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  1. Personally I think if Ruggs drops past 16 I would trade up to get him. I think Ruggs, Shinault or Higgens will be there at 22....question is which guy would have the biggest impact on our offense. Allen is kind of like Mahomes in having a strong arm. Ruggs would be close to the fastest guy in the NFL. He is an inch taller than the speedster in KC. I would be happy with any of the three...but I think Ruggs would be a special player that would make the biggest difference. Someone that fast....have to double cover him, and play off him...as he will blow by defensive backs. Basically always open. He has good hands too. I would trade our 1st and 3rd rounder this year to move up 6 or 7 spots....maybe throw in a 6th to get it done.
  2. I would agree with you in the first 4 or 5 games. KC defense was below average. However, the D for the chiefs really came on. KC has a good Defense and perhaps the best Offense in the league. SF has a top 5 defense and a good Offense. Game was pretty much balanced....couple of plays made the difference. All in all you need both to win the superbowl!
  3. Honestly, he looked a lot like Josh Allen the entire game. Not saying Allen is as good as Mahomes is yet...but against a good D....the similarities were all there.
  4. Look at his Stats: 26 42 286 61.9 6.8 2 2 44 4 78.1 61.6 ....Those are not great numbers....4 sacks, 2 ints.....61.9% completion. All I am saying having the best offensive Coach in the league, the Best TE in the league and a host of great WR's .....I don't think the Bills got the short end of the stick. Allen and Tre White not a bad deal for Mahomes. Allen has had his share of comeback games in the 4th quarter. Time will tell though. If Allen leads the Bills to a Superbowl Victory then the point is moot!
  5. To be perfectly honest, I don't think Mahomes QB play was all that great. His rookie year he really lit the league on fire. This year his first couple games were elite...then as time went on he kind of went from elite to really good to just a good QB. SB play was very average. 2 INT's and about 4 really badly thrown balls. Some into the ground. Granted SF has a great D, but KC has probably the best WR and TE grouping in the league. In a nut shell, I did not see a world of difference between Mahomes play and what Josh Allen delivers every Sunday from the Bills. I think it is more of the talent surrounding Mahomes and the coaching than the abilities of the QB's. Would I rather have Mahomes on the Bills or Tre White and Allen? I dunno....would Mahomes have 300 yard games with Brown, Beasly, Kroft and Knox vs Hill, Watkins, Kelcey? I doubt it.
  6. https://patriotpost.us/articles/63727-scandinavia-moving-away-from-socialized-health-care-2019-06-19
  7. It starts as socialism then moves to communism. Venezuela, USSR. Usually what happens in both instances is a socialism push occurs and a dictator or supreme leader arises. Look at Vietnam, Korea.... Here is the reason Socialism will never work: If everyone is paid the same...what incentive does anyone have to work hard to get ahead? Who wants the tough jobs that get paid the same as the easy jobs? Socialism equates to no incentive. That is why it is destined to always fail. Human nature tends to favor doing just enough to get by. So the people who worked hard and saved money so they can live well in retirement....Sanders will move to take that money...simply because that is socialism. They have to spend other people's money. Socialism is un American. IF you are a Bernie fan you are in the wrong country.
  8. Hope they do a Mace Windu story line. Heard rumors that Samuel Jackson gave Lucas the business that Mace did not die from Palpetine. Would love to see Mace being a thorn in the Empires side but keeping his distance so as not to interfere with the prophicy
  9. Socialism and Communism do not work. If you do not like Free Trade and Capitalism in this country, you are more than welcome to purchase a plane ticket and go anywhere else in the world. Anyone who would willing vote for socialism is naive and ignorant. The socialist experiment has been tried throughout society and has failed every time. Hence Bernie, Warren, Buttiege, are all destined to fail. The whole reason the democrats want to get rid of Trump, their candidates cannot win a general election because they stand for free hand outs and socialism.
  10. Who the hell is saying the Bills are in a win now situation? The Bills are building a dynasty, not mortgaging the farm to make one run and done. You draft best player available that fits a position of need. This draft is deep at WR, Bills need a WR. I even think the Bills might draft WR round 1 and 2. Our O line was good enough last year that with chemistry should be a little bit better. Yeah if an OT that is a stud is there you can consider taking him, but the real need is the WR position. If I was GM I would be looking at WR in both round 1 and 2. Round 3 and 4 would be OL or LB. Ford was drafted to be a starter on the OL. Yet have not drafted a WR to be the guy. Allen needs a target that he can develop with.
  11. Universal Health Care equates to garbage Health Care for all. Look at NYS and how they are managing medicaid and medicare. Deficits anyone? Providers, do you think you are going to get the best medical doctors and nurses when you are going to pay them 1/3 of what they should be making? There already is a shortage of health care providers, talk about discouraging people from entering into medical school. Since I am a Dentist, and I do some medical cross coding...with Sleep Apnea, and some other medical stuff, and my entire family is in the health care business....(Medical Doctors to nurses to RDH)...I would say I am about as close to an expert on the subject as it gets. Work in a clinic, run a clinic, work for state, private sector, medical, dental ....do it all. Not to mention I am also friends with tons of MD's and Dentists as well as other business owners....that is what happens when you own expensive exotic cars and are in cars clubs :) . Anyways, going to Universal health care equates to the government sticking its nose in where it does not belong. The first big slap in the face will be to all the people in the work force that get Health Insurance as a benefit. All your State Workers, as well as many private business that provide for employee's. So basically huge wage equivalent cut. Second, Doctors are going to get shafted in the ass hard. For example: Dentist....Crown cost is around $1000 to $1400 for most Dentists. Medicaid the check is only $405. For reference the Lab Bill is usually between $100 and $190, not including impression material and disposables, lidocaine, tray etc....(probably about 75 bucks). Throw in Staff at 80 bucks an hour (front desk and assistant. Dentist has about $100 for a two hour appointment. This then is used to cover rent, phone, electric, Gas, Water....so profit from that $405 crown is like realistically $10. Take a medical example: Medicare....I will use an example from my cross coding because I know it best. Sleep Apnea....Normal Fee $5800 (I wont go into to detail but you are billing medical insurance so there are games afoot). Normally if patient pays cash and doesn't have insurance $2500 is about what most doc's will take. However, Medicare in NY gives roughly $1200. They do not pay for the Rhinometry, Pharyngometry, Sleep Studies...nope just lump sum doc....here ya go. Lab Bill depending on lab and which type of appliance...$250 to $600. The equipment alone to do the above is roughly $30,000. Other costs include impression material and disposables as well as paying staff. Ohh and the medical billing people (private contractors) take 15 to 18 % of gross. So using just these two examples you can see that Doctors and Dentists don't make much profit on Medicare or Medicaid patients at all. You are almost working for minimum wage. Did we mention that to get through 4 years of college and then 4 years of professional school is well over $250,000...and that is going state school with assistance. So you have a shortage of doctors. Now you want to add more people to their patient load and then pay them less. haha! I can already tell you how this is going to work out. It is simple Supply and Demand. Doctors are going to say nope we don't take medicare or your Universal Health Insurance. We only take cash....buh bye! There will be a huge shift where MD's and DDS will go completely private. You want to see a doctor for the flu, $75 cash. Or you can wait 5 weeks to see the Universal Health Care provider....ohh that is going to be a RDH because they don't have enough doctors to go around. Talking to my medical friends....surgeons....."not going to take a salary cut, would retire before I work for less". As for Canada's system.....works great as long as you don't need health care. Go to Roswell and see the Canadian plates in the parking lot. Why so many? I will tell you right now that the top Canadian's do not go into medical School but go to UB Dental School...simple put Dentists make a ton more money in Canada than MD's. MD's in Canada usually only work 8 to 9 months before they are on vacation. Canada has a smaller population and can get away with their system longer, but it is catching up to them and they are moving away from socialism.
  12. Different teams....Bills D is better than the Texans. Could the Bills O score the Chiefs is the question. I think the Bills match up well against them but Chief's O is best in league. I think they are the team to beat. So much talent at WR, TE and RB. They are absolutely loaded.
  13. Adding a Blue Chip Deffensive Stud like Bossa can greatly affect a team. Not to mention they also get a high second round pick that can contribute as well.
  14. Ford was also a rookie, gotta give a rookie a little slack! He was not a turn style but feeling was he needs to be better against speed rushers!
  15. They are a young team with young coaches. Chalk it up to a learning experience. It was a great year for Bills Fans. We went to the playoffs in Josh Allen's second year. It appears that Allen is the franchise QB we were looking for. We know we need to fill some holes on offense and Defense, but the future looks bright. Yeah should of won that game, and I think they had a small chance of going all the way. Yet I think next year they will be back. Pats look like the wheels are coming off and I think they will start to sink fast now. Dolphins are clearly in full out rebuild mode. Jets, they have a lot of talent but choke. I think Darnold is a starting QB....but he is no franchise QB that is going to carry a team. I think the Bills have a chance to take the AFC East next year...Hopefully we draft well and get some key FA to make a serious run
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