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  1. I remmeber watching the 01 pats team in the playoffs i think against pittsburgh and the announcers were talking about the pats needing to draft a QB because Brady was struggling alot and then even in the super bowl he wasnt good, he was actually pretty bad. It was being debated in new england whether to give the starting job back to Brady but Belechik stuck with Brady. Long story short Brady was not good his first year.
  2. Balls: Mario - a monster Dareus - also monster Hogan - not a terrible receiver. Might be our 2nd best at this point. Good find. Goats: Orton - The best way I can describe that performance is "EJish". Seriously, had Orton been bigger and blacker, I would've thought we had EJ back in there. O-line - they sucked dick. Marrone and Hackett - dogshit. terrible decisions, terrible playcalling. Side note: our defense is pretty awesome. But is it just me, or are we strangely terrible in 3rd and long situations? It seems like the Bills are good for allowing at least one 3rd and 15+ every game.
  3. 10-6 usually does the trick. Sure, you have teams that get downright unlucky (like Arizona last year) that miss the playoffs at 10-6, and no team does bad luck like the Bills...but if we can get to 10-6 one way or another, we're probably in good shape.
  4. I would say that McKelvin is a perfectly competent starting corner, which is way more than I thought I'd ever be saying for him years ago. I guess some players just need 6-7 years to truly develop. :lol:
  5. 3-2. We could win all 5, but we won't. We'll probably even drop a game to a terrible Jets team, because that's a really Billsy thing to happen.
  6. Well, I don't know about JJ Watt. That guy is a once in a generation talent. So is AJ Green. I also remember not wanting Buffalo to draft either, but nevermind that. :high: But either way, Dareus is a beast. Top 5 defensive tackle, easily.
  7. Also, I've got to give it to Orton for remaining calm under the relentless pressure he was under all game. He was getting hit pretty frequently, but at no point did he look flustered.
  8. Given how beastly Detroit's defense is, I'd be surprised if EJ would have managed to put up 3 points on the board. Orton does get extra points for degree of difficulty.
  9. Orton was just "OK". And that's all we need him to be to have a chance in every single game.
  10. I don't mind the Saints or anything. And I generally don't wish injuries on most players. That said, considering how badly Byrd wanted out of here, there's only one thing I could say that I can think of at the moment: ha ha
  11. I'm fine winning with the knowledge that we beat a weakened team.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly. Until we find "the guy", we should be bringing in a lot of guys. Draft a guy next year in the second or third to compete with Orton and EJ. If none of them show decisively that they are "the guy", bring new people in the next year. Honestly, they should've drafted a guy in the third or fourth in this year's draft. Who cares if we drafted EJ last year? His performance last year, while not bad enough to completely give up on the guy, was certainly not good enough for somebody to say "Yup, there's our guy for the next decade". What, are we afraid of having too many good QBs?
  13. That pass at the 1:30 mark is also a touch pass down the field with really good placement. I feel like I've seen EJ sail passes like that 10 yards past the receiver time and time again. There's also a bunch of crossing routes that I saw him complete without the receiver having to leave his feet to catch. I'm not saying I was blown away by the tape or anything, but it's pretty clear that Orton is miles beyond EJ in terms of accuracy. I guess EJ has a stronger arm in theory...but EJ's weird tendency to float every single pass with that funky delivery that looks more like throwing a dart than throwing a football makes it look like Orton's passes have way more zip.
  14. I feel like EJ would've been better served in the long run to be drafted as a 3rd or 4th rounder by a team that already had a veteran starter entrenched. Then he could have sat and worked on his flaws for a while without the pressure of having to be the savior of a franchise. Of course, we draft him in the 1st and plug him in right away.
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