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  1. yeah that's what I thought and still believe how it should be presented but...….we got this https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/are-jews-a-nation-or-a-religion I mean WTH can we choose the one we want or what?
  2. I am a big movie fan and appreciate all the nuances of movies etc etc...….also worked in a theater from apprx 6th grade? cant rememeber. Then on up to about 28 yrs old. Then managed a 9 plex theatre later. I have to say I did not feel this movie. It was too long and not well constructed. Slower than I can tolerate and I appreciate pace in movies vast majority of times. I see some critics are liking this movie now so I need to rewatch it to see if it is an acquired taste sort of thing like Rocky Horror Picture Show has been for so many.
  3. those individuals are by the very nature of their condition generally unable to do a well paying job so they should qualify for disability.
  4. C. of course I would. I live in Illinois and my vote does not count. This state votes the Democratic candidate in every 4 years for the last 7. It will not change this upcoming election due to Obama influence is still too strong here. I always vote third party as a protest vote.
  5. That would never appease them unless we all converted to Islam. That is their end game.
  6. Trump admin has nothing to do with CA giving away taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal immigrants.
  7. that white eye on coat 2 triggers me somehow. cant stop looking. overall too much 70's look on coat 2. too much white. I would go coat 1 cleaner look as others have said. and the blue looks darker but likely just a lighting or sheen issue.(I still remember the very much lighter than normal royal blue all over the place in the early-mid 90's. I did not care for that and they seem to have fixed that now with latest uniforms and apparel) but hell you cant go wrong with either as you clearly are going for a retro look. Good luck.
  8. it is domed. wonder if the sun issue may force them to paint the glass like the Astrodome was forced to do albeit for a diff reason. Baseballs lost in sun field in Astrodome vs just need to reduce heat/sunburn in Vegas.
  9. welcome to Millennial Stadium in Millennial Park catering to Millennials...….lol
  10. it has that translucent(PTE?) polycarbonate type roof same as the half roof on Vikings dome. only they could do the whole roof due to no snow load issues.
  11. story says Death Star theme and look. Cool. fitting or ironic? as the Rebels will play there too.
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