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  1. Buffalo Bills: Nothing wrong with being a drunkard. Since a Seahawk is a fictional animal, the team settled for an augur hawk. According to Seahawks.com, Taima has been surveying the sidelines of CenturyLink Field since 2007. His name means "thunder," and it was chosen by Seahawks fans.
  2. Blackhawks are named after a military division. Chiefs are named after KC mayor instrumental in bringing the AFL Texans to KC. Eskimos use no negative imagery or racial slur. Braves got rid of screaming Indian logo nothing inherently negative about those names on the surface. They may want to review appropriateness. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Redskins on other hand is a pure racial slur. Indians may not need to change the name but the racist negative screaming redface Chief Yahoo logo must go.
  3. Yes i will watch. What we all should learn now is we should accept peaceful protests. I always have. I would have handled it different if I was NFL. I would have engaged Kap and had information speakers and supporters hold informational areas and demonstration areas outside the stadium. It is not our call anyway. NFL is the employer. If they allow employees to protest during working hours then it is allowed. if anyone does not like it they can do as they please and stay away and not buy tickets/merchandise. You know, exert your right to protest it. When this first came up my first reaction was. I always support peaceful protests. That is a right written onto our constitution. It was taking place during work hours that NFL had not given the explicit OK to do so and it interfered with football fans enjoyment of watching NFL. So I understand the unhappy fans. I am firm believer we don't need political statements and protests during sporting events, concerts, etc etc......as the reason they even exist is for fans who wish to escape life realities for awhile. Not to then bring all the world problems to us on our escape day out. If I want to be involved in a cause or hear about it I would attend a political rally or protest and/or walk into it when out in public on street or whatever. If I pay money to attend a ticketed restricted event I expect to get the event I paid for. Nowhere on sports tickets or concert tickets or movie tickets does it say it is a protest or rally or other........ When the Kap kneeling became a thing the NFL waffled for a long time. At first saying not allowed then sending mixed signals. Media fed into the frenzy broadcasting the anthem they had previously not put on air.
  4. thats a good read Hip........thanks. from the numbers this negotiation is really small now. Max he can sign for is $4,612,323 Min he can be signed for is: $4,209,417 HOWEVER. Pats set the market already by doing this: Patriots linebacker Anfernee Jennings, selected just after Moss with the 87th overall pick, inked a four-year deal worth $4,596,871 so Moss should receive slightly more as he was picked right ahead of Jennings. (that is not set in stone but highly unusual if anyone signs for less than the guy drafted later then you) so $ range for Moss is 4,596,871 to a max he can sign for of 4,612,323 or $15,452 to haggle over. I wonder if there is more to this like offset language ?? that little amount of 5 to 12 k we are likely talking about here could be recouped in interest if taking it now instead of waiting months for the first year windfall of sign bonus and salary. 3% of est first year cash of 1.7 mill is 51 k divide by 12 = 4250 per month. He may pay in withholding for tax purposes but if he is smart he does not and earns this interest on it.
  5. It was reported and debated why Bills passed so much in this Super Bowl when Thurman could run at will and Bills OL was dominate. Consensus was Kelly called too many pass plays on his own in no huddle either on purpose as he was playing hero ball. Or just human nature as it was biggest game of his career and he wanted to shine. Kelly never denied this fact.
  6. its almost like they are trolling you sean......they do exact opposite you and (me) and others want.
  7. numbers, shadowing, stripes, garish browns written on side of pants, cleveland on jersey, helmet strip pattern, a lot actually.
  8. good luck with everything Hip! I know a lot of others, including my spouse and myself, who had symptoms of Covid and recovered at home without testing.
  9. what I continue to not understand.(and I preface this by saying Trump clearly is not good at explaining things. He says something then denies it shortly after. Sometimes in the same press conference. Is it a lie or fake news or bad advice he gets or poor comprehension of the reports he does read or does not remember getting or he ignored....I cant keep up with him.) but this is weird: Como who should have shut down NYC and borders long ago but let his hate for Trump get in the way, and mayor of New Orleans who had Mardi Grai because Trump did not say stop it so it is Trumps fault. And countless others blame advice from Trump or lack of advice by Trump is to blame. The left and media all say they are smarter than Trump. So why in the hell are they listening to his advice or lack of it? They have state rights to do as they see fit. They are smarter than Trump so go do you ass wipes. They are all stupid and just trading blame.
  10. yeah a one year prove it deal is good deal for both I think, and hope, at same time. dam injuries. Some players they just can't shake it. Shows how not all bodies can take the punishment of pro level sports.
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