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  1. The Chiefs have never been good at evaluating kneecap stability in their QBs. It's like they do not think that matters.
  2. It was a beautiful thing to watch. The way he caught it, spun around and took it in. However, Josh Allen was distracting him on the sideline and almost cost us the game. You were right about him, Lit.
  3. So, you think Brown's hurt? He can't rub under those balls? 🙂
  4. He threw a deep pass to Andre Roberts as if he was throwing to Foster or Brown. Of course he overthrew him. Doesn't anybody get that? Happens. I wouldn't worry too much.
  5. This falls under 'man bites dog'.. It so rarely happens with conservatives.
  6. We can't lose to the Dolphins. Their classic logo was a porpoise. Their current logo is a killer whale. I know. A killer whale is actually a dolphin(Orca Delphinadae) - but you get the point.
  7. Word. I was at the San Diego game and the Chargers couldn't have scored those 4 TDs any faster if it was an empty field. McDermott took over the defensive play calling in the second half. The Chargers scored 3 more points. What was impressive was the understated, classy way that McDermott handled the issue.
  8. I love the old Patriot's injury reports. Everyone was questionable with a limb or torso injury. Hernandez was questionable with an 'incarceration' designation.
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/02/josh-allen-named-afc-offensive-player-of-the-week/ Sam is a little behind Josh. He'll get there. He's friends with Josh. Josh will help him.
  10. This makes me wonder, how safe is Les Snead? Wasn't he a part of the Jeff Fisher era? McVay is safe; but ……………………..
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