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  1. I dislike far leftist and far rightest thinking. That's why all my comments on Covid and vaccines are apolitical.
  2. lol....they work. It is documented repeatedly. If you wish to deny the proof and info then sell your tickets. Plenty waiting to buy. The ant-vaxxers are in denial and keep moving the goal posts.
  3. only thing that will drop attendance is a non competitive team and late season bad weather for a team fading losing. I know you hope it drops attendance to help your anti vax wishes and dreams. But real Bills fans want team to win and attendance to be full to help long term viability in WNY. Most NFL teams will soon have mandate. This is just the start.
  4. No. For health reasons. Virtually every state now bans smoking in the workplace, crowds, bars, theatres, movies, and restaurants...etc...etc.....
  5. that's what you got out of the article? Lol no you can not be that uninformed. These are the most successful vaccines ever. Bills fans apparently agree as very few getting refunds.
  6. It is the exact same formula, exact same procedures and testing. You goal post movers just never give up. You can't be this uninformed. Can you?
  7. You are easily fooled then. In your conspiracy theory world you live in, even if he staged his death and was living in S America, he would be long dead already.
  8. ?? Pfizer is now approved. All of the Pfizer vaccines are approved now, does not matter when manufactured. You goal post movers are faster than Jimmy Johns.
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