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  1. @FanBackI left about five minutes after I graduated from D’Youville. I’ve been gone 23 years now. When I was a kid, Buffalo was a thriving center for industry. Local governmental policies ran almost all of the industry out, along with most of the people willing to work. Truthfully, the only thing I miss about Buffalo, is good pizza.
  2. It'll always be Rich Stadium to me, I don't care what other people call it.
  3. The Dalai Lama stiffed me on my tip when I caddied for him, but he said I would achieve total consciousness on my deathbed, so I have that going for me.
  4. Those who would erase history, will only see it repeated.
  5. Brett Favre can eat whatever dicks are left over from the bag of dicks that Colin Kaepernick should eat.
  6. @HipKatyou think the Tonawanda police are bad, try Lackawanna.
  7. @HipKat You know I’m about small government, therefore I hate any overreach of government authority, regardless of what party is in power.
  8. Assault, rioting, and looting are not constitutionally protected protest. It is crime, plain and simple. Yes, all Americans have the right to assemble peacefully and protest to force redress of grievances from the government. I am ex-miliatry and I would defend the right of any American to peacefully protest without fear of retaliation from government powers. However, every person also has the right to protect themselves, their family, their livelihood and their property. Which I would defend just as forcibly as I would defend a person's right to protest peacefully.
  9. @Meathead I won't say the Black community is blameless. They are complicit in their oppression. We could have quite the long discussion about the systematic destruction of the black community. But, that's one of those conversations that actually needs to happen via speech. It would take too long to type out my thoughts on the matter and then no one would read it anyway, because it would be too long. LOL.
  10. @Meathead there is plenty of blame to go around for the way the black community is currently, but the lionshare belongs to the federal government.
  11. @Tanqueray Ten in texas, if a child is with you as a passenger and you are charged with DWI, it becomes a state felony.
  12. Ed Oliver is not gangster, he’s a red neck. In Texas your vehicle is part of your home and it is perfectly legal to have a gun in your vehicle as an extension of your home. You are required to have a permit to carry a gun on your person in Texas. The fact is, he probably has a gun in his glove box like 90% of all Texans do, at all times. The problem is, he was pulled over for DWI, you are not considered to be in the correct state of mind to safely handle a firearm, if you are intoxicated. This is the only reason for the weapon charge. That being said, there is 100% chance you will find a firearm in any of my vehicles (I live in Texas).
  13. No chance the Bills bring him back? Seems like he could still be of value here.
  14. Would he consider the Bills, sure, when it comes down to it with NFL players, money talks and bullshit walks...
  15. HipKat, the right has moved to far to the right??? That's insane. In 1960 when JFK was elected he was considered the most liberal democrat to ever hold the office of president. By today's standards, what JFK believed and spoke about would make him a conservative republican, he wouldn't even be a moderate republican, let alone a democrat by today's standards. This is the problem, both parties have moved so far to the left, that the democrat party today is almost no different from the marxists and socialists. Literally, the democratic platform includes tenets from the pillars of Communism. The republicans have also moved too far to the left and are mostly just republicans in name only at this point. The problem really comes down to the fact, that no one supports and defends our constitution as written anymore. Everyone goes to Washington to build a power base, expand it, and then leave Washington rich.
  16. I actually lived in Puerto Rico for two years, and the simple truth is they are Americans in name only. They have no desire to ever actually become a state. They very much like having all the support of the US, but with none of the responsibilities that come with being a state. There was a big movement towards statehood in the 70s and to derail it Puertoricans actually formed their own terrorist group called the machateros, who attacked and murdered US sailors en route to work. This was done to change the conversation about statehood and to keep Puerto Rico "free". Please don't talk about Puerto Rico, if you don't actually know anything about Puerto Rico.
  17. I used to like Cam, when he didn’t jump on his fumble and just stood there looking at it, I lost all respect for him as a player and a man. He lost that game for his team, period.
  18. I live 90 minutes north of Houston and was considering going to the game this weekend.
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