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  1. Yes our Franchise QB, wins games. You are too bias by the stats. Kid is in his 2nd year...played a pretty clean game. Took some shots down field, we need faster receivers lol! Allen made the throws we needed. Managed the game. He did not have to do anything more
  2. Ahh well Points per game and points totals can be misleading too. How many touchdowns did NE defense score?
  3. After reading Sean and his consistent screaming for more Offense and not loading up on the defense....I thought wow that is what Kansas City kind of did. KC has probably the best O in the league. Mahomes is great, has great O line, great WR's the best TE....and Reid is an Offensive wizard on the bench. Yet their Defense is like a turn style. Indy pretty much carved them up. In a nut shell, I think you have to be balanced and good in all 3 facets of the game. I think Buffalo has a top 3 D, but its Offense is still average at best. However, I do think the O side of the ball needs to be addressed to get this team to scary good. However I do see Lorenzo needing to be replaced and Shaq resigned. Offense wise I think we still need to upgrade the tackle position...as Ford may or may not be a true RT. Bills need a Star WR ....someone who can draw a double team and still make a play for you. I think Knox will grow into being a top tier TE...just needs experience. I think Sweeney could be a really good number 2 TE. So I am seeing Buffalo going after a WR in the first round then either a Tackle or OLB in the second.
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