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  1. Who the hell is saying the Bills are in a win now situation? The Bills are building a dynasty, not mortgaging the farm to make one run and done. You draft best player available that fits a position of need. This draft is deep at WR, Bills need a WR. I even think the Bills might draft WR round 1 and 2. Our O line was good enough last year that with chemistry should be a little bit better. Yeah if an OT that is a stud is there you can consider taking him, but the real need is the WR position. If I was GM I would be looking at WR in both round 1 and 2. Round 3 and 4 would be OL or LB. Ford was drafted to be a starter on the OL. Yet have not drafted a WR to be the guy. Allen needs a target that he can develop with.
  2. Universal Health Care equates to garbage Health Care for all. Look at NYS and how they are managing medicaid and medicare. Deficits anyone? Providers, do you think you are going to get the best medical doctors and nurses when you are going to pay them 1/3 of what they should be making? There already is a shortage of health care providers, talk about discouraging people from entering into medical school. Since I am a Dentist, and I do some medical cross coding...with Sleep Apnea, and some other medical stuff, and my entire family is in the health care business....(Medical Doctors to nurses to RDH)...I would say I am about as close to an expert on the subject as it gets. Work in a clinic, run a clinic, work for state, private sector, medical, dental ....do it all. Not to mention I am also friends with tons of MD's and Dentists as well as other business owners....that is what happens when you own expensive exotic cars and are in cars clubs :) . Anyways, going to Universal health care equates to the government sticking its nose in where it does not belong. The first big slap in the face will be to all the people in the work force that get Health Insurance as a benefit. All your State Workers, as well as many private business that provide for employee's. So basically huge wage equivalent cut. Second, Doctors are going to get shafted in the ass hard. For example: Dentist....Crown cost is around $1000 to $1400 for most Dentists. Medicaid the check is only $405. For reference the Lab Bill is usually between $100 and $190, not including impression material and disposables, lidocaine, tray etc....(probably about 75 bucks). Throw in Staff at 80 bucks an hour (front desk and assistant. Dentist has about $100 for a two hour appointment. This then is used to cover rent, phone, electric, Gas, Water....so profit from that $405 crown is like realistically $10. Take a medical example: Medicare....I will use an example from my cross coding because I know it best. Sleep Apnea....Normal Fee $5800 (I wont go into to detail but you are billing medical insurance so there are games afoot). Normally if patient pays cash and doesn't have insurance $2500 is about what most doc's will take. However, Medicare in NY gives roughly $1200. They do not pay for the Rhinometry, Pharyngometry, Sleep Studies...nope just lump sum doc....here ya go. Lab Bill depending on lab and which type of appliance...$250 to $600. The equipment alone to do the above is roughly $30,000. Other costs include impression material and disposables as well as paying staff. Ohh and the medical billing people (private contractors) take 15 to 18 % of gross. So using just these two examples you can see that Doctors and Dentists don't make much profit on Medicare or Medicaid patients at all. You are almost working for minimum wage. Did we mention that to get through 4 years of college and then 4 years of professional school is well over $250,000...and that is going state school with assistance. So you have a shortage of doctors. Now you want to add more people to their patient load and then pay them less. haha! I can already tell you how this is going to work out. It is simple Supply and Demand. Doctors are going to say nope we don't take medicare or your Universal Health Insurance. We only take cash....buh bye! There will be a huge shift where MD's and DDS will go completely private. You want to see a doctor for the flu, $75 cash. Or you can wait 5 weeks to see the Universal Health Care provider....ohh that is going to be a RDH because they don't have enough doctors to go around. Talking to my medical friends....surgeons....."not going to take a salary cut, would retire before I work for less". As for Canada's system.....works great as long as you don't need health care. Go to Roswell and see the Canadian plates in the parking lot. Why so many? I will tell you right now that the top Canadian's do not go into medical School but go to UB Dental School...simple put Dentists make a ton more money in Canada than MD's. MD's in Canada usually only work 8 to 9 months before they are on vacation. Canada has a smaller population and can get away with their system longer, but it is catching up to them and they are moving away from socialism.
  3. Different teams....Bills D is better than the Texans. Could the Bills O score the Chiefs is the question. I think the Bills match up well against them but Chief's O is best in league. I think they are the team to beat. So much talent at WR, TE and RB. They are absolutely loaded.
  4. Adding a Blue Chip Deffensive Stud like Bossa can greatly affect a team. Not to mention they also get a high second round pick that can contribute as well.
  5. Ford was also a rookie, gotta give a rookie a little slack! He was not a turn style but feeling was he needs to be better against speed rushers!
  6. They are a young team with young coaches. Chalk it up to a learning experience. It was a great year for Bills Fans. We went to the playoffs in Josh Allen's second year. It appears that Allen is the franchise QB we were looking for. We know we need to fill some holes on offense and Defense, but the future looks bright. Yeah should of won that game, and I think they had a small chance of going all the way. Yet I think next year they will be back. Pats look like the wheels are coming off and I think they will start to sink fast now. Dolphins are clearly in full out rebuild mode. Jets, they have a lot of talent but choke. I think Darnold is a starting QB....but he is no franchise QB that is going to carry a team. I think the Bills have a chance to take the AFC East next year...Hopefully we draft well and get some key FA to make a serious run
  7. I think Cooper has below average hands. So let's go after a guy that can't catch the ball very well, with a QB who throws the ball as if it was shot out of a rocket launcher.....hmmm pass on Cooper....rather have Green for two years and develop a QB that we take in the first
  8. Allen needs coaching on running with the ball. He also needs to recognize when to dump the ball out or just fall down and take a sack. These are things they learn with experience. Once they grow a bit they realize they don't have to always play hero ball and make a play. This is just a young QB trying to make something out of nothing. There are times you need that....end of game...got no time left etc. But most of the game, if play is busted you gotta be like Brady and just throw ball away...live to play another play. Audilbe....that is something they learn with experience. Allen is still a very young and green QB. Remember where he came from in college and how many games he has played. He is not anywhere near as polished coming out of College as most division I QB's. Subtract two years from Allen's NFL experience to equate to his amount of play time to a QB like Mahomes. Simply based on number of games he played in college against big time College Defenses. Give it some time he will continue to get better.
  9. Allen was selected as a developmental QB with huge upside. Word on him was Boom or Bust. He clearly is not a bust, so we have to look and see what he needs to improve. First and foremost he needs a mismatch Target that can catch the ball and be a safety valve. Maybe Knox will become that guy with more polish. I think they need a true #1 WR. Maybe AJ Green can fill that role for a year or two before we develop a WR from the draft. Second the Offensive line needs some improvement. Ford was a rookie, he should get better with experience. Morris did very well at C, and Spain was good at LG. I think RG with Feliciano was ok, and Long served decent depth. Would like to see another notch of improvement on the O line, which would help Allen with Time in the pocket. Was clearly evident that the improvement in Line helped Allen a ton. Lastly, I think Gore was a good complement to Singletary in the run game. How I would love to find a guy like Henry in the draft to replace Gore going forward. I am on the fence with Daboll. His play calling was great on that first drive against Texans, but the 4th quarter and OT was terrible. Yet my guy is telling me you stay with him for the sake of consistency of Josh Allen's development. Maybe after 2020 if he is a cluster...you find a replacement. Maybe he will go to the Browns, but I am not a big fan of change over consistency. Maybe with better talent on Offense, Daboll can execute his game plan better. In someways I think Daboll thought Allen was Tom Brady in OT. Josh is not there yet, can't put all that on his shoulders. Kid is still learning and needs players around him to help him.
  10. Well, when you figure NYS only has one NFL team that plays in the state, why not go over the top. Go big or go home. Retractable Dome would be ideal, but a Dome of some sort is a must. Simply cannot build a structure that cannot be used in bad weather. Build a convention center on the first two floors, then the Stadium on top. Between the two structures running every weekend would help pay for itself over 30 years. Stadiums last half a century if built right. Make it a Superbowl destination. I would put the stadium on the lake at the Beth Steel plant!
  11. Taylor was an above average QB, but he could not carry a team. His contract was the reason he was traded. Worst place to be is an 8 and 8 team....Either suck and get some blue chip players or be in the playoff's for a chance to win it all. With Tyrod you would be 7-9,8-8 or 9-7 for eternity. He could not get you to 10 and 6. Allen is still raw product and he is winning games. Once Allen gets polished.....could be a top 3 QB. He has Mahomes type ability...if he reaches his potential. We will find out in the next two years. So far I think he is heading in that direction. The little things like that bobbled snap on QB sneak at 4 and inches and Josh forced it over! Those are things that tell me this kid will be the guy!
  12. I think the real truth with Josh Allen is he is far too hyped up starting each game. Seems like he calms down a bit in the 4th quarter and you see his accuracy and ball placement are better. He over throws WR because he is too excited too...hyped coming into the game....Adrenaline pumping Josh throws ball to hard. Once he settles down, he tends to take a little bit off the ball and delivers some nice throws. So in some regards I agree with Lit that accuracy is either there or it is not, but also agree that with experience he won't be so amped up before each game and he can take a little muster off the ball. With now two seasons almost complete, I can clearly see Josh Allen is an accurate QB when he is not Amped up and is able to set his feet and throw with proper mechanics. Yes, Lit we know that an NFL QB has to be able to throw accurate with pressure and even on the move. Josh has been able to do that in the 4th. So in a way I blame a lot of Allen's bad throws and mis reads to he is too anxious, amped up, excited in the first 3 quaters. Once he settles down a bit in the late 3rd and 4th quarter we see his real potential. He will get better with experience reading Defenses, and with that will come better processing and a much more polished QB. I expect next year Josh Allen will be a top 10 QB in the league.
  13. Yeah where QB's can't be hit, you can't breathe on a WR without getting a flag, Patriot Offensive Linemen are allowed to grossly hold, and the Pats have film of the Defenses play book. Sorry Brady would probably not even be in the top half when Kelly, Marino, Elway and Montana played the game. I can only imagine if the QB's of the 80's and 90's played in the modern day Snowflake rules of the NFL. Sorry, Brady might have stats, but the game has changed to allow that. Not to mention the cheating and officiating playing for the Pats!
  14. That is growing pains of a young QB. Against great teams he holds the ball instead of throwing it away. With experience he will learn to throw it away like Brady does. Perfect example of the QB trying to make a play out of nothing. Offensive line needs to play better....Cody Ford got beat a lot. Maybe a TE to force the DE into Ford may of helped a bit!
  15. I think the over throw on that last drive was the TE not getting to the corner of the endzone. I think that was a throwing to a spot and TE just was not there, rather than a over throw!
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