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  1. Trial balloon didn't work. It's become a Jennifer Connolly thread and not a Listen Up!! thread. You guys are a bunch of perverts. :)
  2. I've added a poll to encourage a maximum hottiness in the interviewees Hottest Woman Pic. A trial balloon. The recipient after 7 days will receive a lump sum in chips.
  3. Pete: Welcome to Listen Up! Tell us about how you found the joint and what keeps you addicted. Triple P: I honestly don't remember how I found this place... I think it was a search engine. I started out lurking, getting my Bills info from people posting articles and speculation in Hardcore. I started posting when i came home from partying... I had had a couple cocktails and something someone posted really struck a nerve and I felt it necessary to respond... I really started posting alot during the start of FA when we signed Spikes and many others... i used to sit in the computer lab at College and read the range for hours. Being out of town, the range is really the only place I can talk about the teams I love with others who feel the same way. I have read alot of other team boards and I can honestly say the range is second to none. Pete: Are the Bills going to make the playoffs? Final record? Why? Triple P: Absolutely. I am generally pretty optimistic, but I the last 10 years of so have grounded me a little... that being said, there is no reason we can't win out and make the playoffs. We're probably playing our best team football of the year and our schedule is pretty favorable... it won't be easy, but this team can play with everyone we play in the next 3 weeks... Final record 10-6. Pete: How will the Cleveland game pan out? Triple P: If the weather is bad, like predicted, I think its gonna be a knock-down, drag out affair. I think this favors us, given the emergence of Freejack and the return of Lynch. We'll be able to run, and our best bet is to keep a high powered Cleveland O off the field. If we can get a lead and force the Browns to play catch up in bad weather I think we can generate some turnovers. Turnovers are going to be key, like they usually are in games against evenly matched teams. I fear that if Cleveland gets a lead they will pound it out with Lewis, who I don't think we match up with well. The X-Factor is that if there is a team more cursed than The Bills, its Cleveland... I like our chances. Pete: What's your take on Jim McNally? Triple P: You know, I honestly don't know what it takes to be a good line coach. We've had issues with the line in previous years, but they are really coming together now. we finally made some solid additions to the line, and after a "gelling" period they seem to be playing well. Fowler is, IMO, the weak link...an upgrade at center could turn a good line into a great line. If we could clone Kent Hull I would be alot more comfortable... Pete: Do you think Trent will blossom, tank, or be a bluechipper? Why? Triple P: He's shown me quite a bit so far. Especially since he's playing, I imagine, WELL before he was ever supposed to. He's playing better than most rookies do. I think he's a prototype size, he's got an arm, good vision, and a good head on his shoulders. If this is just the tip of the iceberg he could be great, if this is his ceiling then he'll be a servicable QB. Because if his inexperiance and age I don't see why he won't get better... I'm not "sold" yet.. but I'm pretty excited about his potential. I also like the "Last QB call of Bill Walsh" factor. Just another reason to think we might get lucky. Pete: Who's the funniest guy on the Range? Triple P: Me. Seriously, there are tons of posters that crack me up... Emo, JoeMama, Sukie, teh C, Dasaybz, all the shoutboxxx guys are pretty hilarious. Shiva is funny, not in a joking around way, but the way he busts balls is good for a laugh (even if thier mine) Spiked is good too. Lotta funny on the range.... but yeah... its me. Pete: Hottest woman on the planet. Pics please? Triple P: I have, and always will, say Jennifer Connolly.... classy, gets her gear off in movies, nice rack, great eyes... damn. If you haven't seen "The Hot Spot" you really should... probably one of my favorite movies, and i couldn't tell you what its about ;) Pete: Who would you replace Steve Fairchild with? Triple P: I'd like to see us stay in house. Schonert wouldn't be a bad choice...he already has a relationship with edwards, and it would preserve continuity. AVP would be interesting... people seem to think he could be a solid OC someday.. he's a Bill through and through... I'd be fine with it i guess. Pete: What positions would you draft 1-3 next year? (Remember, we have 2 3rds.) Why? Triple P: We're talking about 4 picks...I'd take a WR, a C, a TE, and a DE. Maybe a CB, but i don't hate what we've got back there...a solid pass rushing DE would only improve the secondary. We need a possession WR with some size, and a gamebreaking TE. a C upgrade is necessary..but unless its a really special player i don't think a rookie C is going to be ready to step in next season. I love the job we've done drafting over the last few years... i imagine we'll be scratching our heads in April, but I've learned to judge the picks on the field, instead of in the spring. Pete: Do you think the Bills will stay in Buffalo? Why or why not? Triple P: Yes. There are too many people who love the Bills and love Buffalo who are working on the situation. I prefer not to think about this because i don't know how stuff like this works.... If they did move i would never watch a game of NFL football again. Pete: Who won biggest drunk last week? Billsman, Sukie, or Victor? Triple P: Sukie. He couldn't even see. Pete: Are you a drunk? It's OK. You are among friends. Admitting is the first stage of recovery. Triple P: Um...Yeah. I like the sauce.... not like i used to though. i'll still tear it up on occasion (This Sunday will be one occasion) but I was a much more prolific drinking in my early 20's.... Anymore I have a couple beers, a glass of scotch or 2 and get to bed early most evenings.... I'll still make a statement, booze wise, now and then though. Pete: What about Fred? Is he insane or what? Triple P: Jackson? He's a solid football player and a great compliment to Lynch. its good to know we have a guy who can step in and make plays if something were to happen to Beast Mode. Pete: How will the LSU-OSU game play out? Triple P: Its gonna be interesting. I didn't really expect to be in the title game again this year, but i think we've got a good shot. we run the ball well, and we play good D... i imagine Senator Tressel learned something last year. I wouldn't expect a blowout either way... i think this game is gonna be a fun one. i will be in attendence down at The Superdome, and i'm usually a difference maker. Go Buckeyes! Pete: Any final thoughts or comments? Triple P: Thanks to everyone who posts here and is part of this community, and thanks to everyone who contributes time and money. This place gives transplants and out of towners a chance to feel like part of the Buffalo community even if they are far away... my Buffalo sports fan experiance wouldn't be the same without it.
  4. Any of the Truth Broadcasting Network threads could deserve a nomination.
  5. Could be the greatest thread in Range history. Folks. This is why you need to donate to support the Range. Darksyde's "Women Taking Pictures of Themselves" thread alone is worth 10 bucks.
  6. Coming this Fall ~ A pilot showing of.... Listen Up! With Ned Beasely, Wolfgang Flugenhorn, and Mort Christensen. Ned, Wolf, and Mort will interview a select member of the Range in this special program involving a change in format to the show. We'll follow the talk show format that Expose uses in the PRS, only geared to Buffalo sports. RBN (Range Broadcasting Network) will then conduct a Sadowski Ratings Poll (as opposed to a Neilson Ratings Poll cause this is Buffalo and we use a common Buffalo name) of the Range to see if the viewers prefer it. Stay tuned.
  7. Could you "know this" because it just might be last night's homoerotic LSD-induced sexual fantasy that you had? And with a good wank I'll bet. :D
  8. Ohh I love comments like this. And you do ohh omnipotent sage?
  9. Pete: What brought you to the Range? What keeps you here? Notacon: I was surfing the web looking for Bills news and chanced upon the "Billsinsider" site...which led me to the Range...this was in 2004. Did not start posting until I saw Shiva's absurd post, before the 2005 season, that Kelly Holcomb was a "top 10" QB. After posting on an extremely conservative political BB for a few years...talking about football was interesting and refreshing. Same kind of stupidity...sports does that to you...kinda like religion and politics...but about a subject that REALLY matters, my beloved Bills. I stay because I love the Bills. I have been a fan for over 40 years and a BB dedicated to my team is wonderful. BB's are also great place to do some harmless venting. I can't stand mindless and dishonest bullshit and, unfortunately it is all over the place. My wife gets upset when I yell at the TV so I can straighten the knuckleheads out on the Range without her thinking I have gone completely nuts. Pete: So. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Do you think that the Bills suck this year? Notacon: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Remember, I lived through the really dark days of Dan Darrarh and Vince Ferragamo...and Harvey Johnson and John Rauch as coaches. Imagine using OJ Simpson...the greatest running back ever at that time...as a decoy and receiver out of the backfield. The difference between winning and losing is very narrow in today's NFL. A couple of plays go the other way and all of a sudden we are on a winning streak. The playoffs may be a long shot this year, but it would not surprise me a bit if the Bills end the year 8-8...with a few breaks 10-6. The schedule after the bye is much more friendly than the first three games. Levy is building a long term contender and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt...certainly much more leeway than any armchair GM at the range. Pete: What about JP? I mean is this guy an enigma, a washout, or a diamond in the rough with no supporting cast? Notacon: Don't have a clue. This is certainly his year to shine or go away. He has shown me enough to want to wait until the full season is over to decide his fate. He is a very tough kid with a canon for an arm. He also needs some weapons and just Lynch and Evans are not enough. He also needs a stable O line that gives him more than a second or two to operate. I watch the best QB's in the league and they all have one thing in common...they have a chance to throw the ball. We saw what constant pressure on Manning did in the few loses that Indy suffered these past few years. He needs to trust himself and just play the game. If he does not show signs of improvement over the end of last year (he needs to do much better than he has done this year to do that) then I'll be happy to say goodbye. Edwards could certainly be the answer but putting him in this year would be a debacle. Pete: Obligatory hottest woman on the planet pictures please. Notacon: And a great "obligation" at that!! I'm old school and into photography so I have to go with classic beauty...Charlize Theron...her face is almost perfect...she is loaded with talent too. Pete: I hear the Bills staff is pointing fingers. Hmm...Weak positions, injuries, and no infighting. From the staff no less! What's your take? Notacon: When you are losing...shit happens. I think most of this "finger pointing" is overblown by the press...and of course some blowhards on the Range. Pete: 7-9 or worse. I told you so. Notacon: Come on Pete...there are 14 games left...a little early to say "I told you so". I hate making predictions...Las Vegas is what it is because dopes put money on making "predictions". I especially hate to predict the Bills losing. That being said I think the offense will come around and the defense will be the biggest problem. The schedule is lighter at the end of the year where the last six games are definitely winnable. Throw in the Jets x2 (the Jets SUCK!!!), the Miami game of 11/11, the Bengals (worse defense than even the Bills) and Dallas (yes...I think the Bills beat Dallas in their first Monday night game in years) and that is 11 wins. They will probably mess up at least two of those games which means 9 wins. Pete: Is the Kevin Everett situation a miracle or what? Everyone thought that he was going to be paralyzed and on a ventilator. The news gets better every day. Notacon: What a great story. This is a testament to Mr. Wilson...him being one of the major contributors to the Miami Project that has developed the treatment used on Kevin that is the main reason he will walk again. No one knew that Mr. Wilson gave million$ to this research center. It is so appropriate that, when in need, one of Mr. Wilson's players reaped the benefit. Pete: I think Jim McNally sucks. He's totally overrated and needs to be fired like now. What do you think? Notacon: Wow, Pete...tell us what you really think. The offensive line sucks. Even after spending major dollars it seems that Losman is always on the run. They can't pick up a blitz to save their lives. If the O line picks up their play, then everything else falls into place for the offense. The myopic dopes think it is all about the QB...nonsense...it ALL starts on the offensive line. On the defensive side it all starts on the defensive line. We leave much to be desired on both lines...the surest way to ensure losing more games than winning. I don't know if firing McNally NOW would do the club any good...so I would wait until the end of the year. Levy has too much class to embarrass a coach like that...certainly not if it won't help the team. And firing a coach early in the year won't help the team. Pete: Do you think the fans will all in all abandon the Bills after this season? Notacon: NO WAY!!! I have berated Bills fans in the past, calling them "second rate"...and I don't back down from that for a second. I call Bills fans second rate because they enjoy the lowest ticket prices in the league and have never come close to selling season tickets out. They bitch and moan every time the stadium issue comes up and would never stand for slightly higher taxes to pay for a new one. That being said, we still have some of the best individual fans in the world and abandoning the Bills will NEVER be an option. Pete: What's your take on The Pats? Think any of those past playoffs/super bowls should have a great big asterick next to them? Notacon: The Patriots and Belichick are cheaters!! Period! They knew the rules and they decided to break them anyway...probably for only a marginal advantage. But, that is an advantage nonetheless...and one obtained by cheating. Their SB victories...rightly or wrongly...will ALWAYS be tainted. When one looks at the closeness of their SB wins...indeed even how they got to their first one with the TERRIBLE "tuck rule" call when Brady fumbled and would have lost that playoff game (if the call went the correct way) with NO SB...you have to wonder if they cheated their way to victory. Average point difference in ALL the Sb's besides the three latest NE wins was 16.39 points. Each of NE's wins were by three. The ONLY other closer win was by the Giants over the Bills in 1991, by 1 point...just so happens that the defensive co-ordinator for the Giants was none other than Bill "Cheater" Belichick. I don't think it is a stretch to wonder if he has been a cheater his whole coaching career. In all honesty, their cheating probably had no bearing on their championships...they have had very good teams with excellent coaching...and I admire them for that. But, to whatever extent that their success is tainted...it's ALL on Belichick and his arrogant and blatant disregard for the rules Pete: Short of real-time videography of the Pats signal calling, what will it take to beat the Cheatriots at least once this season? Do you think the headsets will go out at a key moment in Foxboro? Notacon: No Way the Pat's go 16-0. That feat may well never be achieved. But, NE's schedule is certainly not so tough that they may come very close. The big tests for them will be at Indy and at Bal. Like every high flying early season team...once the film builds up (the legal kind) and coaches have a chance to break it down and game plan against them...a team will beat them. The football has a funny shape and bounces strangely sometimes. I hope it is the Bills who screw up their perfect season. Pete: What non-cheating team do you think has the best possible chance of reaching the super bowl? Notacon: Indy, by far. It is a BIG mistake to take the Colts for granted. They are the champions until they are beat. Everybody whined about how bad their defense was last year...until they surprised everyone in the playoffs with their defense. Pete: So, you think we should invade Iran, huh? Notacon: No way!! Invading Iraq was the biggest and stupidest event by any president in the history of this country. Invading Iran would be even dumber by a factor of 100. But, I wouldn't put it past the lying coward Bush...easily the very worst president that ANY country has EVER seen. This guy is not a leader...he is an embarrassment. I can't wait until Jan. 21st 2009!! Editor's Note: He's know's I knew the answer. Geez. Why can't some of these guys see a little ball busting when it comes their way? I was expecting a smart-ass answer. LOL Pete: Are the Bills cheap capwise in your opinion? Or not overspending? What's your take? Notacon: The 2006 CBA put the Bills in a very bad position. Despite Spiked's lunatic obsessive ranting about Mr. Wilson...it is all a lie. Mr. Wilson is not "cheap". Surest way to destroy the Bills is for the team to start losing money. Take a look at this article for the real story on what is going on in the NFL. Financial gap widening between NFL's haves and have-nots You know that the Wilson haters don't have a clue when the best they have is lies about the situation...and then they never own up to their dishonesty. Pete: Final thoughts or comments? Notacon: It's a blast being part of the Range. The overwhelming number of posters are a fun bunch of people. Still the best place to find out ANYTHING about the Bills is right here on the Range. A few sourpuss malcontents threaten to ruin it with their nonsensical rantings that get more shrill when the team loses. Sometimes if posters would think about what they write...or better yet base their opinions on reality instead of hyperbole...and then spend all of their energy defending their stupid position...this would be even a better place than it is. As it is I give my heartfelt thanks to the unheralded people that make this place possible...to all the moderators...and to all the great Bills fans that help make Buffalo (and Upstate NY) livable.
  10. Pete: Does this interview get the Krusty Seal of Approval? Meathead: Ha ha, yes of course. I know I can count on myself to live up to the high standards of quality the Krusty brand has always represented.
  11. You'll blend right in with the rest of us. Ohh. Forgot to stick this...Stuck. (Getting good responses anyways....Whheeeeww!)
  12. Pete: How'd you find the Range? You've been here for ages. What brings you back everyday? Meathead: Probably like a lot of people I found the Range when I was just looking for other Bills fans to talk sports with. But it was really the creation of the Politics, Religion, and Sex forum that got me hooked. If you spend some time there you will by default grow as a person because there are so many different views you really have to do some work to try to see from other peoples eyes, otherwise its just an endless cycle of arguments. And with a subject that evokes such strong reactions we have a record of our thought process which makes it easier to see flaws in our thinking and by extension our personality. I’ve learned a ton from that process and of course the people involved in it, which is what keeps me coming back. Pete: What happened to Halbert? LOL Meathead: I’ve never felt as strongly about any political event as I did the presidential election of ‘04. It was painfully clear to me that the country would be severely harmed by re-electing an established failure with an unabashed right-wing neo-conservative agenda. The only reason we would do that is due to both crippling partisanship and unabated fear, both of which are very bad reasons to put the hammer back in the hand of the man who was laying waste to our precious china shop. I tried very hard to get people to see the self-defeating path we were heading down, tried everything under the sun to steer our little corner away from that CrazyWorld, and in the end was not successful. I let Halbert die as my little metaphor for the death of responsible politics in our country. Oh wait, I meant tainted ham sandwich, it was a tainted ham sandwich that killed Halbert. Pete: The Sabres. What's your take. Are we going back to the alter just to have the bride stand us up again? Speaking of. How frustrating is it that Buffalo can't win a championship? Meathead: The stars have finally aligned behind our beloved Sabres. Believe me, I love Lindy and feel he deserves another Coach of the Year award, but I have to say I think its more luck than anything else the Sabres are as good as they are. Professional sports results depend a great deal on luck, and in this case the Sabres have a staggering amount of talent in the organization all at the same time. After being a long time Amerks season ticket holder I know its not because the Sabres suddenly have a great farm team - they’ve always had that and it didn’t usually translate into big league success. But after churning along with up to nine (!) regulars missing for long periods of the season and still ending up with the most points they are clearly the best team in the NHL this season. Anything can happen and its going to be a battle but not bringing the Lord Stanley to Buffalo would be as big as any sports disappointment we’ve ever endured here. Meathead: And by the way, I have to say Buffalo has in fact won championships with the Bandits and Bisons but its been a long time since one of the two major sports teams have done it - and of course the Sabres never have. The city certainly deserves it and this is our best chance to finally do it again since the Bills first Super Bowl. Pete: Who's the hottest woman on the planet? Meathead: I like a lot of different looks in women so I don’t really have one. And with all the surgery and makeup that the alleged beautiful people use to make themselves that way its all an illusion anyway. I tend to not focus on that and instead look for the energy a woman brings to determine beauty. I mean of course there’s a limit but a modestly attractive woman can look gorgeous to me if she has a good energy. At least I hope that’s true because I’m hoping it applies to how women perceive me. Editor's Note: Where's the skin? Where's the pics? Pete: Why are you one of the strongest advocates of "Trusting in the Marv?" Meathead: Well I said it someplace else here but I used to do some management consulting and by far the most common mistake in any business is trying to run it like a Subject Matter Expert (SME), which is putting most of your focus on engineering the product. What you should be doing is engineering your business like it is the product itself. That means giving up your SME hat and instead putting on the architect/orchestrator hat and letting other people do the SME work. If you listen to Marv that’s exactly what he’s doing, which is very unusual for a professional sports franchise normally dominated by self-worshipping SME’s. Marv understands the critical importance of corporate culture and how that absolutely permeates all aspect of the business from the top down. He’s also extremely well respected with an incredible network of knowledge he can draw on. I can’t think of many humans on the planet I would want to be orchestrating my football team more than Marv Levy and I think there’s an excellent chance he will bring a championship to Buffalo and the Bills. Pete: Who would you draft in rounds 1-3 in the NFL draft for the Bills? Meathead: Well instead of naming a bunch of prospects I will focus on team needs. Clearly the biggest remaining hole on this team right now is at LB so I expect they will use at least one first-day pick there. There’s also CB where the Bills have good depth but I’m not sure a bonafide starter, and since you can never have too many CB’s I’d like one of those added early. By now lots of people are throwing things at me for not saying RB already but I just don’t think a very early pick on a RB would be a good idea for this team right now. The Bills have obviously adopted the model of other teams that center around their lines and their QB while de-emphasizing the role of a featured RB. I think that’s a potentially good strategy and thus don’t want the Bills spending anything higher than a third-rounder on a RB this year. They can get much better bang for their buck by investing high picks elsewhere and going with a RB platoon by adding one of the veterans floating around either via trade or free agency. We will see. Pete: Whos' your favorite presidential candidate for 08'? Why? Meathead: I hope to be able to vote for a Republican president this time around. I am very firmly committed to balance in government and since it clearly looks to me like the Democrats will hold majorities in both houses it is imperative that we have a Republican preident so that we don’t fall into the same abuses of power that we’ve experienced the last decade under the Republican monopoly. Anybody that thinks that won’t happen again if we give Democrats too much power is at this point just a fool. I also feel the Republican party needs some rescuing from the wingnut phenomenon that briefly took the entire country hostage and ushered in CrazyWorld. Since I don’t decide on a final candidate until just before the actual vote I have a long way to go to make a selection but my dark horse right now is Chuck Hagel. He seems like everything John McCain used to be for me - highly intelligent, straight shooter, patriot, and relatively non-partisan. I just hope we don’t end up with what we usually do - two crappy candidates more concerned about beating the piss out of each other than uniting Americans and moving our country and the world forward. Well I can dream can’t I. Pete: The LB corp. Does it's present state scare the hell out of you? How will it be fixed? When will it be completely fixed? This year? Next? Meathead: I thought it was very interesting when I talked with Coy Wire how he very strongly hinted that the Bills problems against the rush was due primarily to LB play and not as much the defensive line as I had assumed. The moves the Bills made this offseason to let guys like Fletcher and Spikes walk would appear to confirm that, but that leaves a gaping hole right in the middle of the defense. They clearly have a lot of confidence that Crowell and Ellison are ready to take over but the remaining linebackers, with all due respect, are depth and special teams guys. So the strong side spot at the very least needs a big investment either in the draft or free agency. And I’m not sure the Bills have the luxury of stashing three very good special teams guys (Wire, Haggen, and Stamer) as backups so I would expect at least one of them to go this offseason, most likely Stamer. It’s a big question mark but if they can land a blue chip LB and add another solid guy somewhere along the line its possible they will be fine. But I have to admit I expect it won’t really be until next season for that unit to completely solidify. Pete: Losman. Comment on him? What's your take for this year and his performance? Meathead: Losman has impressed me virtually from the start. I think the best thing to happen to him was to have Sam Wyche tutor him so very early in his career which gave him a tremendous base of knowledge to work from going forward - not just football-wise but life-wise. J.P. just sounds like Sam when he talks now. And his progress has been undeniable. He’s always had the intangibles in my mind, like his ability to avoid the rush, to ad-lib plays on the fly, and make a variety of throws. Last year he was clearly getting to his third and fourth reads routinely by the end of the season, which is huge at this point for him. I fully expect him to have a strong break-out type of year and become a good if not yet top-level QB. Pete:Who do you want carrying the rock? That is, who can we reasonably acquire at RB? Meathead: I would prefer the Bills sign one of the veteran free agents floating around, or perhaps a reasonable trade for someone like Michael Turner, and platoon them with Anthony Thomas and a drafted RB. The key to the Bills success at rushing the ball this year is more likely to come from the offensive line, not from a stud RB. They’ve invested an awful lot in big bodies to block and it seems like overkill to me to draft a RB very high at the expense of other positions. Pete: Do you think that political correctness has run amok? Or overblown? Meathead: Oh absolutely. We have this idea that if we just never say certain words that will solve the problem. It reminds me of families with alcoholism that think if they just don’t talk about it it will go away. Of course it won’t and actually I think its far better to just have people speak their mind. Maybe I’m naive but I feel like I can usually tell when someone is being mean or racist or whatever by the tone and context of their comments. I would rather have someone use certain words because it will expose their real feelings. Another way to look at that is we have been sweeping words under the rug for a long time now and that’s not going so well, maybe its time we do a George Costanza and just do the opposite of what we normally would. What we are doing now doesn’t seem to be working. Pete: What's our greatest weakness on both lines? How would you address it? Meathead: (im not going to answer this one since I covered it pretty completely elsewhere) Hmmm. Avoiding the question. Hiding something there Meat? :D Pete: Are you worried about losing the Bills once Ralph passes on? Meathead: Well a little bit but I believe the city and state will step up when the time comes to keep the Bills here. There’s a lot of very high profile people that want to keep the team in Buffalo and I would expect they will band together to find a way to do that when they have to. Football isn’t as important as some things in life but it’s a big part of my life and I know it’s a big part of the many people’s lives in this entire region. I hope to never see the Bills leave Buffalo. Pete: Does this interview get the Krusty Seal of Approval? Meathead: Ha ha, yes of course. I know I can count on myself to live up to the high standards of quality the Krusty brand has always represented. Pete: Any final thoughts or comments? Meathead: Thank you for including me. Pete: Thank you. Don't thank me. Not anyone gets invited to Listen Up! You have to earn it. And you have. :)
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