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  1. William Cody negotiated with Chiefs, he employed their tribesmen in his travelling road show, and he smoked many a peace pipe with many distinguished Chiefs. William Cody will tell you 'these Kansas City Chiefs are not Chiefs' Furthermore, the following experts have weighed in and are picking the Bills:. 1) Goyathlay - Buffalo Bills by 7. 2) Heinmot Tooyalakekt - Buffalo Bills - 38, Desecrators of Position of Honored Tradition - 10. 3) Thayendanegea - Buffalo Bills - 42, Paleface Pretenders of Exalted Position - 0 4) Tekoomsē - Buffalo Bills - 53, Tribe led by stupid man whose-head-looks-like-a-light-bulb-with-a-dead-poodle-draped-over-it -3.
  2. Generally, he would not care about a professional football game; but this is the BUFFALO BILLS!!
  3. Come on. This is going to go on for months and it will be 'all Trump's fault'. How about you find something positive about the Biden administration and present that factually? You can look up my previous posts and use them as templates for logically defending your position. Sadly, you cannot present anything positive regarding your world view nor can you find a competent executive action by the new Biden administration. You can only criticize.
  4. Breaking: Ceratotherium Simum Larry Hogan to get only 3% of vote in 2024 Presidential Election; paling in comparison to write in votes for the Aquarian, Donald Trump.
  5. I sense hateful, obsessive, bigoted, obsession within the above post. Direbills, I'm here to help. What you have here is opinion; opinion that relies on the laziness of the reader to not seek out the underlying facts. Why did you not link to both versions of the executive order? An executive order that undoubtedly Biden would repeal for only his own people. Trump owns your mind; he's letting me use it as a timeshare.
  6. What an ignorant post. There's a difference between decreasing orders due to lagging sales and dropping the contract to virtue signal. They've unnecessarily caused a segment of the population to shop elsewhere; people who weren't going to buy a MyPillow anyway, but will now not do business because of the stance. Bet his sales go up, that's what he sowed.
  7. Racist much? The guilty ramblings of a repressed white supremacist.
  8. OMG, you fascist, racist, illiterate Nazi. Roll up the gas chambers, f8tality wants to turn some dials, push some buttons and pull some levers!!
  9. Actually, that sounds like 'Judging a person on the content of their character' - which is true civil rights to me. A much more positive world view than yours, you condescending fascist racist.
  10. I said April!! We have to go in there to 'clean up' Trump's mess.
  11. Who knows. Let's rework our trade deals so they do something more than line our politicians pockets. Let's give a state tax break to keep an industry from moving overseas (oh and collect MORE taxes from the people who are now still working and not on unemployment). Let's not go into Syria. It was ..........awful. What a horrible frightening guy.
  12. I tossed nothing away nor did I join any cult. I stand for facts, truthful accounts, centrist egalitarianism and civil rights. The people who disagree with me are intimidated by my ethics and resort to lies or tall tales. So no, one does not have to 'have it both ways'. Well, YOU might. I see you referred to the Russian fantasy tale; it show what you are. Go. Sit in the corner and do as your government tells you. Memory fails me. Have I already owned your mind and merely now just presented the deed as proof? Or did I now just claim you as a FanBack Mind Property?
  13. Nice pink shirt. He looks like the first picture that pops up when you type in a zip code for the sex offender registry. Of course he hates Melania Trump; she doesn't resemble a little boy. .
  14. I know. You can't fight the power both ways and accomplish everything; however his repeals were enough to prevent economic hardship to many working Americans. History will not be kind to the Aquarian. He doesn't ask for that. History only needs to be truthful. Our greatest living President. It would be best to show your appreciation now. He won't be with us forever.
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