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  1. All white is good. As long as they don't wear blue pants.
  2. It's like they're hoping Allen loses so they can cream in their pants. Amazing how much the sports media fucks hates this guy.
  3. He's not the only idiot who has no mask. Expect him and other Bills morons to get the Covid this week.
  4. The two white guys were the smart ones admitting Bills greatness last night. But that dumb black guy is an absolute moronic clown. What a buffoon.
  5. I hope he doesn't get pussified again like the AFCCG last year.
  6. Watch Josh be inaccurate and throw interceptions because of his sleeveless shirt. Dumbass.
  7. Titans game. Three defensive Bills players were held and no flag thrown when Henry broke that long touchdown run. Patriots 1st game. Knox was held or interfered with in the endzone. No flags thrown. Bills would have had a 1st and goal at the 1 yard line.
  8. Great teams win despite the utter fuckery of the refs. We know refs will go out of their way to fuck us up. We'll see how the team responds.
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