time.
  9. Stay tuned... I will give my awesome prediction of this game later this week.
  10. It's hard to stop an offense that never got flagged on their scoring drives.
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