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  1. 6-2 halfway through season. No amount of whining can do anything to stop us.. Keep it up boys, reading it makes me laugh..
  2. His wealth is in natural gas Sabres have sucked for years its about time to tear it all apart and rebuild. Now is the best time ever to fire people. Unemployment and government helicopter money is here to stay.
  3. The Enormity Of What Is Coming Will Shock The World - Trump will be just fine.
  4. Allen is 9-4 this year. Makes playoffs with one win out of next 3. Not too bad. Allen is good and will continue to get better.
  5. Dominant performance yesterday over a crappy team has the naysayers rattled? Nothing to whine about today boys?
  6. Allen had an off game and we still won... Works for me.. Allens 5th 4 quarter comeback victory in 14 games played. Works for me..
  7. It crazy how people are always 100% correct 2 years later. Surprised you guys are not running things yet.
  8. Too much cash for a RB, trade McCoy for a pick and start Singletary..
  9. Funny how you all are worried about paying for things. Just print as much as you need, heck we dont have to print it anymore. A few keystrokes and bam trillions created out of thin air. They have been doing it that way for years. It is why th US will never default on any loans. We can print all the money we need. We are what 25 trillion in debt now? Whats another 10-20 trillion...Does it really matter at all anymore?
  10. If Allen threw as many screen passes per game as Mayfield did Allen's completion percentage would be equal.
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