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  1. You do realize the KKK was made up of the Democratic Party. The Jim Crow Laws were all put in by Democrats. The Democratic party was the political group that wanted to keep blacks as slaves. The Republican Party freed the slaves. In a nut shell the Democratic party is still the Jim Crow party...they just manipulate the people to stay in power. Antifa is a violent criminal organization that is pro anarchy. If you cannot see that you are just dumb and not worth debating with. As for the Federal government, it only gets involved when it has to. Riots and looting is the responsibility of local governments. If the local government cannot keep law and order they ask the state for help at which the Governor then sends State resources to aid local government. This can involve State police up to activating the National Guard. If in the event a state cannot or fails to keep law and order, as in the case of an insurrection, the President can then federalize the National Guard as well as activate the military (active duty) to restore law and order.
  2. Hockey drafting is much different than Football drafting. You draft guys that for the most part will not be on the team for 2 to 3 years. Exceptions are superstars like Jack and McDavid. Even Rhineheart spent a year in AHL for development. In particular the Sabres missed on Nylander, which probably set them back a bit. Mitts is still an unknown as to if he can live up to being a top 10 pick or be a bust. I bet we find out this year. Biggest issue the Sabres have right now is questionable Goaltending. Carter Hutton is not the answer. He can give you maybe 10 good games but he is not a great Goalie. Ullmark is a solid Goalie but not Great. Ullmark got hurt last year for some time and the Hutton show between the Pipes is a big part of the reason the Sabres could not get wins. I think it is time the Sabres fix the Goalie problem. We have Ukka Puka developing...if he is the next Ryan Miller we will be a strong Franchise for years. If not, we are going no where fast. Eichel is a competitor, of course he is unhappy losing. Hopefully Cozens makes the team and can be a top line center that we need. At this point in time...Sabres just need to win. I would not mortgage too much of the future to win now.....but I think they need to address the guy between the pipes.
  3. It is not always having a top 3 guy at a position but a very good player at all the positions. White is elite, def top 3 in his position. But the tandem safety position is really good. The LB core is good with Edmunds and Milano. They are not top 3 but still very good. DL is good all the way across. Oliver may become dominant. Offense: Allen is still developing. Singletary is good rb, Diggs is a great WR. OL is decent all the way across now. So the Bills don't have elite talent at more than 1 position....but either did the 1970 Miami Dolphins either.
  4. It is NY, and although I have my own private gym for weight training, public gyms are still closed. Everything is still closed. TKD has gone to virtual instruction, although I took a break from that to focus more on Krav Maga and BJJ. However SPAR (facility I train at) has been closed since March. Just ordered new sparring equipment, moving from Boxing gloves to MMA style gloves for sparring.
  5. Bit of a stretch but they sell a lift kit for Jeeps with the brand Skyjacker
  6. Nope I am on the border of Buffalo, Lackawanna and West Seneca. Sadly I actually miss sparring....although I am thinking of setting up the Mats so one of my old TKD classmates who is now purple belt in BJJ can continue teaching me (aka choke me out).
  7. Dude you need to relax. HipKat has mental issues. How else can you explain living in Illinois and following the democratic sheeple. But if you need to vent some physical exertion, I could set up the mats and you can step in the ring with me. As long as you are Corona free of course. With all gyms and training centers closed...kind of miss the sparring.
  8. I see your hatred of the English Language is only exceeded by your hated of our President. Trying to make sense of your mangled grammar and incoherent thoughts makes me think those facebook posts "if you can read this: you are a genius". Not that I am an English Scholar, but seriously a little bit of effort to not look like you flunked 3rd grade English class would be great.
  9. Yes, as much as you despise the man he is quite intelligent. Trump never said to inject disinfectants...that is fake news. However, technically we do inject Chemothrapy so there is that. Windmills causing cancer....well technically speaking everything pretty much is carcinogenic. As for nuking a hurricane....well that thought has been around for decades...probably not a good idea as radiation is usually bad. However, he is not a scientist so I would give him a pass for asking about it. When you look at the Political landscape you can sort things into two bins: Republican/Conservative bin and Democrat/Liberal bin. There is no better time to see the clear differences between how people are. R wants to reopen government and get back to work. D wants to stay closed and collect government checks. How are the economies of the Red states and Blues States doing? Where are the working class people moving to? (Notice I say working class, not illegal immigrant class). Why is there a mass exodus of NYS, and a large in flux of population to Florida, NC, SC, Texas, Tenn, Georgia? Why is NYS 61 Billion in debt, yet Red states have a surplus? Read the data today and Florida and Georgia are managing the Covid exceptionally well and are pretty much wide open (Miami and Ft Laud are not fully open but moving slowly to get there). Data shows Florida which has a greater population than NY has managed the Covid much much better than NY.
  10. lol, I certainly hope he does. Actually looking forward to the first debate. Biden was never a mental giant, and now he is showing rather large decline in his mental capacity. I almost feel sorry for him debating and making a fool out of himself. Then I remember how he sold us out with China and Ukraine for his personal gain. Screw Biden and his socialistic agenda.
  11. lol yet you did not mention coercion. If Mueller threatened his go after his son if he did not take a plea. The legal system is a joke. Trial Lawyers are the biggest lobby of the Democratic Party. There is no black and white...but rather a grey area. Did Flynn make a mistake, certainly he should of had counsel before talking to agents. The way the interview was conducted was not normal. How about the 302's? How many changes from the original. How about the FBI document "Do we want to catch him in a lie, to prosecute or to get him fired.
  12. How is Trump corrupt? Wait let me think about this one.....hmm Democratic party is in bed with the media. Head of the FBI, CIA are corrupt. Comey and a few field agents entrapped the National Security Advisor. Clapper lied to congress, also is involved in Coup to frame Flynn. Urkraine Ambass...now also lied to congress (just came out yesterday in documents handed over to AG). So let's review....if you are a Republican and you lie you go to jail for lying to federal agents...aka Stone etc. Yet if you are a Democrat you can lie to Congress all day long and nothing happens. Comey, Clapper, Hillary, Skrok gee the list can go on and on. Even Adam Shiff lied about having evidence....now documents of interviews are revealed and he had nothing...he just lied. Now Obama...corrupt....Benghazi, Keeping your doctor, Gun running (fast and furious), Cash flown to Iran....Putin live Mic....OMG I wonder how brain washed people actually are.
  13. The answer to your question should be why did he plead guilty? The evidence coming out on how Flynn was railroaded is pretty solid. The fact that they threatened to go after his son might be a good indicator of why he took a plea. Pleading guilty does not always indicate the person was guilty. It simply means that the defendant would rather not go to trial and take a lenient sentence. If there was extortion present...." if you don't plea guilty, we are going to go after your son"....and there is evidence of that....case will be dropped. It is called a retrial. Defendants can retract their plea, especially if new evidence comes to light.
  14. Seems like the President is doing everything right but certain Governors and Mayors are incompetent. Gov Cuomo sending covid 19 positive patients back into nursing homes. Gee what could possibly go wrong? Mayor DeBlasio running packed subways and buses....ya think that might enhance the spread. Find it rather ironic that Florida who has a population equivalent to NY and whose population is a bit older has far less death rates as does Texas. hmm one would think the gov of NY wants to kill the elderly. Although Tyrant Cuomo was at least considerate enough to send the Covid 19 positive elderly accompanied with body bags! This is what demoncrats are all about. Let's see Trump sends everything the states need....Ventilators...yep, floating Hospital .....yep, PPE.....yep, builds hopsital in Javis center...yep. Cuts red tape for trials of Malaria drugs. Bans travel to China. Yep..... Give me a break if your head is so far up your ass that you cannot see good leadership from bad...you are just a short necked giraffe that needs to join the dodo!
  15. The O line will be better just with experience playing together as a unit. O line men usually take 2 to 3 years to develop. Ford should get better with a year of experience. However, I really like what the GM is doing. You have Nyseke for depth but he is 35, he probably can't last a whole season. So he signs Williams who was a pro bowl guy a few years ago and is not that old. So what if Ford takes a step backward, we can plug in Nyseke. What if Nyseke gets hurt being old....we have Williams to insert. Now we also got a bonus in Adams. If Adams can be developed and he can overcome his injuries in college, we might have a stud to plug in at RT down the road. Ideally, Nyseke serves his last year, Ford demonstrates he can excel at RT, Williams can play RT and Adams can play RT all at a high level. Now Adams shows he is healthy. We trade Williams for a 1st round pick, Ford gets kicked to guard but can also play RT. Adams start at RT and we have really good depth. (Keep in mind the NFL is going to 17 games soon. Having more O linemen that can play is important. I think the Bills are very deep along the lIne.
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