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  1. thanks for the work, but, sadly, none of the links work.
  2. Ok that's clear as mud. If you elect to defend an end. Who kicks off? And electing to defend an end uses up your coin toss win?
  3. oh man. sounds like a year is missing. The good one Bears had last year. No?
  4. would you approve if he had used "Pwned"...…………………………...lol
  5. that is really low. most homes in any major mid or even lower cities are worth close to that and many much much more. Toss is a couple cars and some svaings or 401 k and 500 k is not as much as it use to be. I would start at 2 million for me to think you are wealthy.
  6. no I am saying when a group of things need to happen the odds are they will not all happen on the same day. That it may take a few chances before all the things happen if they happen at all.
  7. yeah its math man. When a group of things need to happen it does not always happen first chance.
  8. you dont believe Kap and his team told Nike they planned a NFL workout and THEN Nike figured out a way to capitalize on their investment of their Nike contracted signed player Kap? That's what money making corporations do. They dont miss opportunities when they are this obvious. Could it have been the other way around? sure. But just as likely arguably could have been the first scenario. We may never know for sure.
  9. ?? You think league or outside help can make a kicker hit the uprights 4 times in a row in one game?
  10. holy crap that is impressive. Those two teams lose so much and you followed them to know when to predict they would play good games on same day. Wow. Nice.
  11. Big Stage Josh? the guy finishes games like a boss and came up big on the biggest stage of his early career. Lets Go Buffalo!!
  12. Straight J. I have never been called a pussy before. A dick yes. Pussy never. Just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding. Carry on. It was a little too soon for Lits comments about this. But it since it was out there I just couldn't stay away as I wanted to get into this pot stir.
  13. It clearly set a tone that this was not going to be the usual "Nationally Televised Tragedy" Bills teams we are so sadly use to and expect.
  14. I get it Lit. I felt the same. We all know what they are right now. I dont think it will change unless a new offensive coordinator comes and has sway with McDermott.
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