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  1. You’re being awfully hard on yourself but I like that you are able to take self-assessment seriously.
  2. you seem really dense, unable to understand basic word associations and their attendant meaning. Remedial reading is available for free from the public library. Take a break from bagging groceries down at the wal mart and learn. it will open up a new world for you.
  3. i dont need to reread things like you do in order to understand. you trust a reporter. reporters are the enemy of the people. dear leader said so. you are therefore the enemy of the people
  4. sack is a worthless POS who routinely spreads copious amounts of disinformation and outright fabrications in fealty to demented garbage fire. fuck him.
  5. its disgusting to have to say this, but that is mostly true. the Ds are shit-show of immeasurable stupidity. a millionaire socialist with 3 houses is leading in the polls ffs. cant make this noise up. There must be 1000 better candidates than these idiots yet here we are.....
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