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  1. Those diagrams remind me of the old Xes and Os football game with the missile command roller ball. Thanks. We lost to the Cleveland Browns. Sounds like Cleavage Brown; a role Pam Grier would have played in the 70s.
  2. Flutie looked atrocious in 1999. Everyone got what they wanted for the Tennessee playoff game. They got 10 for 22, 110 yards. Sackalicious Rob Johnson went 4-7 the next year(oh yeah two of his wins were finished by Van Pelt and Flutie. Flutie went 4-1. If you don't have a solution, well, you're just talking to talk. You're welcome for my bringing clarity with this post.
  3. I told you that weeks ago - 'You think maybe they didn't work on the long ball all off season?'. . You're not smart. Don't be offended; use this assessment to help you compensate in life.
  4. Josh will be fine. I said so. Can we get Ralph Dibny, Eel O'Brien, or Reed Richards on the trade block? At least until he gets his deep ball accuracy down.
  5. Run defense is the concern right now. That's what will get us 5-11 if we don't improve it.
  6. I couldn't even get through that article. These people. If you have 'allegedly' and 'presumably' peppered throughout a report, maybe (just MAYBE) it is just an opinion piece? Maybe (just MAYBE) Trump recalled these people because they were bucking him and not because he has this hidden, corrupt agenda? Nice reporting, Sackman.
  7. I just hope they allow a short field period after the game so the Bills can sign autographs for the Eagles players.
  8. Do you think, maybe. they didn't work on the deep ball all last offseason? Maybe? Allen will hit 3 this week. Book it. Take out a home equity loan, run to your nearest sportsbook, and lay it all down on the over 2. Fanback says so.
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