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  1. I, on the other hand, will continue to applaud the Pegulas, regardless of their faults. Without them, the Bills probably wouldn’t be in Buffalo today.
  2. @Meatheadunfortunately Orwell may have been a genius prognosticator.
  3. Unless it’s a boner injury, that’s still officially soft tissue.
  4. I am sorry, you say that you’re conservative, if this was true, no matter how much you hate Trump you would still never vote for Biden. Joe Biden’s corruption spans back more than three decades in Washington. I could understand you not voting for Trump, or not voting at all. But, if you vote for Biden, you are no conservative.
  5. So, you have absolutely nothing to refute my opinion, or to support your own. That makes you nothing but a useful idiot to the Left. In my eyes you are the traitor. You've given now reason why you support Biden, just more attacks on Trump, Trump supporters, and more of the same old look at what that guy did. Nothing on why I should support Biden.. As for being a traitor, I actually served my time in the military of this country, and I'm of the opinion that the oath I took to defend this country and its constitution is still as valid as the day I took it. You sir, are treasonous. You have yet to do or say anything to make me think otherwise. You have yet to give any credible reason to support Biden, except you hate President Trump. You do nothing but constantly employ your rules for radicals. You have nothing of substance to offer. You sir have no value in this discussion. If your goal is to convert people to your way of thinking, you are missing the boat entirely. If your goal is to quash dissenting opinion, which it seems to be, you appear to be failing at that as well. I don't know, maybe your goals is only to insult people, because you are failing miserably at anything else.
  6. Truthfully, I sure hope you still live in NY, so that you can continue to receive the government you deserve. Also, where your vote doesn’t really matter. I find that there is really no value in continuing to talk to you. You proclaim to be a conservative, but with every breath you give proof to the opposite. Like every liberal, you expect to be spoon fed facts, yet like every other liberal, you wouldn’t heed the facts, even if they were beating you over the head. I get that you hate Trump, (I actually don’t love the guy) and that’s actually fine. I would still fight to support your right to speak your opinion and would never seek to have your opinion suppressed, even though I disagree with it. The problem I have with you HipKat, is that no matter what, when someone disagrees with you, you immediately turn to personalizing the issue, isolating the person who dissents with you, and then constantly attacking and ridiculing that person. (Alinksy’s Rules for radicals) If you think Biden is really the best answer, please tell me why you support him, without mentioning President Trump’s name.
  7. Funny, but unlike most liberals, like you for instance, I have a job and don’t live off of government handouts. So, I can’t sit on the internet all day. Sorry to be slow to respond. My answer is: go do your own fucking research, you tool.
  8. I would tell you to read rules for radicals, But based on your leftist tactics, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already read it.
  9. You mean the constitution that the left has been ignoring and attacking for the last 125 years. Yes, I actually do remember it. And I’m of the opinion that Trump has done more to support the constitution than that “constitutional scholar” Barry Soetero ever did, or any other leftist democrat in the last 50 years. YMMV
  10. Well I tried to be nice, but the truth is, you’re about as conservative as Bernie Sanders and about as intelligent as AOC. I have looked at the Democrats objectively, they are the scum of the earth and are diametrically opposed to what I believe is right and true and fair. You make me laugh HippieKat. You claim to be conservative but yet employ every and all tactics of the far left. I used to think you might be worth conversing with, but alas, it turns out you are useless, except as a useful idiot to the left.
  11. See, you make the mistake of thinking that everyone that is voting for Trump loves him. I just happen to hate democrats and liberals so much more. And I’ll vote for Trump or Satan himself over any fucking democrat. @HipKatyou need to stop assuming you know everyone’s agenda and what’s in their hearts/minds and likely I need to do the same.
  12. I’ll put my brain power against yours any day. @HipKat I’ll put my education against yours. I’ll put my ideology against yours. I’ll put my success in life against yours. You can believe whatever you like. But time will show that it’s you that is a fool. If you aren’t liberal when you‘re 20, you don’t have a heart. If your are not conservative by the time your 30, you don’t have a brain. And I’m guessing you’re over 30.
  13. I was actually at a dyed in the wool, left over 60's hippy's house yesterday and he was watching MSNBC and believed every word of what they were saying. That's the first time I've actually seen MSNBC in years, the bias and the out and out lies were just so over the top. I get that they hate President Trump, but MSNBC has actually given up on any pretense of being objective.
  14. Generally, I've never heard someone sing the praises of someone that fired them. Second, the fact that the fired employees say the exact same thing, makes their complaints less believable. When everyone has exactly the same story, it screams of being a planted or a coached story. People tend to say and react in different ways to events that happen to them, not exactly the same.
  15. If he blew 0.0 at roadside, that should’ve been the end of the encounter. Bad policing. Cop was probably a Texans fan and just being a cock.
  16. Also, I was just thinking. If Ed Oliver dips tobacco, which a lot of young kids down here do, he may have just grabbed an empty beer can do use as a spit cup.
  17. You don’t want to play, that’s fine. Don’t expect to be paid. No one gets to opt out and still receive their paycheck. Also, you opt out, it is not counted as a year in your contract.
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