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  1. Good luck with that....dont be a dumb ass.....your gonna get caught...if you do enjoy the felony.....
  2. process type guy.....get er done beane.....may just lite a fuse under wallace arse...
  3. LOL....why would you even admit something like that? Daboll you one trick pony you.....smh
  4. I hope/expect more points from the bills......if its that low eventhough they win will not restore my confidence...
  5. Really the only bright spot on our offence last weekend...
  6. Well lets hope this douche is wrong yet again this weekend
  7. that would be better than him running right up the gut all the time.....
  8. The designed run plays are garbage but Daboll seems to love them again and again and again.....When JA gets flushed out of the pocket and resorts to use his feet when i find he most dangerous to other defences...
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