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  1. Well, when you trade away your top two picks in Rhineheart and Eichel, what do you expect. Sabres had a really good player in Sam and a generational talent in Eichel and traded them away for a sack of pucks and a bunch of average Joe's. At least with Eichel you had a player that was worth watching. He got his surgery and now he is going to resume being a top 3 Center and Buffalo is going to spent the next decade occupying the basement.
  2. All depends if the Bills can generate a pass rush. If the Bills DE can apply huge pressure then it covers up for the lack of cb talent
  3. Basham and Epenesa are probably going to split time replacing Hughes next year. Taking a DE last year indicates that we will most likely be taking an OG, or RB or a NT in the first and 2nd round next year. You draft for the decade not just for the year. You also take the best talent available.
  4. How about we ask why? No Star and No Edmunds. Star has been a beast this year, and he is the best DT on the team against the run. Edmunds also is very stout against the run and he was out with a hamstring injury. Klein is decent but the drop off in talent between Edmunds and Klein was pretty obvious today. I think the Bills are a top 4 team when healthy, but we are now finding out that the team is not very deep past the starters. We need to find another run stuffing DT. I think with Star we would of kept Taylor's numbers down. Star is a pretty stout run defender, that holds the point of attack well. Edmunds also is good against the run. Also keep in mind our O line is shuffled too. I think Ford is a bust, 3 years and he has shown nothing. Too bad we traded Wyatt Teller. Having Teller now would of been sweet!
  5. Edmunds is by far our best Run stuffing LB, pretty apparent he was not playing today and we could not stop the run. Take away our two biggest run defenders and this is what happens.
  6. I read somewhere that his Athletic ability (quickness) was off the charts good. I believe next year he may be our starting LT and we move Dawkins to RT. Dawkins is average at LT but if Brown is that good, he might be better positioned to protect the blind side. Brown is still a developing project, his ceiling is very very high. Just keep in mind that Jason Peters was a TE that we converted to a LT and he became a probowl LT for years. Yes the regret is high that we traded Wyatt Teller away for peanuts. That is the truth about young players...you don't always know what you have until about 3 years. Which brings us to Cody Ford. Year 3 and he has shown he is a fringe NFL player at best. Very disappointed that he has not improved to be a solid Guard at the least. I think we whiffed on that draft pick. To think we could of had Metcalf instead....ugh! I give a player 3 years to show he is worthy to play on the team. Ford has till the end of the year to turn it around....if not I think they should try to trade him or cut him
  7. Yes and it is the defensive line that puts pressure on the QB and results in 4 interceptions against the Jets. You draft the best player available with your first two picks. Depth is found in 3 to 5 and 6 and 7 are potential long shots. Of course you draft with a slight weight to positions of need or depth....
  8. LDE Rousseau has without a doubt been an improvement at the position. Granted he is a rookie and has not exactly dominated but he has flashed, and has made plays RDE Basham, for a second round pick and a rookie has been a solid rotational guy. ROT Spencer Brown....Starting RT as a rookie, has been very solid other Olinemen have added depth. So for picking 30th you added a starting RT and starting LDE. I would say that is decent
  9. Bills need a downhill power running back. Yes a Henry doesn't exactly grown on trees in every draft but a Harris would of given us the player we need. Hopefully a big fast RB will fall to the bills in the first or second round. Single is a scat back, good to have for change of pace but he is not a ground and pound back that the Bills need. Beasley and Sanders are getting old but should be able to play another year. Davis had a bad game but he should bounce back.
  10. Thought we had depth at Oline....apparently not. Cody Ford unfortunately has not shown to be an NFL worthy guard. Year 3 and he is getting blown up. How long is Felciano out for? Hopefully not too long or we might be in trouble. I think loosing one O linemen is bad but two seems to be disasterous. I will say the Zebra's helped the Jags win. The calls were very Jags favorable!
  11. The Bills are a good team, and we thought we had solid depth to overcome a bunch of injuries. Apparently Cody Ford is just not good. I give players 3 years to prove they belong. Year 3 and Cody Ford is a bust. Sadly we can't even cut him due to the fact we need his below average performance due to injuries. Loosing Brown and Feliciano apparently have turned our good offensive line into a dumpster fire. Secondly, the ref's totally killed the bills. They missed false starts where the whole right side of the Jag line moved, to pathetic pass interference calls. Bills did not play the most disciplined game, but some of the missed calls and ticky tacky calls were ridiculous. The jags are not a good team, but they are not as bad as their record either. When the refs purposely call the game to keep the Jags in it, anything can happen.
  12. Ford as a 3rd year player needs to step it up. I can give a guy a few bad games but he really hasn't played like a 2nd round draft pick. With the injuries we are kind of stuck with him. Sadly we should of kept the guard we traded to Cleveland...Wyatt is like Probowl guard level......ugh!
  13. The old saying "Winning fixes everything" could be applied. Everyone in pro sports wants two things: They want to be paid and they want to win! If the Sabres start winning and make the playoffs.....players will want to come here. Detroit and Buffalo are Hockey towns.....and the 716 is one of the nicer setups to play at. Make the playoffs and Eichel will want to be here. Finish in the bottom 5 and everyone will desire to leave.
  14. Yet we blame the bills D and Allen for the loss, but no mention of the absolutely poor officiating. The 74 yard TD by Henry should of been called back, the two holds were blatant and not called. Reason why Tannasack was not sacked is the holding non calls were rediculous. I thought we were playing the Patriots with that amount of holding I saw. Not the ticky tacky holds, but the holds that fans in the nose bleeds can see. The Zebra's stole that game from Buffalo....seems like a Trend with the Titans against the Bills. Doesn't matter if you are the best DL in football, you are not getting to the QB if you are held on every play!
  15. O line play was sub par, that is the primary reason for the L. Unless you have Henry or another big bruising RB, the O line needs to at the very least hold the point of attack. If the line collapses, no RB is going to run for postive gains outside of a legend like Barry Sanders. The D line played decent in the first half but attrition seems to have worn them down a bit. Perhaps haveing Epeneza active would of helped. Maybe the mentality of starting a DT fresh in the second half as a rotation might help. Definitely was not a huge push from the DL in the 2nd half. Best way to deactivate a RB is to run up a huge lead and force the opposing offense to be 1 dimensional and pressed for time. Titans are a good team that are bipolar. They can be great or they can lose to the Jets. All depends on which team shows up. Bills played well just not their best. Against a team that is hot...you gotta bring your "A" game.
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