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  1. Since when did the Country Executive gain the power to violate Hippa, discriminate against the citizens of Erie county based on the status of getting an experimental emergency treatment that has a lot of unknowns. How long does immunity for this Experimental Treatment last? Is it proven to be safe for everyone? Last I checked Johnson and Johnson just had a pause as 8 people in Ohio were developing blood clots. Not saying I don't think people should evaluate for themselves if they need to get these experimental treatments, but they are not FDA approved as a vaccine and we still do not know everything about them.
  2. I wish him the best. He played through some injuries but was a solid player.
  3. Draft picks are more important at this point because they are cheap and fit under the cap for 4 to 5 years. Bills need to hit on their 1st and 2nd picks to contribute to nudge us a bit forward. Finding a DE or CB that can produce would be great. Hopefully Cody Ford takes a big leap forward as well.
  4. The problem with the Sabres starts with and ends with coaching. Just watch the Sabres play....they dump the puck in and there is no forecheck. They allow opposing teams to setup in front of the net and there is no physical price to be paid. Hockey is a game where you can win games two ways: Talented goal scoring, or physical play where you demand your pound of flesh all game long. The first is the way the sabres are trying to win....not working out for them. Regular season games you can have either of the two. Playoffs you need both. Sabres have talent, loads of it....but they lack the physical play that allows them to win. Second they only have 1 NHL caliber goalie on the roster (Ullmark), and he is hurt so good luck winning with a guy like Hutton who would be lucky to be a backup in AHL. Third is injuries: Ulmark, Eichel, Mcabe....which also Mcabe plays a relative physical game. Outside of Risto they don't have another physical player who hits. THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM! Honestly...bring back Ted Nolan, or Lindy Ruff. They held players accountable. If you are not scoring goals, you best be taking your pound of flesh against the boards. You would be surprised to see how many goals are scored because you forechecked the D man and he coughed up the puck!
  5. lol, you can believe what you want, but concussions are a bit more serious these days than a sprained knee or ankle. With the latter I agree they would give him some cortico steroids and play him through the injury. Not the case with a brain injury. Besides headaches and light sensitivity he could have many other underlying issues. All depends on the severity of the concussion. It is not exactly in my wheel house, as I deal with jaw trauma more than concussions....but in a lot of cases balance and vision can be affected as well. When a person's brain is bruised, they can have difficulty walking, running for weeks until brain relearns how to do these things. What could starting Maholmes if he can't walk to the huddle, let alone throw a football. What if he has severe light sensitivity with the stadium lights. Nah I can 100% attest that if he is suffering any symptoms he will not play. All depends on how things progress over the next few days. Sometimes, what looks really bad is not so bad. In other cases what was a mild concussion has long lasting symptoms. Each case is different. Remember it is not always cut and dry. If Maholmes has balance issue's, do you really think they are going to start him in a football game lol! I can just see the absurdy of it now. Maholmes snaps the ball and falls on his side....Yeah that is going to sell them Jerseys lol! Or when he takes another hit to the head and shits himself! lol
  6. lol, if he is suffering Concussion syndrome, nausea, head aches, sensitivity to bright lights. No way he is playing. Not to mention reports it was to the back of head, where dude could barely stand. Player safety will take priority over ratings and revenue. Mahomes not playing is not going to effect people watching the AFC championship game.
  7. Actually in the old days, he would play. In today's game the teams and players have very little say. Independent doctors will be making that decision. No Doctor is going to give the go ahead on a Franchise player and risk his long term future. If the concussion was moderate to severe, which if he lost consciousness, and had difficulties walking....then he is not playing in the AFC Championship game. If it was mild, then he has a 50/50 shot of playing. Personally, if it was my QB, and he could play but is questionable...would think of starting my backup and keep Maholmes on the side line. Can always insert him if you really need him. My gut says Maholmes is out several weeks, might not even play in Super Bowl if KC advances. You don't risk your franchise QB for one season when he has 10 years of greatness ahead of him.
  8. You take the best player available, unless you are so loaded at the position he would be a 3rd string guy. If there is a stud and you don't need that position you see if anyone wants to trade up and you get a better value in draft picks. If no trade then you take the next BPA at a position that you need. Picking at the end of the 1st is where you can get really good interior linemen like Guards, Centers, Run Stuffing DT/NT. You can also get really good LB's, Safeties as well as TE's, WR's and RB's. For the most part when you pick in the top 10 you are looking at QB, LT, DE, Blue Chip WR, Elite RB, and Shutdown CB. Honestly, Bills do not have any Glaring needs, they could trade out of the 1st round for a much better 1st round pick in 2022. Finding a DE to replace Hughes will probably have to found in FA
  9. Yeah the kickers really had extreme difficulty. Tucker is probably the best kicker in the NFL and he missed two FG in the 40's which is extremely rare for him. Bass missed one as well. That right there tells you how badly the wind was moving the ball.
  10. Running game always starts with the Offensive line getting a push or making a hole. Even an elite back or a huge power RB like Bell or Henry, need the Oline to at least hold the line and not be a turn style. Too bad we let Tellar go, he seems to be awesome now. I am thinking if the Bills pick in the late 20's we might be able to grab the top Center and start him at Guard, grooming to be the Center when Morris retires or Concussed one to many times. I think our Tackles are good not great, but our guards are meh. Feliciano is decent but Winters is terrible, Ford unless he gets stronger and develops better is a backup at best. Although the RB from UB looks like he could be a stud, he is in the same mold as Moss and Motor (5'9). I think we need a big back like Henry or Bell who can pound as well as catch coming out of the backfield. Not saying Motor and Moss are not good to have on the team, but neither is a bell cow. I think Motor is a good 3rd down back much how White is used in NE. He runs great off tackle, and has some skills between the tackles. Moss is good between the tackles and is good for short yardage.
  11. Kind of funny Lit posted that, as I was commenting to my oldest son "Did Josh Allen study Tom Brady since the last game" Specifically throwing the ball away out of bounds, then throwing the ball in the dirt behind a RB. Then last but not least the selling the late hit on the QB. That was total Tom Brady acting. However, as much as I hate the Pats, Brady was a great QB and did whatever it took to win. So yeah Josh not only was laser accurate with most of his throws but he played smart as well. 3 years, just as I said 3 years ago is where you usually find out if a QB is the real deal. We are now close to 3 years and I am happy to say that Josh Allen is a Franchise QB. I will also admit that I did not want the Bills to pick Josh.....I was all in on Sam Bradford, or even Baker Mayfield...although wanted Sam because I thought Mayfield was a bit on the short side. I thought Josh Allen was a very risky Boom or Bust prospect. 3 years later now...I can say he is a Boom, and I think we haven't seen the final polished product yet.
  12. In all fairness, Oliver is an attempt to replicate Aaron Donald. In order for a smaller fast DT to work, you need a space eater to consume the C and Guard. With Star opting out, the key guy that allows a smaller DT to flourish is not playing this year. Yes expectations are higher, but he has not been a bust....just not living up to what our expectations are.
  13. Well I guess you can look at it many different ways. First, it seems our schedule was easier earlier in the year and was toughest in the middle. Now Pitt has beaten some good teams but they also had some easy games too. Pitt vs Buffalo is really an unknown quantity. How do we match up against them and who wants it more will be on display. SF without Kittle is a different team, they are also without their starting QB. Bills should be able to win that one. Miami....well that all depends on if the Bills show up and play tough or look past it. NE we should beat, team should have no problem getting up to play that game. Denver for some reason doesn't scare me. I see them similar to the Chargers. Solid team but nothing that has me worried. Bills offense is different with J Brown in vs the rookie. Brown stretches the defense and forces them to play deep. I would say Brown and Beasley are equally important for this offense to fire on all cylinders. Diggs is obvious a huge factor that without we would not be the offense we are. Allen is a franchise QB, he has proven this year he can take over games and be a difference maker. The defense played a bit more stout against the run but I think the Bills failed when they did not aquire a run stuffer in the middle before the trade deadline. If Q Williams was truly available for a 2nd round pick then we def dropped the ball. Would of given a 2nd and a 4th to aquire him. Have him play the run stuff role and then next year draft a fatty and with Star back should be solid.
  14. Josh is fine, every QB is going to make a few mistakes. As long as he only makes one or two mistakes a game, that is fine. INT suck but even the great QB's throw them here and there. I don't think he is Mahomes great, but he is a franchise QB and glad we have him. O line struggled against Bosa all day.
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