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  1. This thread is stupid. Take care of your yeast infections and wear loose- fitting panties for the next couple of days.
  2. Mahomes iis better than Josh Allen. Do I give a shit? No. If I laid $3K on Buster Douglas to beat Mike Tyson and invested the $900K in Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix I would now own the Buffalo Bills. This thread is stupid.
  3. THAT'S Ronald Reagan's son? That apple rolled down a hill, out of the orchard, off the property and was hit by a Mack truck on the main highway. Reagan must not have gotten a good shot off when junior was conceived.
  4. The original poster has inspired me. For today: 1) I am double-bagging all groceries. 2) I will use a plastic straw, break it, and use another. 3) I will double-flush every toilet I walk by. 4) If an establishment has a waterless urinal I will piss in the sink. 5) I will remove all ring tabs for six-packs and throw them in the bay. 6) I will open every can/bottle of pop I have and let the carbon dioxide escape into the atmosphere.
  5. Sumerian philosophers. tou recognized the importance of limiting government. ne's treatise on trade heavily influenced Adam Smith.
  6. And yet the Aquarian, Donald Trump is your President; your President through January 2025. He's fighting for tou. He's fighting for ne. With dignity and grace.
  7. Romo' has a cool voice; it sounds like he blew it out the night before singing 'Dream On' in a karaoke bar.
  8. I have to like what Roseanne said, it was awesome. She does owe an apology to Dr. Zaius, Cornelius, Galen, and Dr. Zira; all learned stalwarts of ape culture. They don't deserve to be compared to a political hit woman.
  9. This is happening. With Josh at the helm the Buffalo Bills are building the most dominant dynasty since the Great Ming. We"ll have better vases too. Do not underestimate the porcelain skills of our coaching staff.
  10. Wasn't Shanahan hired in 2017 like McDermott? So, it's not a one-year turn around. Come on.
  11. The Titans were the scariest team for us in the playoffs. They are built to play like us, but have a hotter offense. I live near Baltimore and I told their fans that the Titans were the Ravens' biggest threat. They thought it was KC; KC is not a complete team. They thought they were going to roll the Titans.
  12. 'One likes to believe in the freedom of music, but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity.' Great line Neil. To me their peak song is Limelight, which actually has more time signature changes than the obvious culprits like 'La Villa Strangiato' or '2112'. As a Black Sabbath fan I always felt Rush fans were kindred spirits in this one regard: 'Tom Sawyer' was their 'Iron Man'; they are both cool songs but are in no way representative of those bands or what they could do.
  13. Jack Webb could kick Trump's ass in a general election, but the Dems treat him like a nut. He is not.
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