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  1. Anti-2nd amendment people are one of the primary reasons, I no longer live in NY. You don't want to own a gun, that's just fine, but I have a constitutionally protected right to own my firearms. You mind your own business and I'll mind mine.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Pats have also faced only winless opponents, and one of them was the dolphins for god's sake. So, what exactly is the point. You play who you're scheduled to play.
  3. Just because you give a scumbag $30million doesn't make him less of a scumbag. He's just a rich scumbag now.
  4. besides his penchant for murder, he was from a different era lol
  5. it really depends on what kind of cryo device you are using, but you need to maintain some kind of cloth barrier between the actual cold source and the flesh.
  6. I'm a physical therapist, you'd be surprised at how often this kind of stupidity occurs.
  7. You can't have a sovereign nation with open borders. Illegal immigrants should not have access to due process under our laws as they are NOT citizens. They should be detained and deported the moment their lack of citizenship is established, no court involvement.
  8. Really, though, what was our choice? Trump, who is at best uncouth, or at worst potentially guilty of criminal activity, OR Hillary Clinton that definitely broke the law and was given a pass by the FBI. I would rather have someone in office that is potentially corrupt vs a person that is for sure corrupt.
  9. Actually Meat, what you are describing is the Tytler cycle. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwihw66lofjiAhUKQq0KHR7sBG4QjRx6BAgBEAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcommonsensegovernment.com%2Fthe-tytler-cycle-revisited%2F&psig=AOvVaw1th2j0NhpGHACkSHJQ33oT&ust=1561126967658958
  10. Fringe? Both parties have moved so far to the left in the last 60 years as to be almost unrecognizable. When JFK was elected he was considered the most liberal democrat to ever hold the office of president. By today's standards not only would his ideology make him NOT a democrat, he wouldn't even me a moderate republican. He'd be a conservative republican or conservative libertarian by today's standards. I don't identify with either of the major parties. I guess you could call me a constitutional conservative. I want the government limited to the authority granted to them by the constitution, no more, no less. In reality, the larger a centralized government grows, that growth always comes at the expense of individual liberty. My main driving ideology is small government.
  11. I watched the damn game live, it was a forward lateral. They had a perfect overhead view of the play, and the ball obviously traveled forward about 1 foot. They showed that replay once, and after the refs upheld the play, I never saw that replay again.
  12. I'm far happier with the direction under our current GM and coach than I have been in almost 30 years.
  13. I'm from Buffalo, was born in Mercy Hospital. Was raised in a house right by the corner of Abbott Road and Lake Avenue, just a couple miles from Rich Stadium. I left Buffalo 22 years ago right after I graduated from D'Youville College. Truthfully, the only thing I miss, is good pizza.
  14. I went to West Seneca West, I knew Justin Strzelczyk, he was a good guy, we both graduated in ‘86. I couldn’t have been happier for him when he made it to the NFL. But, after playing 9 years in the pros, he definitely had something wrong with him. Post concussion syndrome or CTE or whatever name they want to label it, did something to that guy. You just don’t suddenly have psychotic breaks that lead to your death at the age of 36. Brain trauma is real. With that being said, players know what they are signing up for when they play a sport that has repetitive violent collisions. If you want to play and get paid the big money, you should not expect the NFL to be liable for your choice.
  15. Well that’s a good gun for some things, limited effectiveness for home defense, though good for larger property defense. But not effective for carrying around, a decent handgun is necessary for protection on the streets and can do double duty for home protection. Can’t go wrong with Glock or Springfield Armory xD for home defense and to carry.
  16. I don’t disagree. There are plenty of things you can disrespect McCain over, his military service is NOT one of those things.
  17. You hate Trump so much, what was our alternative? A worthless, crooked bitch that should be in prison for criminal negligence, at the minimum or a fucking socialist. If the democrats would’ve just run a decent candidate they would’ve won in a walk.
  18. Does anyone have a link to the replay? It looks to have been scrubbed from the internet.
  19. if you are telling me that, you can eat a bag of cocks, you piece of shit. If not, I apologize, but not really. Because you obviously are one of the liberal tools that are still in Buffalo.
  20. I've been here forever, I read Bills news here. If I wanted to go tit for tat with liberal tools, I could get that on any number of other forums, or I could just move back to Buffalo. Why come here for Bills news at all if the entire "Bills" section is all political banter?
  21. Now I'll tell you, I like arguing politics as much as the next guy. However, I come here for Bills news and just maybe to get away from the constant drone of politics. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to post, but if this is no longer the "hard core bills" section, I guess I can find another place for Bills news. And I've been on this board for 15 years.
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