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  1. How fucking retarded is that stance by the demented pillow guy. He has ALL the evidence, but he cant unleash that Kraken unless someone sues him? JEXUS MAGATs are dumb.
  2. Damn, there are some serious MAGAT tears up in here! Let 'em flow MAGATs, let 'em FLOW!
  3. lol history's biggest loser slinks away from the scene of the crimes to be greeted by his demented cult. got his ass handed to him by a 78 year old guy locked up in his own basement. Impeached twice. 3 million fewer job now than when he arrived. 400k ppl dead from a emergency he ignored. the Capitol violated at his behest by a mob of treasonweasles. bye bye loser!
  4. back on topic! Retired FDNY firefighter Thomas Fee charged in connection to the U.S. Capitol siege. Fee allegedly sent a video of the mob in the Rotunda shouting "tyranny" and "Pelosi" and texted that he was “at the tip of the spear." He turned himself in today
  5. cry me some more MAGAT tears troll, they are the oil that greases the gears of the internet.
  6. you dont even believe your own eyes. you are lying to yourself. fortunately, you approve of the lies so its a perfect circle.
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