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  1. I’m sure this guy talking shit and threatening Allen won’t have any effect on how the Bills play lol. Keep talking.
  2. If world war 2 were to start tomorrow, we'd lose. Back in 41, the men were men and actually knew it. Most men today, are such pussies they couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper sack. Or they're just too confused about whether or not they might actually be a woman.
  3. There’s an old saying: Dance with what brought you. MCDermott just needs to remember this adage.
  4. Bobby Hart should be the first official cut, the guy sucked balls.
  5. String these fuckers up. No one should be able to keep the fruits of their labor. They owe every penny they’ve made on the backs of their laborers, to those very laborers. Becoming wealthy is disgusting and they should give everything back to their employees. Fuck those filthy capitalists. Power to the people, the mediocre will inherit the earth.
  6. I grew up on Abbott Road, about a mile from Rich Stadium. They are part of my childhood. But, I haven't lived in Buffalo in 25 years. I no longer have any ties to Buffalo, so I'm not sure how it would affect me. I lived in that house on Abbott Road from 1971 until I left in 1997. I've always followed the Bills, even when they sucked ass, don't know if them moving will stop me from following them. My moving didn't.
  7. I was listening to video a little while ago. The gist was that Daboll will be running up the score on people because he’s pissed that he got passed over for a head coaching job.
  8. This article is stupid, Cole Beasley is in NO danger of being cut.
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