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  1. Also, I was just thinking. If Ed Oliver dips tobacco, which a lot of young kids down here do, he may have just grabbed an empty beer can do use as a spit cup.
  2. You don’t want to play, that’s fine. Don’t expect to be paid. No one gets to opt out and still receive their paycheck. Also, you opt out, it is not counted as a year in your contract.
  3. @FanBackI left about five minutes after I graduated from D’Youville. I’ve been gone 23 years now. When I was a kid, Buffalo was a thriving center for industry. Local governmental policies ran almost all of the industry out, along with most of the people willing to work. Truthfully, the only thing I miss about Buffalo, is good pizza.
  4. It'll always be Rich Stadium to me, I don't care what other people call it.
  5. The Dalai Lama stiffed me on my tip when I caddied for him, but he said I would achieve total consciousness on my deathbed, so I have that going for me.
  6. Those who would erase history, will only see it repeated.
  7. Brett Favre can eat whatever dicks are left over from the bag of dicks that Colin Kaepernick should eat.
  8. @HipKatyou think the Tonawanda police are bad, try Lackawanna.
  9. @HipKat You know I’m about small government, therefore I hate any overreach of government authority, regardless of what party is in power.
  10. Assault, rioting, and looting are not constitutionally protected protest. It is crime, plain and simple. Yes, all Americans have the right to assemble peacefully and protest to force redress of grievances from the government. I am ex-miliatry and I would defend the right of any American to peacefully protest without fear of retaliation from government powers. However, every person also has the right to protect themselves, their family, their livelihood and their property. Which I would defend just as forcibly as I would defend a person's right to protest peacefully.
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