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  1. I am old enough to remember Marv Levy talked about scheduling....he wanted Sunday at 100pm games for 16 weeks...easier to plan for, and could become a creature of habit with them....This , understandably with Covid, is a cluster****....hard to plan anything....
  2. Look...I am a Bills fan....I wanted to believe that he was gonna click and be the 4-0 Josh all the time. I am starting to think that he will be an athletic QB...will win some games outright with his arms and legs that make you salivate....then have some clunkers that make you scratch your head. That throw he missed in the endzone changed the game....cant remember the WR...Diggs?!?! The Singletary miss was puzzling, as it would have been a big gain.... All in all, I think he will be a 10-14 ranked QB....
  3. Its puzzling that Practice squad players, and late round picks(Cox, Zimmer) seem to be having more success than early round picks. Edmunds must be hurt, because his regression is the most evident. J. Hughes name only gets called on penalties. Oliver makes 1 play every 2.5 games. Non existent pass rush. I was willing to give it a month for the defense to get it figured out, and while I am not ready for a scorched earth policy on D yet (we played the Superbowl champs and the AFC Champion Loser), this has to get better.
  4. 2-2.... We beat the 2 AFC east teams.... I could see the Seattle game being 38-35, and whoever has the ball last wins...Seattle defense one of the worst in league, tossup...I am going with the Loss on that one. I just don't like the matchup against the Cardinals.
  5. I am hoping Edmunds was about 70% and he just gutted it out.....otherwise?!?!/
  6. I love the Bills, but believe I can call a fair game. That was definitely illegal contact, and Mike Pereia gave a great explanation for why it was PI....Get over it LA.
  7. I think you are correct on that.....I looked at all those that wore #3 for the Sabres, and that is the closest that I come up with. That long "L" that he writes to me is the key. I see that in a lot his autographs
  8. I have been a member for a long long time here....I don't post much, but I read a lot here. All the best Meathead...
  9. Im 47, and loved The Continental....I looked nothing like a Goth, but my friends and I would always find a way to get there every Saturday night....upstairs was always hopping....There is a huge Bills connection there with one of the former bartenders there.....holds a real high ranking position with the Bills.... Great music that I still listen too....
  10. I really had to slow it down....It looked as though it was perfectly timed...
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