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  1. No, my dear Fortunato, we must go back, it is very damp and your cough, I worry for you dear friend. lol
  2. Obama was a pure example of corporate welfare, he bailed out the banks, the insurance companies, GM, and Chrysler. They should've let the market decide their fates.
  3. Impeachment under partisan lines when the senate is controlled by the republicans is not an intelligent move. The Dems can impeach (indict) all they want, yet when it actually went to trial in the Senate, there is no way the Republicans are going to convict. Therefore, this is a complete waste of time and resources on their part, and the only thing it has apparently done, is piss of the independent voters and made Trump more sympathetic to the electorate. I predict, if they give the nomination to Warren, Trump will win in a walk.
  4. @HipKat Ok, we do have some common ground. The government also has no business picking winners and losers in the market place. I'm against any and all forms of corporate welfare as well. If you fail as a corporation that's on you, the same as if you fail as an individual.
  5. If you would like to debate the topics at hand HipKat, I'm more than willing, but your ad hominem attacks only show that your arguments lack validity.
  6. I won't tell you about religion, though I am well versed in theology. I'm actually agnostic, because atheism is just another religion. How can you KNOW there is no God, unless you ARE god. I think there is no god. Though I would be more than willing to believe, if God ever introduced himself to me. On to your other point, I do work in the public and anecdotally I would say a large percent of the people are gaming the system. If you are able bodied, you should be working. No one owes you to take care of you. And before you say I'm just wealthy and privileged, I grew up poor. If you want to succeed, that's on you. No one owes you a good future.
  7. You continue to miss the point, it is our duty to help those that can NOT help themselves. That is the cost of society. This should NOT come from government. This should come from the individual. Charity is NOT socialism. The government forcing you to pay for those that WILL NOT help themselves is what I'm against. People that will not help themselves can fucking starve to death for all I care.
  8. I'd put my education and IQ against yours anyday. I'd say you're the ignorant one. You are a perfect example of today's entitled socialist types. It's like Margaret Thatcher said "Socialism is great, until you run out of other people's money". You are great with spending other people's money, but don't touch yours. Friggin hypocrite, like I said.
  9. @HipKat So, others don't have a right to the fruits of your labor and you don't work for free. But, because I work in medicine, other people do have a right to the fruits of my labor and I should work for free. I'll say it again, you're a friggin hypocrite.
  10. Yes, I am aware of the socialist programs going on in the country, and I do NOT approve of them. The federal government should be limited to the authority granted by the constitution and nothing more. I am not republican, am more libertarian in my leanings. People can do whatever they like to themselves, but then they should have no expectation that others should care for them when they fall into a sorry state. The problem with a government that can give their subjects anything they want is that they can take everything you have. Big government is the enemy of the people, not some political party. The larger a central government grows, it is always at the expense of individual liberty. As, for living abroad. I also have lived abroad. I'm ex military and have supported this country and its government. This does not mean that I agree with everything the government does. In fact, I disagree with the government on many points. It also fine, if you don't want to tell me what you do for a living, but you could have answered the other points. Do other people have a right to the fruits of your labor and do you work for free?
  11. @HipKatNice deflection, it is noted that you didn't answer any of my questions. Which makes you a hypocritical piece of shit. If you chose to help another, then yes, that is noble. If you are forced or coerced to help another, though you have no origin of debt to that person, is what makes you a slave. I prefer to live free, so fuck you and your idea that socialism is the answer. I DON'T OWE anyone the fruits of my labor. (and neither do you) Charity is giving from your heart, being forced to give, is not giving, it's being robbed. Pay attention, I hope you can understand the difference.
  12. @HipKat what do you do for a living??? Does someone have the right to the fruits of you labor?? Do you work for free???
  13. I work in medicine. Hearing that health care is a human right makes me want to vomit. If healthcare is a human right then I would be required under law to provide said healthcare, making me a slave. As I would have no control over my own labor.
  14. When exactly did people gain the rights to the fruits of another's labor??? I believe there was a war fought over this very subject back in the 19th century. Defintion: Slavery: owning another persons labor.
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