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  1. ,,,,, And they made fun of Sarah Pigskin who - 1) Made it on her own, 2) Actually ran something (Alaska, a state, 1 of 50, maybe you've heard of it) and 3) Could have used her hotness to rule the world. Hell, Tina Fey wasn't pretty enough to portray her believably (and I love Tina Fey).
  2. Who could be better? MAGAT is his magic word to change into the Aquarian: 1) The power of archangel Michael 2) The chick magnetism of Adonis 3) The courage of Gilgamesh 4) The rock groove of AC/DC 5) The nobility of Thor Who else would decline ownership of the Buffalo Bills to be the ultimate public servant?
  3. BTW, Pigworth - I don't care if you complain to the administrators about the previous post and it gets demonetized. I'll forego that money for the satisfaction.
  4. 1) I think the fear is incrementalism, not the confederate statues. They'll be coming after the founding fathers next; they wouldn't tear down Columbus statues, that would be ridiculous (whoops). These people are pawns to the socialist subculture that wants ti reshape America. They attack every imperfection of capitalism/western representative republics and present socialism as the utopian alternative. It's a constant attack that continually pushes the argument to gain ground. Look what the Democratic party has become. They have to run a mental defective, because he is the only one left in the limelight that is remotely pro-American. 2) There is nothing divisive about Trump. He won fairly, yet they 1) Demanded a recount (he picked up votes everywhere, hmm), 2) Tried to sway electors to be faithless, 3) Pushed Russian collusion with disgusting obvious lies about the man, 4) Insisted he sell all of his assets to non-family members, 5) Posted disgusting lies, innuendos ('If this were true it would be really bad') as news reports. What did he do in response? 1) He pushed regulatory reforms and tax breaks to help manufacturing 2) Kept us out of every fucking war that the neocon/social democrat alliance tried to create (Syria, Iran N. Korea)? 3) Tried to help the Americans who needed it most in the inner cities. He simply reflects the vitriol of the left back at them. You can't handle it. You can't handle even me.
  5. I don't know about putting Trump on Mount Rushmore. It's not appropriate. Just adding him on to a monument dedicated to other Presidents? That's not enough. His accomplishments warrant more. I have a better solution: 1) I cannot believe that we still call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW the 'White House'. 2) I suggest we rename the 'White House' - 'Trump Manor'. 3) For the entrance way, we should build a wrought iron trellis and walkway with statues of Trump on all the four corners. 4) Whilst construction is underway and prior to the dedication ceremony, we should refer to the 'White House' as the '1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Address'.
  6. You should do that. Then when you (eventually) take me off ignore you'll have a cornucopia of my (brilliant) posts to binge-read.
  7. You need to make that causal connection. First you must prove that the policies failed (they did not). Then you must prove that those policies are the reasons Americans are banned from entering. Then you must provide evidence or links that Americans are actually banned from these countries. Finally if you want a post near Fanback level, please review each executive order and provide a short summary of the terms and intent. Sadly. You cannot. Fanback is victorious again.
  8. Donald Trump is a Whig. This action makes perfect sense for him.
  9. Bad-ass picture. He looks like he's 6'10" !! The man. This would be a great reference for his statue overlooking the pool of reflection.
  10. Warning: Your autocorrect is changing 'parodied' to 'plagiarized'. That woman works on an amazing intellectual level. Think on this - she has the intellectual ability to hold the Aquarian's attention.
  11. She got depressed watching her speech when Obama was nominated in 2008. She talked like she lived the life of Joan of Arc or Harriet Tubman. No, actually like she was Cinderella with the entire American Racist Hegemony portraying the role of Wicked Stepmother. Cringeworthy. Let her have her size 15 EEE glass slipper. I loved how Melania parodied her speech in 2016. Brilliant.
  12. Although Governor Cuomo has adopted some western economic principles and granted NYers limited freedoms (concessions his father, the 'Caligula of the Great Lakes', would never have made) it still stands that the tyrannical policies of NY state have strewn my larger family across all areas of the United States. I wear the Buffalo on all of my polo shirts. Not only to support the Bills but to remind fellow NY refugees to never forget.
  13. Well, now that Letitia has rid NY state of all crime and helped remake it into the Cuomo-esque Utopian Paradise it now is, she needs something to do. Oh, wait. Never mind. Losers. How about another tax hike? f8ta1ity54, you better put some ice on that.
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