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  1. Have a great night everyone! You too jeff err Literish err admin.:rockon:
  2. It would be your own info that I already have. Just come clean to everyone. Youll walk away a bigger man.
  3. Ouch, it sure sucks getting old, take it slow and easy, I just went thru a concussion, ugh. I want to go to a game or 2 next season, hopefully back to back home games. Keep in touch and get better!!
  4. Literish, you claim you no longer are the owner show us some proof. Also why are you so involved in this thread if you have no ties to the place? Send us "Jeffs" info so we can talk to him.
  5. Its when I got 100 emails of people bitching that set me off, why couldnt adults just chill and get along? If you ignore those emails your a dick who doesnt care, you act on them and youre a dick for banning or warning people, which i warned 9 out of 10 times rather than banning. We had a lot of admins that would and did ban and guess who was blamed for it? Hope all is well, we will have to get together for a tailgate soon! Peace.
  6. You were a tos breaking trouble maker that people complained about.
  7. Just so people know, Literish is the owner, I sold it to him years back and he has hidden behind the name of admin, dont be fooled. He told me his screen name when i sold it to him, now he says he sold it to some guy named Jeff, dont but into it, its Literish. He doesnt like you you get banned. He reads your private messages too so beware.
  8. Does your mama tell you that youre the best ever? You have a dual persona that has fools no one. Youre the owner, you try and hide and lie behind admin but that hasnt worked. Give the site back to the people who post here.
  9. Riiight Jeff lmao, your so full of shit we all see through it.
  10. Another lie? Why am I getting tons of emails asking to take the place over? The emails all have one thing in common, the hatred for you. Do the right thing, give the place back to those that post here.
  11. God you lie in every post, tell us the new owners email and name then.
  12. Lit, why not sell the place back to me so I can give it to the people who post here to run?
  13. How retarded are you? I have no idea who the admins are but you playing lit and admin.
  14. Hes a moron. he told me his screen name years ago when I sold it to him, wish I still had the emails.
  15. So when i sold the site to you and you told me who you were = Literish, now thats no longer true? Are you off your meds? WOW
  16. So Ive been getting spam from you and you cant stop it? I emailed the sender many times, do you not monitor the email? And who is ADMIN? Have a name? email?
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