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  1. Progressives have always been about progress. Did you ever think to what they’re progressing towards? Socialism and totalitarianism, this has always been their endgame. The masses are just sheep to be hearded. 

    Socialism, in the end is only for the masses, not for the Socialists. All you’ll have is more poverty, more misery, and you’ll still have a rich and privileged ruling class. 

    As for the masses, they have the same opportunity to succeed as everyone else. If they can’t do what’s necessary to better than themselves, why should I give a shit about them? 

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  2. @HipKatwho exactly attacked who? Maybe you have reading comprehension issues too. Maybe you should reread what direbill posted and see I was just answering in kind. 
    As for Trump, you have never heard me once say that he was perfect, the simple truth is, I just prefer him to Biden. 
    The problem you seem to have, is that I just don’t agree with you. You think Biden happens to be the lesser of two evils and I think Trump is the lesser of two evils. Can’t you accept that my opinion is just different from yours?

  3. Maybe you should learn how to read. Because, if you had read the thread at all you would realize that the premise of the thread was that only uneducated whites were voting for Trump. 
    Maybe, if you weren’t an illiterate tool, you might’ve understood, that educational level was germane to the topic. Why don’t you just go back to your mom’s basement, you useless liberal POS. @direbills

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  4. Funny, I have a bachelors and masters of science from a fairly liberal school in downtown buffalo, and I’m still voting for Trump. If you like to think everyone that is voting for Trump is an idiot, that’s your call. But, all you’re really saying, is anyone that doesn’t agree with your leftist view of things is an idiot. 
    I don’t agree with your viewpoint sir, but I still support your right to have it. While you only seem to want to demean and ridicule anyone who doesn’t agree with you. 

  5. You sir, are a fucking moron, what the cops should obviously do, is wait for him to stab one of them before them calmly say please don't stab us anymore. Oh and please, please don't drive away in the car you stole. Also, I'm sure you didn't mean to sexually assault your ex girlfriend a couple minutes ago. It's obvious that us police are racist and we don't understand your plight, you are free to go, and you just continue to be an upstanding citizen. 

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