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  1. Im not suggesting abandoning the passing game.....thats our strength....i think we need to implement a much more balanced attack against PM (if he plays)....I dont think going TD for TD straight out with Mahomes is the best thing to do.....try to keep him on the sidelines as best you can....try to take over time of possesion on the KC offence...
  2. No we dont....we need a solid running game this weekend to win......small miracle i suppose
  3. Dont forget about the turf toe injury as well.....could still be lingering
  4. We needed our crappy run defence to play at an elite level to stop the Ravens....and they did just that! Now we need our crappy running game to play WHOLE lot better than usual this coming weekend.....If they do that (i think they will)....we got them! Keep Mahomes off the field as much as you can (if he plays that is....if he does stomp on his foot!)
  5. Happens in the regular season likely wont play.....divisional championship?.....yeah bank it he will play.....the guy can be blurry in one eye and they will stay put him out there.......#$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$......
  6. I think clevelands defence played like hot garbage yesterday.....likely KC will win if PM plays but not a guarantee....We are a far different team now than the last time we played them and it was far from a blowout......IMO last team with the ball wins in this one.....
  7. wait until a couple days before.....weather forecast will be much more accurate than.....
  8. The NFL says that the final Neurologists report states all is clear.....despite whatever the Neurologist thinks or says....
  9. Well no.....the script says buffalo goes to the SB....Who was at the game last night? Yes Roger Godell... in WNY?? Of all places why on earth would he be doing in Buffalo?? Why would he be there?? Well the script says buffalo had to beat baltimore and he was just there to make sure all the "actors" went with the plan
  10. This guy is the biggest douche......i understand someone not liking the bills etc whatever but his biased is the worst among all hack broadcasters.....
  11. Even the uprights were flappin like those flags ontop of the stadium
  12. Does this guy have the mental fortitude to go through at least a couple of losing seasons?? Likely not....
  13. Devonta just needed a little rest between teams....now he will crush it!
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