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  1. The Bills just decided to get the game back to its roots; it is FOOTball. Hopefully they can mix it up with a few drop-kick scores next week. We can't become too one dimensional.
  2. He survived by being a Nazi collaborator.
  3. For the crazies on here, and you know who you are: 1) Do not get political 2) Sit down 3) Listen to what I have to say; it is important for the future of America. Our witnessed red zone inefficiency and the Jets' overall performance reflects what a Biden Presidency will look like. When his medically-proven dementia makes him unfit for office, a Harris Presidency could be even worse. So I recommend you listen to the NFL PSAs and: 1) Make a plan. 2) Get registered. 3) Vote to keep Donald Trump, our greatest living President, in office.
  4. You think to yourself 'Maybe FanBack is a collective of like minds; surely the displayed breadth of knowledge is too much for one person.' No FanBack is real and one person. FanBack is truly a 'Singularity.
  5. The lines moved to 12.5 from 13. People are losing confidence in us.
  6. I also take blame. You see, these past two weeks, when I placed my wallet in my back pocket, I often had the Buffalo Bills emblem facing down. Since the KC loss I have been meticulous about always have the head of the Buffalo facing up.
  7. And I said Kaepernick was simply a pawn of the Globalist Marxist Hegemony. This is all about taking the United States down a peg or two. I was not wrong.
  8. First president to care enough to practice his signature.
  9. I would like to thank the inspiration of a 1,000 landlords for allowing me to own Frawk's mind with the previous post. Don't break your keyboard, big guy.
  10. You're such a political bigot. It's ............disgusting. Stop the hate.
  11. Is this a 'bot? Just sayin' as the man has no thoughts of his own. I'm hoping he is a real person; I have been victorious in every exchange. This man is in great need of my Voter Coaching Services.
  12. No, I'm not. But 17 years of TOTAL DISFUNCTION is hard to overcome. No coach wanted to come here, McDermott did. So much has changed, but not enough. If every fan was as good as FanBack, the collective unconscious would propel this team to countless undefeated seasons. The Bills would be so good they might pursue a World Series title or NBA Championship for a challenge. Josh knocking LeBron on his ass might be fun. I bet Beasley would steal a few bases. But the other fans do not measure up. Sadly, none of you can. And THAT is what holds back the Buffalo Bills.
  13. Once we beat the Jets that will prove that the Bills are for real. We should crush them 4 - 3.
  14. Tua is left-handed, he holds the ball and the o-line is not good. Fitz will be back.
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