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  1. Consider it a public service aimed at reducing your stupidity. No charge.
  2. Lol you are cosmically stupid if you think he will sue over this disclosure. here is a word for you: discovery. Look it up in connection with litigation.
  3. Aaaaaaand we have another long ass post quoted for no reason. Well done!
  4. I dont know what that f*d up attachment is but politicians call a "lid" when they are going to go radio silent; the point in the day after which they are not accessible to the media. the frothy right is crazed by ByeDon call early lids most days. he does that mostly because its a solid strategy of letting fatfuck implode while he stays out of the line of fire. and MAGATs hate that he isnt giving them any ammo for tv ads while dumbfatfuck is a firehose of negative material.
  5. well thanks for that. Changes everything!
  6. I am always persuaded by the shit posted by famous, knowledgeable and righteous ppl like this.
  7. also, someone needs to tutor MAGATs on how to embed links
  8. if you could read you would understand otherwise. The IRS is trying to clawback $72MM in refunds he got from the losses from his failed casinos (Lol he bankrupted a business even the fucking injuns have figured out). He'd have to scratch a check for over $100MM. And then deal with the loan maturities. Maybe you could pay someone to read the words to you so you knew what TF you were talking about before you posted shit. That said, I dont think that a lot of what he has been able to accomplish with the returns was illegal. They just shed light on a lot of inconvenient truths about the tv character playing president for you dumbass MAGATs.
  9. Former KKK leader endorses Trump for president again – and Tucker Carlson for VP David Duke, one of the US’s most notorious racist extremists, has reiterated his support for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and suggested the president replace his current vice president, Mike Pence, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
  10. I'd check the box "The evidence pointed to a bust". Happy to be wrong.
  11. Gunnar just showed up after a long hiatus. I would hate to see him sit so soon. He spews genuinely entertaining vitriol.
  12. so fucking weak that you needed to imitate it. but seeing as how you are a brain dead d00shbag, you probably cant see how that was a self own.
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