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  1. I am fine with it. Have a blast. You won your 7th SB. You are a cyborg with a strict diet 350 days out of the year... that treats his body the way very few do in the world. I appreciate him now. Doesn't look like a robot. Having fun. Its refreshing to see.
  2. In April I bought American Airlines, and Las Vegas Sands Corp..(.Owners of the huge casinos). They both have done well, but AA really has went up. Should have thrown more at it, but It was when Covid Fear was huge, and I had to stay in check. Was thinking at the same time to do some cruise lines...Carnival or Royal Caribbean, but didn't pull the trigger. I realize it isn't anything too sexy, but they did have pretty good gains.
  3. Great to see. As an Alum from the Early 90's I remember them playing D3 I think....In that small stadium that would get like 500 people...maybe...And routinely trounced. To now a top 5 draft pick in K. Mack, and a Top 25 rating....congrats.
  4. That's such crap.....Everyone knows we played the Mississippi Mudhounds...get your shit strait...Get your shit right NY Gazette...
  5. I know many of you are younger. I will tell you I am 48 years old. I lived through the Superbowl runs in the 90's. Had season tix from 91-94...Was at the 51-3 Raiders game ...Was at the Houston comeback game...All those home playoff games....had to give them up as I graduated from UB, looking for a job. I want to tell you winning cures all. Top tier Free Agents WILL come here. Bryce Paup....got him....Chris Spielman...got him. James Lofton...got him Ted Washington...got him. They will make it known to their agents. WR's will want to catch the ball in Buffalo. OL will want to block for J. Allen. You think half the players that went to NE for the past years relished playing for asshole Bellichick in the cold of New England... Hell No...they wanted a ring...plain and simple. Pumped for what the future could bring in BLO.....
  6. In the article, Shanahan states its "one of the best its been since we have been here" , then he is happy with average? If he was so happy with it, why not run more? They were not down big until late in the game, so the clock really wasn't the issue. Just kind of trying to figure out Shanahan's thought process
  7. so 21 rushes for 86 yards.... Analytics say that's good... Is that Good? Asking for a friend.
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