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  1. I remember the Watkins thing vs the Cheats. Prevented one last hail marry i believe. Ruling was Sammy was going backwards as he went out of bounds so in that case clock does not stop in last 2 or 5 minutes. I will check. A rule we never heard of before. "They always seem to get if right for the Cheats" quoting McCoy. edit: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/11/24/9790016/did-the-refs-cost-the-bills-an-extra-play-at-the-end-of-monday-night
  2. Allen getting better saved Daboll. And if he plays his cards right he will be making millions more $$$ as a NFL HC very soon. Congrats Daboll. I hope if you must go you get LA Chargers. I think they are best setup to win.
  3. one announcer coming back from the break a few games ago when Bass hit like 4 in one quarter(2nd) over 50 yards said. After the "Long Bass FG".......... I like that "Long Bass FG" maybe too long though.......lol
  4. TE is dicey in 1st....but recent ones have looked good..(Fant Hockenson)...Does Iowa have one more in the pipeline...(Kittles5th rnd) lol...... https://fansided.com/2019/10/22/nfl-draft-tight-ends-noah-fant/ Hock and Fant better this year. you will lose your shit if they trade up for a projected stud DE.
  5. they did get burned a lot on blitz....but when it mattered the blitz pressure forced Rivers to hurry his throw and that worked on the TD off fingertips and several others causing incompletions.
  6. No that agreement went out the window when he opted out..... new rule is that contract now pushes one year forward. He will retire or be cut after 2021. The contract points to this clearly.
  7. Understood, however, we were talking about cold weather issues. current Bills passing not conducive to snow or bad weather games. And current Bills team can not run.
  8. then Bills dont let him retire. He stays on roster or put on some other list so dead cap is pushed and/or managed to Bills advantage and Star too. See below. Beane got this. You don't think Star will take the 7.6 million for not playing all year next year?? As alternative is he retires and ZERO $$ next year.
  9. Yeah!! Finally two times it saved Bills. Stopped a critical Colts play for a completion and made refs look at fumble they then screwed up. Unfortunately this will give McD misplaced positive reinforcement so expect more dumb TO's, when Bills on D in the future.
  10. yep you got it..... If Daboll goes to other team and beats Allen then the narrative will be "Daboll had inside knowledge advantage from his days on Bills." If Allen beats him it will be stated because "Allen had inside knowledge of Daboll from being coached him up by him in Buffalo." who wins gets the narrative.
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