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  1. Lit makes a great stat based comparison. It drew me in and it is very very interesting. Bills could probably reacquire Tyrod for very little if they so desired.( and OMG does Tyrod have a better deep ball than Allen and no turnovers in comparison to Allen) The big difference so far with Allen is he seems to be a gamer. He finishes like Tyrod can't. Allen had another 4th quarter comeback Sunday. It seems natural for him and he seems to produce in those situations. I dont know if it is chance or something that will continue. I look forward to finding out, but, I also have the same doubts about him Lit does.
  2. what? it IS about these ABC people who have no tolerance for any thinking that is different from there's. And will go to any extreme to disrupt and make the lives of those who think that as hard as hell. chic fil-la is not trying to shut down businesses, coffee shops, pot dispensaries in Seattle, who favor and cater to the groups they do not agree with on same sex marriage. there is a huge difference in giving money to groups fighting against legalization or forced acceptance of gay marriage by churches/religion and the work of intolerant activist trying to shut down a legitimate business. These very activist who expose to support tolerance are acting in a way that is completely opposite of their stated beliefs. for the record I support gay marriage and LGBT rights as long as it does it does not expand into pedophile approval or other crazy shit that those crazies could arguably claim they are legitimate now or it is discrimination.(IE: you legalize one form of alt lifestyle why are you discriminating against ours thinking) and also do not support forcing groups churches etc etc... to accept something against their beliefs. It is for them to decide.
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