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  1. Solidify and get consistant in the QB play (if they can)....until than it would be unreasonable to waste a 2nd rounder on a WR now......our current core of WR are not that bad at all....sorry to say its the QB play we are currently seeing that is making the Bills bottom 10 in the league in overall offence.....this is the main issue now.....JA needs to really really step it up NOW and i mean consistancy....without that you really got nothing special......Personally im still giving the kid a BIG chance to improve but growing very impatient....
  2. Thats true however Fitzy has many many more years of experience with the interceptions......
  3. LOL.....and than what....thats abit above his ceiling...by now fitzy would start with the multiple interceptions per game down the stretch...
  4. LIT probably took some psychedelic drugs or something that took him back to 2015-16...even than wasnt very promising..LOL
  5. As real as the OP thinks Tyrod would be savior of this team...lol.....
  6. Some discuss the good along with the bad and thats fine....you have to be objective and there is nothing wrong with that....there are some things they do really well and some things that really need more improvement.....all this makes for a good discussion and an honest one too........its only a few with the HOT TAKES on here that clearly discuss the negative aspects and fail to mention anything good that is being done.......
  7. ....and he would be under a 4th OC to add......maybe there's an OC somewhere out there that can make him a legit starter in the league?
  8. Yeah must be mush after reading this fucking stupid thread......I laughed so hard i think i lost some oxygen in my brain there.......thanks for the laugh anyways....you are truly the "expert" when it comes to QB's in this league.....dude you would of been better off sticking to your other boy there Rosen instead of this....LOL!!
  9. No i do not....taking about Tyrod Taylor is a waste of my time and i do not revisit our shitty past QB and try to make an arguement on how good they would be if we still kept them..LOL!!---get over it he's gone and he stunk here----you wanna talk about past QB's maybe fitzy than --Taylor stunk in the 2 games he played for cleveland and if god forbid something happens to Rivers he will no doubt continue to stink there.....Your delusional and overly fucking obsessed.....get a grip man i know you hate our QB but holy crap this thread??.....
  10. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh man do yourself a favor and delete this shit......Maybe the Chargers should sit Rivers and start Taylor......LOL
  11. I was really hoping Phili would beat Dallas so some pressue would be off.....however this will be the game they go all out and unfortunately we have to play them this weekend.....If we continue putting up a mediocre offence yet again WE WILL GET SMOKED!!! i have no doubt the defence will play up to their competition but this offence really needs to pick it up big time this weekend!
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