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  1. Rerun alert. Why would you post this? Someone's obsessed. He's no longer President; you pricks are still unhappy. My posts are the truth.
  2. And below they clipped Pence's tie out of the picture; that is because it wasn't nearly as bad ass as Trump's tie.
  3. DUH. BUT WHUDABOUT!! AND ___ DUH ___ WHUDABOUT?? Pigworth, I suggest you either defend your hero or stand with us for the rights of all women and senior citizens. The fact is that the MeToo movement was started to frame an innocent family man who was only guilty of loving his country too much. Instead, it has busted Self-Righteous Social Justice Warrior after Self-Righteous Justice Warrior. This is the only time MeToo has benefitted the left; it has distracted from SJW Cuomo's real crisis. Now, that is saying something; the left has to use a sex crimes case to deflect from Cuomo-s murderous rampage against septuagenarian and octogenarians. I mean it was a tax evasion conviction that got Al Capone. How much more of a criminal is Cuomo? Sadly, I think he is simply reflective of your typical Totalitarian Socialist politician.
  4. Adding the light of reason to a sad thread. You're welcome.
  5. It's unusual that - finally - a Non- Social Justice Warrior is credibly accused of sex crimes. This has a great Man- Bites- Dog appeal. But why does his guilt smear everyone on his political side of the aisle? It's sad that these crime occurred; these women were victims. Instead of cheering - perhaps the BR morons could grow up and dispassionately hope the investigators find the truth and justice is net.
  6. In the spirit of Ted Kennedy, maybe we could pass laws requiring people to build escape tunnels from their home. That way they could flee their home before having to engage and harm an intruder.
  7. Incrementalism is the concern; the same way our nation now has to work to 17 April before our yearly taxes are paid off. Baby Boomer Totalitarian Socialist Lefties could fool Baby Boomer Centrist Republicans with the above narrative. But Generation X (and younger) Totalitarian Socialists, like yourself, need a deeper set of lies. The next narrative will be 'this assault rifle is banned but this hunting rifle has more firepower. Ballistic test show that it has 3X the kinetic impact of this assault rifle.' Then it'll be 'the average pistol, because of the close range needed for efficacy, is more likely to kill the perpetrator than disable them.' Then it'll be this 'type of ammo is more likely to ricochet and we can't trust that which is produced overseas.' Then they'll place a tax on American ammo companies. Perhaps a minimum global tax on all ammo manufacturers? The Safe Act was just so Cuomo wouldn't get too shot up when he assaults women. Who will the next self-righteous SJW be to get charged with sexual assault?
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