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  1. I believe Stone has been found guilty of Process crimes. Lying to Congress.....well I just have to laugh. Does lying to congress actually matter? Ohh that's right only if you are not a Democrat.
  2. Why was this ambassador yovanovitch even at this hearing? She was fired because she was a Democrat appointment and Trump wanted a different policy than her. As for his tweet: Since when does an opinion become intimidation? He stated bluntly that she sucked at her job, cited jokingly how her service went in Somalia, then Ukraine. Stated the Ukraine Zelensky said she was bad news, and stated that the President can fire and replace an Ambassador. Where is the intimidation? Intimidation would be something like..."If you testify I will have the IRS look at your tax returns". If you say "anything negative the CIA will make you disappear" Now that is intimidation. Wearing a Tank Top with your guns pumped and giving "that guy the look"....I am gonna rip off your head and SH$T down your neck. That is intimidation!
  3. Name calling? Typical of a democrat. However, since I am probably much smarter than you and far more successful I will take the high road. GDP is down from 2% to 1.9% OMG....the sky is falling. Look at the trends over the last few years. Deficit is not as big of a deal as you think. For the sake of argument Obama raised the deficit more than all Presidents before him. Yet as long as the dollar doesn't devalue it really doesn't matter. I have not looked into Unemployment, but when it is low as it has been there will be some trending in the opposite direction same with manufacturing jobs. See, smart people look at trends not specifically at a moment in time or a quarter. What are the economic levels at each year? Over a few years? Every stat has trended up since Trump took office. The Dow hitting a record high...that is just a shiny Trophy...doesn't mean too much, but the trend of the Dow being high since Trump was elected is huge.
  4. Meanwhile the Dow hits 28,000......who cares what Trump Tweets or says....he is the best thing for the American Economy ever! As long as he doesn't push the button to end the world he is doing a great job! On the other side of the coin.....the democratic candidates are a complete joke! No wonder they want to impeach Trump. Those clowns cannot be taken seriously!
  5. Well where to start....Geoff from St Lous. I personally think Allen is a better QB than Geoff. Geoff went to the Superbowl and lost to the Pats. When I look at the two QB's I think Allen is not only a tad bit better right now, but he has much more upside. Everyone always seems to think you can draft a guy and right out of college he is going to light up the game. Then opposing teams get tape on the QB and he comes back down to earth. Allen right now is not great, but he is not bad either. His stats are a little better than pedestrian for an NFL quaterback. Upgrade his O line next year a little more, and get him an elite target to throw to...and I believe Allen can be a top 10 QB. I still think that Allen's problem is lack of experience more than anything else. He just hasn't seen enough to recognize it quickly. Lit's video's are kind of evidence to that fact. Experience give's a QB more time. He see's the play develop faster. Perhaps he is too afraid of INt's and is throwing the ball too hard down field. Maybe taking a little off the ball and letting the WR make a play on it is where he has to go!
  6. When I watched that video I focus in on when the QB is under duress, or being flushed from the pocket. Some (not all) of the plays, Allen already is delivering the ball before the other WR/TE comes free. Also take into account that when the QB is flushed to the right his field of view to the left is limited. Not to mention throwing across your body is usually not a good thing! I don't think any 1 person or personal group is responsible for the offense being poor. I think it is a combination of things: It all starts with the Offensive Line. The O line has to block and give the QB a clean pocket for 3 seconds minimum to work with. The QB has to handle the snap and scan the field in under 3 seconds. The WR/TE/RB have to run their route's and be open and receive the ball at around the 3 second mark. The offensive coordinator has to design plays to allow proper blocking, and receivers to get open. Comparing from last year, the Bills are improved in all area's but are still not good. The O line should get better as they gel a bit more, and the chemistry should get better with Allen and the receivers. Right now they just need to make improvements in a forward direction.
  7. Mahomes sat behind Smith for a year, he has elite WR's, an elite TE and an Elite offensive minded coach. Watson has probably the best WR in the game in Hopkins. I don't think Watson is all that good. His stats are inconsistent. Jackson is just a different kind of QB. In the right system he can thrive, but he is more of a running back that can throw as well. In that thought process, Mahomes developed very quickly, Watson is still growing and getting better, while Jackson is what he is. In the NFL it usually takes 0 to 3 years for players to adjust to the NFL. Allen right now is a middle of the pack QB. His stats and intangibles are decent. A lot of things can make a QB better or worse. His line is improved which has shown in his stats. He has two better WR's and a new TE that has also helped him get better. He still is not there yet, but the only stat that matter is the W/L column. Allen has 6 wins and 3 losses, which is the most important stat. Would Mahomes be what he is if Buffalo drafted him? I would certainly bet he would not be posting up 300 yard games. Simply put the receivers in Buffalo are not the best at catching the ball. Brown and Beasley are improvements but they still need a true number 1 WR. O line is better but still not good
  8. Pump the brakes, I believe Allen has now played in 17 or 18 games...he is just entering his sophmore year as a starter. Expectations are for him to be a superstar. Allen was drafted, knowing he was going to need to be developed. People need to chill and let the kid develop. Yes he has to get better, but he is not playing terrible. Cleveland game was very winnable. We were in position to win, it didn't happen...but the Bills are still in a great position to make the playoffs. Play calling was probably more a problem than the QB.
  9. Wow, a lot of you guys are huge Debbie Downers. Did Allen have a great game? Nope. He did not carry the team on his shoulders to victory. So right away everyone is jumping off the wagon. Reality check : Even with his less than stellar play, he still threw for 266 yards. Had the team in a position to win the game. Bills lost to the Pats, no surprise there, Eagles who are a good team regardless of their record and Cleveland who has tons of talent on both sides of the ball but is a tale of two teams. Allen against good teams has had poor completion percentages, some of those are throw aways to avoid a sack and some are TE's and WR's dropping the ball. Maybe Allen is throwing the ball too hard, but a receiver has one job...CATCH THE BALL. Allen's Deep Ball is off...he is over throwing his target by 5 to 10 yards. I know they have to take a shot twice a game to keep the D on their heels, but they do need to practice it more and actually make it work. If there is a player that needs to go it is Lee Smith. He really has one job....block a guy and he can't even do that right. He takes at least one holding penalty a game, as well as false starts and other stupid penalties. The Bills are an above average team still learning to win. They have talent enough to win against any team in the league....if they execute properly and don't take bad penalties. Play Calling was not very good either. Will also add the Cleveland O line was holding and not getting called for it. The Bills are not going to win the Superbowl this year....ok they can but chances are slim they will. More than likely they will make the playoffs and get beat in the 1st round. However, I will take a Playoff loss this year as long as we are getting better each year. Lastly, Allen is now pretty much officially a second year player. He has shown improvement from last year and his line and receivers are better. I think too many people are expecting him to be Mahomes in his second year and he is not. He does not have the line, or targets to do that. However, Brown and Beasley who are legit receivers have def made a difference. Does Allen still need improvement to be a franchise QB.....yes. However, I do not think he is a bust.
  10. 6-3 sounds good to me at this point of the season. They beat Washington last week, should beat the Dolphins next week. Relax they are not a bad team, nor are they a Super Bowl contender. Cleveland is a hot and cold team...when Baker is on he does well and makes the Browns a strong team. When Baker sucks he kills that team!
  11. We are 6-3, how about relax and enjoy Winning. So we lost to the Browns.....they are not that bad of a team. They have two really good WR's and the 1st overall pick in Mayfield and Garrett. Our Wr's dropped a lot of good throws that hit them right in the hands. WR's really have one job....catch the ball! Knox dropped one that hit him right in the hands. Brown dropped one also right in his hands. Josh Allen did not loose that game, he put them into a position to win, but came up short. It happens. Although his deep ball is terrible. Or the WR's are just not fast enough!
  12. I think the Bills would of beaten the Pats if Allen was not knocked out of the game. Bills are a 4th quarter team with Allen. I expect the Bills to lose at least 2 more games, just because that is what they do. The Pats however seem to be mortal after the Baltimore game. TE's seem to be the way to take away NE's defensive strength. NE's secondary is great against WR's but against TE's that are big with good hands...they are very mortal. I think the Bills have a very similar offense to the Ravens. We have a mobile QB, and we have 3 TE's that can catch the ball. (well sometimes lol). NE also has a kicker that is very much a question mark. Beating the Pats in NE is a bit harder to do than at home, but I think this Bills team might be able to do it. Bills need to address their own run defense weakness, or they will have problems.
  13. Would love to have AJ Green but not for a first or even a second round pick. He is 31 years old. Has injury history. Would demand tons of cash, and his shelf life is maybe 3 years, 5 years tops! I think AJ would be great for two years...after that need a young talented WR to grow with Allen. I would give up a 4th for him all day long. But at his age....not much more than that! Plus this year is a WR class full of talent
  14. Yes our Franchise QB, wins games. You are too bias by the stats. Kid is in his 2nd year...played a pretty clean game. Took some shots down field, we need faster receivers lol! Allen made the throws we needed. Managed the game. He did not have to do anything more
  15. Ahh well Points per game and points totals can be misleading too. How many touchdowns did NE defense score?
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