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  1. I have been a member for a long long time here....I don't post much, but I read a lot here. All the best Meathead...
  2. Im 47, and loved The Continental....I looked nothing like a Goth, but my friends and I would always find a way to get there every Saturday night....upstairs was always hopping....There is a huge Bills connection there with one of the former bartenders there.....holds a real high ranking position with the Bills.... Great music that I still listen too....
  3. I really had to slow it down....It looked as though it was perfectly timed...
  4. I get you complaints on Dayboll..completely agree. But look at the plays in question....You have a FB trying to direct your QB who to throw to....is that not concerning to you that he missed him so badly. People are blaming Knox for not catching it....That ball should have been thrown 1.5-2 seconds sooner...That is NOT on Dayboll...Missing a wide open Cole Beasley, granted he had a blitzer coming, is NOT on Dayboll... I will argue that the lack of Rushing vs. Cleveland is on Dayboll....But Dayboll does not sit in the pocket next to JA and direct him where to throw...
  5. Again man...love the passion....but stop saying he "missed a couple of reads"....instead say he left about 10-14 points off the board for the Bills...It is bad because his sole job is to put points on the board...In my opinion, nothing statistically, just the eye test...it was his worst game as a Bill, because unlike when he only had a few games under his belt, he now has expectations in my mind...I expect him to hit the open guy...I expect on on target throw. I expect the Ball to be thrown on time....those expectations come with having games under his belt....The great one say the game slows down for you....it seems to be speeding up for him....
  6. Sean...you wouldn't be half the poster you are without Red Forman as your picture....That is all...its perfect.
  7. How can you decide that presnap, when the DB covering Beasley was playing 10 yards off the LOS, when the Bill's need 4 yards. If that is his read, he has no business back there. If you watch the start of the play, he is looking left for a split second...telling me that was his first option...he just bailed too quickly. Especially when JB says he recognized cover zero on the play.
  8. What's even more puzzling is if you watch Beasley, he goes right to the first down line and stops. He new exactly where the first down line was. He is also on the same side as the blitzer came from. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but don't you throw to where the blitzer came from if possible, because there will be a natural void left there.
  9. I don't want to pile on Allen here, but nobody can defend him in regards to that. We got trucked in the Eagles game, BUT, if he doesn't miss open receivers, we beat NE and Cleveland.
  10. In the NFL there is very little margin for error. My accuracy issues are that he cannot seem to lead a receiver. He throws behind receivers. He throws late to receivers. He cannot complete a downfield throw when receivers are open. His failure to lead, or when he slightly throws behind a receiver, allows the defender to "catch up" to the play, either eliminating a catch, or preventing what would have been a 15 yard gain, and only allowing a 8 yard gain. That is what is hurting him. His downfield throws cannot be defended by anybody watching the game. He is downright terrible on those.
  11. Jungle, I love that you are so passionate about the Bills....Love it brother....but I just don't see Allen getting better. His accuracy issues will be the death of him in the NFL. He left points out there that have haunted us. I WANT him to be great, just like you....unfortunately I just don't see it my brother. I really want to be wrong. He seems like an amazing guy for our team, and community....just unfortunate that he is a horribly inaccurate passer....I hope I have to eat these words.
  12. How do you know what Singletary would have done ? He had 2 carries.
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