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  1. I think wild dogs couldn’t keep Diggs or Beasley from playing in this playoff game.
  2. I always figured BLM would go back into their holes if the Dems took control.
  3. Why would BLM be protesting anything, right now, they are an arm of the Democratic Party? I would imagine that they are happy with the outcome of the election.
  4. I want to see our starters step on Miami’s dick. Fuck, playing back ups.
  5. @Buffalochief2damn, I learned my lesson after four years in the Navy, especially that last year in isolated duty in Sinop, Turkey.
  6. I grew up on the corner of Abbott Road and Lake Avenue, good luck ever getting Bill's football out of my blood. Hell even back when they had back to back 2-14 seasons back in the 80's I'd still go to the games. I mean I didn't pay, I hopped the fence, like who's going to pay to see a 2-14 team lol.
  7. I really never hated Brady, the guy just wins, he has a great head for the game, even though his arm talent is mediocre at best. What I do hate is Belichick and the Patriots organization as a whole. They are cheaters, liars, and thieves. I hope the organization crashes and burns for the next 30 years.
  8. Or does everyone here think that Nick Wright is a useless little cunt.
  9. Whoever wrote that arrival is a massive pussy. Ewww the pandemic will kill us all. I’m so sick of these fucking sheep bleating in unison with the government.
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