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  1. I havent read a single word of this retarded thread but I cant help but jump in at the end when I see Greg is in the haus. dude brings it everytime
  2. Actually no, I did not. How does a politician give punishment as aide?
  3. It's just a guy stirring the pot to keep the eyeballs in place and get clicks through to the show. theater.
  4. Beasley had more snaps than iMac. All five of their receivers played at least 30 percent of offensive snaps. Leading the way, surprisingly, was Davis, their second-year player and best blocking receiver, with 69.6 percent of snaps. Diggs took 60.7 percent, Sanders was third with 48.2 percent, Beasley 33.9 percent and McKenzie 32.1 percent.
  5. Sums it up right there dumbass. No way for me to collect if I can’t find you. We’ll just chalk this up to another cowardly retreat by the MAGAT faggot.
  6. why waste your time considering it at all? its all staged and fake.
  7. So go ahead and post up your personal contact info so I know where to find you so I can collect when you lose. You refused to contact me and gave no personal information. Only you are stupid enough to chase someone hundreds of miles without knowing who the fuck they are or how to find them when they stiff Whatever faggot, you keep clucking about kicking my ass. post up your contact info and you'll get your chance. oh, and let's not forget you said you'd be "packing". the only thing you pack is fudge.
  8. You should just change your name to individual-1 Donald J. Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds
  9. good to see sackofshit thinks being under investigation is evidence that the person is corrupt. I'm trying to think of another family name that has been, still is, and always will be under investigation.....
  10. this is the same dodge you used to run scared from the bills game you said you'd come to so you could kick my ass. Then you said I should go all the way to that shit hole you live in to find you without getting any info out of you at all. sure thing faggot, lemmie just head on down there to meet a ghost. So here we are again. no way for me to collect from you when you lose cause youre too scared to contact me outside this shithole web site You are a coward. the MAGAT faggot. you ran like a little bitch the last time and you're doing it again now.
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