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  1. What a terrible knot on the tie. Plus, he didn't even form it up. Never slump your shoulders forward when hitting the Superman pose. It makes for unpredictable bullet ricochets; this puts innocent bystanders on the sidelines at risk. Square off to the gunman. Flatten the chest, take a deep breath, and hold the shoulders back. Bullet ricochets can only bounce at a 0 - 15 degree angle. Like this:
  2. Not me. Never. However, after we shut out the Patriots in 2016 I tried to register on a Pats' fan site as '18-1'. They wouldn't approve me. I was looking to ask the members about that week's issue of the 'Tom Brady Times'. The week before he had 'Patriots Mess with Texas'. That was during his suspension; when he was suspended for using footballs made of flubber.
  3. I'll talk to both of them. I'll write a tight agenda to keep them on point, and we'll have a 15 minute conference call.
  4. Once she became available the Falcons dropped their offer to Uma.
  5. She should have played Emma Peale in the remake of the Avengers. Not Uma Thurman.
  6. True, there could be long-term side effects, genetic predispositions, combination with other environmental factors, etc. You can't test for every possibility. But the FDA battery of tests for safety does not take as long as the efficacy battery. I posit that the efficacy battery does nothing for immediate or long-term safety. It's just anti snake oil so to speak.
  7. Modal jazz aficionados would be inconsolable. Plus I always hoped he'd do an album with Brian Johnson.
  8. No, it's not normal. As a man in his 50s, I self-actualize by applying my life experience to the resolution of the following geopolitical issues 1) There are too many unread comic books in the world; No Comic Book left Unread! 2) There are too many open online threads where they have not finalized the ranking of the various Star Trek Captains. 3) There are too many unbought awesome remote-controlled toys at $5 below that would have cost $20+ when I was a kid. See the 'Pile Driver'
  9. 'The UK wants to ensure the drug is safe and effective.' Just make sure it's safe then start distributing it. Proving efficacy of intended use takes a far longer trial period than ensuring it is safe. It's US bureaucrats like this ....... ..... what the Aquarian has to put up with ...........sigh.
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