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  1. I would rather smack myself in the balls with the claw side of a hammer repeatedly than vote for either of those piles of shit.
  2. The first period was a flaming bag of dog shit on our doorstep, much better in the 2nd and 3rd. The PP goal was a thing of beauty. Good comeback to the MSG debacle. This Arizona game Monday night will be a good test, we have had some good battles with the Yotes the last couple seasons.
  3. Every time a player takes a knee, 1000 snowflakes melt... and their tears are delicious.
  4. I can't wait for it to get sued to oblivion when the first player protests the anthem and gets fired on Donald's demand... stick to wrasslin' Vince
  5. Dude can be a walking pharmacy and have a chance but heaven forbid he not assume the right stance when the magic song and magic cloth appear, he'd be done.
  6. If you can build a domed football stadium, you could actually put forth a bid for the NCAA Final Four. They have opted for finals in domed football stadiums for the additional revenue of seat sales.
  7. Man that will be a beast to cool down, it is basically a greenhouse... also, lake effect snow could be too much weight to bear for glass in Buffalo.
  8. Just delete and do not send the read confirmation, that will just trigger follow on messages.
  9. http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/local/former-atlanta-falcon-keion-carpenter-hebron-christian-football-coach-dies/article_acbe9d2a-cddf-11e6-88e3-a7b953893764.html
  10. This is like the 2004 draft, Washington got Ovenchicken and Pissburgh got Evegny Malkin... Ovenchicken scores a shit ton of goals, some really awesome and flashy. Malkin also scores a ton of goals not as many as Ovenchicken but some are awesome and flashy as well... 11+ years in I hope we have the Malkin and the Cup and not a 500 goal scorer and a bunch of 1st and 2nd playoff round exits.
  11. They will put a team in London Ontario before they put one in London, England, That is just a scare tactic to get you suckers to whine to your government to build a billionaire a new stadium. Look at the Toronto experiment, all the reasons it should work and it did not. Besides, if they move a team to London, it will not be Buffalo, they have made it clear they are looking at Jacksonville.
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