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  1. meanwhile, the stage at CPAC is shaped like a nazi Odal Rune because of course it is.
  2. what the living fuck.... this shit in Cali is out of control ..... California Bill Would Give $1,000 Fines to Retailers With Separate 'Girls' and 'Boys' Toy Sections Brick-and-mortar shops would have to display the majority of their products and clothing aimed at children in one undivided, unisex area on the sales floor. They'd also be barred from putting up signage that would indicate whether a product was intended for a boy or girl. fucking retarded.
  3. hahahahahahahahaha except when all he does is lose. holy fuk are MAGATs delusional.
  4. One year ago today, fatfuk was lying through his teeth about the TRUMP VIRUS. Remind me jethro, how's this prediction turn out?
  5. huffpost is definitely biased but that doesnt mean what they reported was untrue. Still, if you dont like that source, how about these https://www.usatoday.com/storytelling/capitol-riot-mob-arrests/ https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/national/capitol-riots/williamsburg-virginia-man-arrested-charged-with-attacking-police-with-stick-during-capitol-riot/65-07c37f4e-0816-4ed3-99fc-37e268e4ffc1 https://medium.com/digital-diplomacy/absurd-gop-senator-says-antifa-caused-capitol-riot-actual-rioters-disagree-ba183ed2e02 regardless, the fact that MAGAT rioters are pissed that other MAGATs are trying to give "credit" to antifa for looting the Capitol is as retarded (and highlarryus) as the MAGATs pushing the lie. not much of a story really since anyone with a functioning brain knows that it isnt true.
  6. OBSESSED! Poor jethro deep in the clutches of Biden Derangement Syndrome. How's having the shoe on the other foot feel big fella?
  7. He proved he can return, he catches the ball when they throw it to him (rarely) and he has speed. He replaces Roberts in the return game and replaces Brown's speed in the passing game. They still need another receiver but for a lot less money v the value they got out of Brown last year. or if they are going to spend $9MM on a WR, they need waaaay more production than Brown gave them.
  8. Does ever get to you, even a little, for being so spectacularly wrong all the time? lol j/k I know you have zero self awareness like all fatfuk fluffers. U.S. Surpasses 500,000 Covid-19 Deaths, a Staggering Loss As covid-19 death toll nears 500,000, Biden urges Americans to ‘fight this together’ As US surpasses 500,000 COVID deaths, experts reflect on what could have been Comprehending 500,000 coronavirus deaths. The pandemic toll, in charts. Coronavirus deaths top 500,000 in US Biden mourns 500,000 dead, balancing nation’s grief and hope A sorrowful U.S. death toll of 500,000 from COVID-19: ‘Not just another number’
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