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  1. Atleast she put red stuff on the hot dog after she inserted it in herself, instead of during.
  2. I am sure the '85 Bears offense had a tough time against their D as well. Not saying the Bills D is that good but still pretty damn good. Plus the D is intact from last year, the offense is new in a lot of ways.
  3. I love the Bills fans that think some how the Bills were going to draft this amazing QB that was going to be an MVP for decades. Every QB in the draft has issues and have a lot of growth they need to do to become a starter in the league. The spread offenses of college really hamper QB's that come to the NFL. Yet a lot of Bills fans see these imaginary super QB's every round.
  4. Rivers has said he doesn't want to move to LA if the team does go there. His wife also has family in TN. TN also has a high draft pick then the Bills do this year and probably next year. The Chargers want to get a QB for the future if they lose Rivers so they would go for either of the top 2 QB's in the draft. He is not coming to Buffalo.
  5. What the Eagles gave up to get Bradford was a joke. I would be pissed if the Bills gave up that much for a QB who is a sneeze away from an injury. As far as Foles, how is he such a great upgrade over anyone in FA? You think Foles is that amazing? Like I said before, you and others who expect the Bills to land an AMAZING QB in FA are delusional. As far as Brees goes, he would be great but I am betting the Bills could not keep him with out cutting other talent and depth they have now to make him fit under the cap.
  6. People are mad because the Bills did not sign an elite QB even though there was none available in FA or for trading. So basically they are mad at Whaley and the Bills for not doing something impossible.
  7. If the Bills signed Aaron Rodgers, Suh, Dez Bryant, Revis, and Gronk all for 500k there would still be people on this board complaining about the lack of moves and how the Bills are never going to change.
  8. I love when people especially this year expect that some how there is this magical QB out there that can be signed that no one knows about except them. There is no QB in FA that would be a big difference to Cassel, or EJ.
  9. Adam Schefter Oh boy: Bills reached agreement on 1-year deal with WR Percy Harvin, per source. Buffalo spending bills; add Harvin, McCoy, Incognito.
  10. Stop the presses grantland.com said what? OMG you have totally changed my mind with that link. Thank you for posting this link. It truly opened my eyes.
  11. Jesus shut up. Bills were not going to get Revis or Cromartie. They both wanted to go back to the Jets even said 2 months ago in Cromartie's case. Just shut the hell up you whiney lil 15 year old girl needing attention. Easley was an important part of the special teams for the Bills. Also Wynn was a good resign as he did a lot of nice things last season for the Bills.
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