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  1. Not sure if I agree with this Defensive Strategy. Objective of the defense is to stop the offense from getting points and to force the offense to turn the ball over. If they really wanted to commit to a pass heavy defense, they should of put their best run defense DT's to stop the run and DE's to apply pressure. I think Bills need to find a space eater to hold the point of attack against the run. Some big 340lb NT or DT....Else we are going to be a turn style to running backs
  2. lol....uhh no. Spain was the starting LG last year Ford was the RT w/Nysecki RG last year was Felciano these are all true and not up for debate. Thus it is really simple here: I am correct in my statement and you are wrong. The point is you are incorrect in your statement "That same line was pretty physical last year" Winters ability to pass block vs run block is debate worthy...I personally think he is below average to suck at both.
  3. Umm, no the line is 3/5 different. Only two players from last year playing their current position is Dawkins at LT and Morris at C. Ford and Nysecke played RT last year. Spain played LG and Feliciano played RG. This year we have Dawnkins, Ford, Morris, Winters, Williams. I am starting to think Ford is nothing but a depth guard. For a second round pick he is not showing that he is a dominating guard. I also don't think Winters is good either. I mean he played for the Jets and their line sucked. Personally I think Feliciano was the run cog next to Morris. I think he had the nasty element to run block that the other guys are missing. When you have a road grinding guard it forces the LB to fill that gap...thus leaving the other gap open. I think that is why Singletary was decent. Take away Felicano and well no push!
  4. Runners are supposed to run to a gap, the great RB's can improvise....Motor is good but not great. He is not a bell cow RB. Moss is Motor just slightly slower but more power. However, if your O line blows the D line off the line you get....pretty much what KC was doing. The O line is always the problem when your running back is not getting 3 to 4 yards a carry.
  5. Actually Q Spain and Feliciano are out of the lineup. Ford was playing LG and Winters was playing RG. Last Year Ford and Ny were playing RT, Q Spain at LG and Feliciano at RG. Winters is not horrible but he is probably better in pass protection and sucks at opening holes. Might explain why Bell was not effective in New York. I am guessing when Felciano comes back and Spain is back at LG....Run game will be much better. Let's face it the O line is getting no push, thus RB's have little day light to run to
  6. Lit is partly correct, the bills played heavy coverage because the passing attack of KC is very good. However, it shows our front four are not good enough to get the job done. They were getting blown off the line. We need to upgrade the DT position....Oliver maybe decent on pass rushing but he is not able to hold against the double team. He is extremely susceptible to draws as well. If they were going to play heavy pass defense...should of put fat DT's to stop the run. As for Offense, well Spain, Felciano and now Ford are out. I think our Guards are a big reason our run game has died!
  7. Well, I think the offense if fine. Weather always plays a factor in the passing game, but I think the Offense is fine. Defense on the other hand, is a major problem. If you cannot stop the run, you are a bad team. I think either Star, Shaq or Jordan was much more valuable than we thought. If it is Star, well he is hopefully back next year...but if the run defense was anchored by Jordan or Star then we are in trouble. Depth at LB position is also a major issue. Edmunds is great, but without Milano we are exposed to TE's and the Run defense is not the same. With the Jets sucking, maybe we should try to trade for Q Williams. Our first round pick this year is not going to be great, and the Jets already sold their star running back. Q Williams is a pretty stout DT that can stop the run. Not sure if the Jets would trade him for a first round pick...but they are pretty dumb of late. Might as well try!
  8. In the bills Defense or lack of....they were missing their top two corners and top coverage LB. Although Titans were missing their best WR....and lack of practice. I think Titans came to play and the Bills just were not prepared. Shows how valuable Tre White and Milano are to the Defense.
  9. Yep Sean complains about not drafting more offense....well this is what happens. Looks like we will be drafting D line LB and CB in next draft.
  10. Rookies had limited practices and no preseason....Defense needs players to be on the same page....so he wasn't ready
  11. I will admit I didn't want Josh because he was a Boom or Bust prospect. I was all in on Sam Darnold because he was an ideal pocket passer with great accuracy. I also was high on Baker Mayfield because he had excellent tangibles and accuracy. Josh was a role of the dice....he could be awesome...like Pat Mahomes awesome or he could be terrible and out of the league in 5 years...just didn't want to roll the dice.
  12. Yeah and the one interception was complete Bullshit too! Since he is the QB on my fantasy team....loving the Josh!
  13. So Kroft catches the ball lands on his back, defender grabs the ball and Kroft roll on top. So.....if it was a catch...ground cannot cause a fumble. He never lost the football. If a Offensive and Defensive player co catch the ball it goes to the offense. Soooo how the hell was that an interception? That single bad call turned the outlook of the game! Play was reviewed and they still did not over turn it! I am still scratching me head on how the ref's called that!
  14. With Ramsey on Diggs, it def hurt not having our 1b WR in the game. However, Davis helped pick up the slack...we might have something great up and coming with him
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