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  1. I don’t think so. The state just gave 750 million the Elon musk for a few measley jobs. Cuomo will open a vein in the budget if he has to. Buffalo billions bitchz.
  2. its disconcerting to know that you care what i think. maybe up the dosage on your meds. another possible solution!
  3. hardly. sick of him chasing me all over the site, whining. I'm all about solutions Jethro, you should know that by now.
  4. just put me on ignore so you can roam around shitting on this site without having to see my comments.
  5. In MAGAT world, the guilty should go free and the innocent are targeted for prison. its mob world plain and simple.
  6. oh look, a trumpite accusing me of what he is guilty of..... I AM SHOCKED.
  7. I aint your pal and I havent forfeited anything. Bloomberg is just getting warmed up
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