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  1. Who said a word about the senate you brain dead idiot? look, I dont give AF how hard you flog this fable. Its crap thats going nowhere. get back to me when someone gets indicted. otherwise, this is a bobulinski. utter failure.
  2. where's that Pm to bitch slap me big MAGAT guy on the left?
  3. wrong. I was actually going to respond with this but decided against it
  4. there's no need for hot takes on this retarded shit. The FBI has everything and have had it for months. If this was going anywhere it would have gotten there by now. Tell me, why is it that only Murdoch properties have any of this info and not one other outlet is confirming any of it? The fucking WSJ's own new side said it has NOTHING to do with Joe Biden. A pro-Trump writer at the Wall Street Journal’s opinion section published a convoluted column Thursday evening asserting that newly released text messages proved that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was involved in an alleged pay-for-play scheme with his dad and a Chinese energy company. But just hours later, Wall Street Journal reporters published their own story that seemed to emphatically dismiss the opinion piece’s conclusions, saying a review of documents by the paper revealed “no role for Joe Biden.” Both the Journal’s opinion section and straight news operation published their dueling stories based on text messages shared with the paper by Tony Bobulinski, a businessman who was involved in a scuttled venture with Hunter Biden in 2017 involving a Chinese oil company. Christ I can't believe i wasted this amount of energy on such a utterly failed smear.
  5. yup, the smell the end of fatfuk's reign of stupidity. rats leaving the sinking ship
  6. actually it's to show the rank hypocrisy that is the hallmark of trumpism.
  7. Let's apply Woody's theory to something else: Time to take everyone's guns away cause something happened that we want to avoid...... DAVENPORT, Iowa — A 29-year-old mother of five was shot and killed Sunday night inside a busy Iowa Chuck E. Cheese.
  8. That's true. It is already gone. its a Bobulinski. failed smear. less than a full scaramucci until the election, yo.
  9. 71 threads on the 1st page of the forum authored by MAGATs compared to 18 by the Never-trumpers. YOU FUCKERS ARE OBSSESSED AND HAVE NO LIFE!11!!! YOU ALL HAVE BDS!!! ok, enjoy the rest of your morning whilst considering therapy alternatives.
  10. yawn. be sure to start a new thread when someone gets indicted!
  11. it never got traction and is now just something people laugh about. It was comical to watch fatfuk try to score points in the debate with the right wing echo chamber catch phrases that the rest of the world was like
  12. Imagine how hurting the fatfuk campaign is that their closing, all in argument was a shitty rerun from 4 season ago. They burned through over a billion dollars and thats all they were left with. Sad!
  13. I dont even know who you are talking about. I told you I dont click through your links if you dont give the gist of what the link is about. So, in conclusion, let me know when someone is indicted. Thanks!
  14. yea, cause the fishfood heir is going to convince me of anything..... like i said, let me know when someone is indicted. Until then, this is an epic Bobulinski
  15. oh yea, I forgot, you won't even bet a week's worth of an avatar change cause youre a chicken shit pussy.
  16. when he wins? I'm ready to take bets on it..... the deed to your trailer perhaps?
  17. gotta add woody to that list. i stopped counting his threads at 25..... but he's not obsessed!
  18. lol ive made like 4 threads in this forum while sack0shit and jethro made like 50 and you tell me I'm obsessed...... you have zero credibility. still waiting on that PM......
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