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  1. I was there too and can back up meats story. BTW meat, does your face hurt? ........its killing me.
  2. I recall many on this board wanting the Bills to draft Johnny football and were pissed when they didn't.
  3. Just a theory, but I think they work out too much. They never give their body time to heal. One other thing, I think the pads and helmets are too hard. There must be other materials that give just as much protection and have more "give" then the hard plastic used in pads and helmets.
  4. I got mine, really pissed me off. They got balls to increase the prices. I haven't decided if I am going to renew yet. Gotta see what off season moves are made. There is lots of time. If they think 60k people are going to renew there are crazy. I bet 20k will not.
  5. Why don't you just find a new team, its clear you don't enjoy watching the Bills.
  6. If the plays worked he'd be called a genius. If Taylor connects on just 2 of the long throws for TDs we would be talking about a Bills victory.
  7. I don't think it was so much Roman's play calling I think it was more execution. Tyler was off most of the game. He hits a couple of those deep throws and its a different game.
  8. You people are making a big production out of nothing. Of course they have a plan its called a game plan. One little statement is going to fire up the Patriots. Right. Grow up.
  9. Its not worth getting your knickers in a twist. Like its a real surprise that the Bills have a plan for Gronk. Every team has a plan for Gronk. Problem is most of them can't execute it properly.
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