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  1. that's not true at all. I personally am here for the lulz. BTW no where did you see me take joy in fatass's dementia causing him to be rushed to WR under a laughably thin veneer of a phased (lol) physical. I am merely pointing to the mounting evidence that president crime spree in not fit mentally or physically for the job. Remember during the campaign when the hildabeast went down with pneumonia and fatass couldnt stop talking about how unfit she was for the office? Think that as you think about fatass's arteries looking like a corroded lead water pipe and his demented brain a disgusting pulp of regurgitated KFC.
  2. what's with you and people and color? Do you need an analyst?
  3. poor jethro, he's so sad his fatass hero is spiraling out.
  4. He was probably chocking on his own bullshit..... seriously tho, no one believes the preposterous cover story for what happened over the weekend. right, they hustle his fatass off to WR without notice for a phased physical. sounds completely legit.
  5. yo Chief shitforbrains. Why wont president crime spree let those with first hand knowledge testify? Give us Bolton Mulvaney Perry Pence
  6. hahahaha. right. any person surrounding fatass..... how many of those are there anyway? 6? 10? soooo many of his sycophantic ball washers have taken a fall..... jesus you are a laughable cultist.
  7. the answer is dont burn a bunch of players and picks for a total reach at 7.
  8. You are the company you keep! Trump national security adviser: pleads guilty Trump campaign chairman: guilty Trump deputy campaign chairman: pleads guilty Trump personal attorney (Cohen): pleads guilty Trump camp foreign policy adviser: pleads guilty Trump long-time friend and associate (Stone): guilty
  9. you can either accept the facts or you can go on worshiping a conman in a cult. Who do you despise, by this are you truly known. lol
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