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  1. Easy....Bills played a red hot Ravens team that is probably the best team in the NFL right now. We played them to 1 score. Yeah would of been great to beat them but if they win the superbowl it gives us a good measure of how good the Bills really are. The play calling needs to stop throwing deep so much, and focus on just moving the chains. Bills need to work the TE's Kroft and Knox then make 1 or 2 shots down field when you are up by a bunch. However I think the Bills are capable of winning out. I think the Patriots are very beatable now. Pitt has a defense but not much of an offense. Jets...well if we lose that one it is because we didn't show up to play!
  2. The drops kill drives. Knox has to be sure handed! TE's cannot drop the ball. They are the safety nets for QB's. Beasley as a slot guy has to catch everything that hits him in the hands. Defense kept Lamar in check. Just like against NE early in the season....Bills were only 1 play away from a win or a tie. I think Ravens right now are the best team in the AFC and maybe the best in the NFL.
  3. I actually think 5 down line men might be better. 3 DT's and 2 DE's. Having the DE's outside the tackels and the DT's inside the tackles would limit running both up the middle and to the outside. LB's would be Milano and Edmunds...both fast and Edmunds has good range. Have to play man coverage as well. However I agree the Bills need to get the score up on the Ravens so they are forced to pass. I do not think Lamar is a very good passer. I think he is adequate but he is the best running QB in the league and is a dual threat which makes him difficult to defend
  4. Well we are entering into the hardest part of our schedule. Winning against Dallas convincingly was huge....but I am not sold the Bills can sustain against the Ravens. If the Bills team from Thanksgiving shows up I think they can win. I just don't think that team is showing up on Sunday. I think it is going to be another Eagles type game, where the Bills get blown out. If they do have a game plan for Lamar and they show up....well my prediction they go deep into the play offs only to lose to the Patriots who win another Superbowl lol! Although what the hell would we do if we won the Super Bowl? I mean we are still in the process...if we won two years in....what happens to next year and expectations? Bills Mafia would all be dead from over celebration.
  5. Well still too early to say he is a franchise QB, but I you have to admit the kid has heart and he is fun to watch. His passing was pretty spot on all day. Have to wonder if he is starting to figure it out or not. If the game is slowing down for him and he starts to get consistent....what could his ceiling be? Again it was one amazing game, but seems like the last few games, Josh is getting better. I think I was very satisfied with his play all day.
  6. Well, I think the Ravens and SF are the two teams that are on top. Bills need to bring their "A" game to have a chance. They play a mistake free game I think they have a chance. However, Ravens are better than Dallas. Ravens also beat the Patriots...which means they may be the best team in the NFL right now.
  7. Simply put the O line is better than last year. They also have tremendous depth. I would say Morris and Dawkins are good. Spain, Felciano and Neshske are solid and Ford is a rookie who can get a lot better. I think Ford can play RT, but may also be good at RG. Also have Long as a backup. I think the Bills need to draft a O line guy each year and groom him. I think Felciano can be a backup to Morris. Spain is a road Grinder. Just have to find the best O line guy in draft and add him to the roster. I think this line is a top 20 line....not great but average to adequate. Room for improvement as they play longer together. Still think Bills need a WR1 as their biggest need. They need a Calvin Johnson guy who just is always open. WR1 will draw double coverage away from Brown and others allowing a better passing attack. Glad to see Knox getting TE1 snaps though! Kid is a baller!
  8. Allen is not putting up huge numbers for a lot of different reasons. He is still quite raw so the game plan is not as complex. He doesn't have great targets yet, albeit better than last year. Offensive Line is still a work in progress. I think they need to upgrade talent on the line a little bit to get better. However, Allen was not bad. The INT was bad, probably had ball slip out of his hands....just really sailed. Otherwise his game was pretty solid
  9. So this Sondland guy says there is Quid Pro Quo......then asked why or how? Ohh everyone knew everyone was in the loop....How ? Sondland's response "Well I presumed" What the F#$% is that? You don't presume jack shit! This whole Inquistion is a joke. They are asking questions about the chick who was removed, and how it was wrong and hurt her feelings! What the hell is wrong with people. POTUS can remove a diplomat on a whim. I don't care if she was great or not....it is his choice!
  10. Beating the Ravens requires the Bills front four to maintain their gaps every time. If the front four keep gap control it prevents Jackson from running up the gut. Milano and Edmunds are pretty fast LB's. They should be able to keep Jackson from big gains. Ravens and Bills offenses are not that different. Granted Jackson is a faster runner, but Allen has very good wheels for a QB. I think Ravens are the team to beat in the AFC.
  11. Patriots are very beatable if you follow the Ravens model. You need to run 3 TE sets. TE's take the teeth out of the Pats defense. The Pats strength on Defense is their secondary. They can blanket cover WR's but they struggle against the big TE's in short yardage. Running sweeps to the outside with TE's blocking Glimore and Safety's should allow big running game. Allen will also have to run for yards up the gut as well. Ravens are the team that scare me. They have designed their offense around Lamar Jackson perfectly. They have to play great defense to contain him
  12. Agreed, Allen played a fairly good game. Throws could of been a bit more on target but overall I thought his play was good.
  13. Well when a team is behind they have to pass more and run less due to time. When you are ahead you tend to run more.
  14. I believe Stone has been found guilty of Process crimes. Lying to Congress.....well I just have to laugh. Does lying to congress actually matter? Ohh that's right only if you are not a Democrat.
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