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  1. One mistake: The current 'Moderate' Republicans are not the Classically Liberal Republicans. Classically Liberal Republicans believe in freedom and limited government. Today's 'moderate' Republicans are converted Democratic Socialists (see 'Neocon'). They lean to the center for political expediency. They campaign to the right. For example, a classically liberal Republican personally may have Victorian standards in regards to sex, but would find it abhorrent that the government dares to interfere with such behavior. Even if they consider the behavior deviant. They could also have very open attitudes, yet find it wrong for the federal government to dictate same-sex marriage as law. So let's not confuse the Bushes, Mitt Romneys, Paul Ryans, or Gerald Fords with our Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers would find them contemptible.
  2. Those are not independent posts with factual reports cited for reference. Sackman's posts are wonderful examples of such. These are merely copies of or links to other opinion pieces. Can neither of you form an opinion of your own and construct an original written post? Is this beyond your capabilities? Do better.
  3. Utilizing the exact method of spiking the vaccine with a tracking chip? That is highly unlikely. But the far left are totalitarian socialists (as are many establishment Republicans, if not most). Totalitarian socialists will use any crisis to propose safety measures that include increased surveillance. These safety measures are wonderful tools to protect the government from its citizenry. Do these safety measures protect the citizenry from external threats? Not so much. Expect to see the 'Covid-19 Buddy System' app. It'll monitor your vitals and post them to a Webpage for citizen monitoring.
  4. Three days before Governor Hogan issued the mandatory mask edict, the Liquor store near me refused service to me because I didn't have mask. I didn't mind that. I did mind their pissy attitude just because I missed the 11-font sign saying masks were required. It was posted with about 7 ads to the left of the door. Give me a break.
  5. The masks (especially ones like mine that are definitely not surgical grade) are to protect other people from you. I realized that; that is why I don't mind wearing one. I want to avoid the slim chance I could make someone else sick. I wonder how many of the jackasses in my area would wear the masks if they knew that? You know, the people who brag about being green, drive a hybrid, and then leave their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot. And HAVE to have their houses at 75 degrees Fahrenheit all winter.
  6. I saved all of my old 'Weekly World News' papers. They were fantastic. My favorite cover was - 'Space Alien caught in hot tub with Laura Bush and Theresa Heinze Kerry' from 2004. People would laugh at me and say - 'You read that crap' - but once they read an issue they bought it every week.
  7. You are completely ridiculous. First, please back up your assertions with data, charts, graphs. Use three independent certified sources.. Then please tie in the Presidential office causally to the outbreak of the virus. After which I will respond. But the real crux of everything in this post is that people, like you, cannot accept that: On Tuesday 08 Nov 2016 a majority of the American people voted their conscience and elected businessman Donald Trump to the presidency. This action finally fulfilled the Founding Fathers' dreams of a limited citizen government. 240 years in the waiting. A truly remarkable occurrence; however this was not viewed as such by the totalitarian socialists. Remember: 1) Unlike Obama - The Aquarian has never needed a teleprompter to read to school children. 2) Unlike Hillary Clinton (sadly, the best the Democratic party has to offer) - The Aquarian had never needed a focus group and PR firm to write his tweets for him. 3) Unlike Bill Clinton - The Aquarian has never needlessly bombed a Slavic nation to add gravitas to his Presidency. 4) Unlike Obama - The Aquarian has not destroyed Libya, solely to give his Secretary of State (HRC) an accomplishment on her resume'. 5) Despite this crisis and the bureaucratical incompetence inherited by the Aquarian (of which never have I deemed the solution to be ANY administration's responsibility!!!!) the Stock Market is still up 24% from when he took office. Please study the above item 5. Read and reread until you have a full understanding of the part in parentheses. Many of the federal government's blunders are actually intrinsic to the machinery of the public sector. Machiney that is often developed and maintained by entrenched liberals. Even a two-term administration will not be able to effectively correct all of these; a period of eight years is ephemeral compared to the average lifecycle of bureaucratic intransigence. In fact, many of these 'whistleblowers' were simply broken rusty bureaucratic cogs who didn't appreciate the oil of efficiency nor the direction to get to work.
  8. I think you'd better worry about my post above; it applies to you.
  9. Sorry, Kelly's Heroes (I suspect that isn't your real name) for not being clear. This is the assertion to which I was referring. Least corrupt? And this is where totalitarian socialists often make fools of themselves. The overstating of their case to ludicrousness. Remember when the corrupt press called Hillary Clinton the 'most qualified person to ever run for the Presidency'. Are you kidding me? Better than Jefferson? Lincoln? Adams? Of course when Trump beat her in a rigged (for her) election, everyone back-pedaled and said, 'she was a despicable candidate'. So, how does this happen? Firstly most totalitarian socialists have a surface superiority complex coupled with an inner inferiority complex. They also overestimate their intelligence compared to the general population. Then, they stir those ingredients in the echo chamber of their choice - Academia, Bloated Government Office, Network Newsroom, 12-step Recovery Program, etc. From that they craft narratives that only the predisposed believers can buy.
  10. Oh, the cute little totalitarian socialists think they have a winning thread. That is so sweet. Listen, Low-Grade Mentality Nancy Boys, prove your assertion. Do it. Do it now!! Or go sit in the corner. Take your swings. Them I'm coming and I'm leading with my prodigious brain.
  11. 1) If your contrarian political leanings lead you to be borderline insubordinate to the current administration - you are not a whistleblower. 2) If you feel a policy is wrong yet have no evidence that there is overt corruption or gross incompetence - you are not a whistleblower. 3) If you are surreptitiously lurking in a work environment to mitigate the damage that, in your opinion, their policies may cause - you are not a whistleblower. At best, you are a conscientious objector. This does not mean that you are right; it means that you are acting in good faith according to your world view. With the above validated as true with this current administration, you can honorably resign and protest the administration's actions or do your job. That is your choice. I am glad to clear up the confusion, Professor Pigworth. Moderators, please close this thread and flag my post as a teaching tool for these ignorant foolish people.
  12. We can't squabble when January 21 2025 is ;literally around the corner This nation has less than 5 years to figure out how to function without the Aquarian's leadership. TG2025 will be the disaster that everyone was afraid Y2K would be. He'll never agree to a third term no matter what. No one respects the Constitution (and George Washington's historical precedent) more than Donald Trump. .
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