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  1. People here are hopeful there will be a season and fearful to the tilt that it will get cancelled.....people are not hoping it will get cancelled....its just opinions and praying hoping NFL doesnt shut it all down....its a good chance they may...nobody knows how things will go the next month....you speak of MLB...well looks like there on the verge of reclosing it down yet again
  2. Star sucks anyways.....we're going to see more and more 1 starters going to opt out IMO......look at MLB now.....if i read it correctly looks like they may be shutting it back down again after the 1st weekend.....it sucks however i cant really blame the players.....the NFL from the looks of it did fuck all to try to protect there own players.......
  3. yup...2nd/3rd string players will be playing mostly if at all......the house of cards is crumbling....its not going to get any better at the way things are going especially with a month to go....
  4. We will continue to see more and more opting out...especially if this virus continues to rise.....just write off 2020.....sports just started this past weekend...IMO i will be surprised if we make it to Sept-Oct...
  5. Very sad....this team is suppossed to take a huge step forward + No Brady in the AFCE......I really doubt there's going to be an entire football season.....once a player or 2 gets diagnosed the plug will get yanked!
  6. How bout the Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Braves, KC Chiefs, Edmonton Eskimos....gonna be a busy name changin summer....
  7. LOL....dont think the Orange Man is gonna be golfing in Tehran anytime soon...
  8. Holy shit...why is this not plastered all over the media??! 3 more assholes that need to be fired and charged!
  9. not pro trump at all or obviously hitler however the photo with hitler holding what looks like a bible has been doctored...its fake...
  10. Nope way too risky when you can get one in the draft possibly etc....I wanted Melvin but oh well thats how it goes i guess....with that being said obviously i want another back with singletary.....
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