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  1. Would that our failing President had the same level of talent for executive management and work ethic. Sadly, he does not.
  2. No, they support him based upon his history of telling the truth. It's logical deduction.
  3. But his spirit and the socioeconomic system he championed live on through you.
  4. He still might: there is no proof that he freed everyone. The man is a bigot and this behavior is completely in character.
  5. Horrible references that are biased and further prove my point. You've lost credibility with this one. Check that. Liar, you have not earned credibility; if in the future you gain a modicum of credibility it will be negated by this mendacity.
  6. Gee why would we like a guy that doesn't take anybody's shit? Someone must explain this weird phenomenon. Don't ever stop fighting the power, Aquarian baby!!!
  7. The Aquarian called this a sham and told people not to come. The fact that so few came is a testament to his leadership. If he was not censored, the turn out would have been zero. This is not a cult of personality phenomenon; it's people trusting the Aquarian based on his track record of truth.
  8. Please offer proof of your assertions. Sadly, you cannot
  9. Goat - Joe Biden. Our worst Living President. Jimmy Carter with dementia.
  10. Wow, man, just wow. Three people left disparaging emojis on the constitution. Good thing that great citizens like me have your back. These cretins don't even appreciate living the good life under the freedom- fighting umbrella created by great Americans
  11. Is everyone blind? Let Josh punt. He's pretty athletic and they'll be afraid to rush him. Must I answer every football question? Sadly, I must.
  12. McDermott beat a division opponent 35 - 0 with his QB off his game. 16 - 1. It's only a matter of time passing. Also, I have have watched the film with a discerning eye and determined that Josh Allen is hurt.
  13. “Even though this will hurt me financially, I’m done,” Smith, 60, told HuffPost recently. “ I had hoped to do five or possibly 10 more years, but the anti-vaxxers, Trumpers and conspiracy theorists have just worn me down.” The last sentence is bullshit and exposes the horrible bias of the person in question.. She is giving up treating children because there are patients who have parents with whom she disagrees politically? She is an affront to the Hippocratic Oath. You should be ashamed for posting an article with this quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who choose not to take the vaccine are all across the spectrum. Most Members of the Free Thinking New Millenium Counter Culture that I know have taken the vaccine. But all of us are against government interference.
  14. The quote was not as you represented it. Fsnback wins, you lose. You always lose.
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