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  1. where did i say he is a turnover machine? My point is, he is so inaccurate, no one can catch those air balls.
  2. lol totalitarian socialist. got grammar? whatever d00sh. not a single word of this vomit is on point. now put trumps balls back in your mouth and STFU.
  3. better to listen to an actual lawyer.... https://thedispatch.com/p/section-230-donald-trump-vs-twitter This is the provision that explicitly allows Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and virtually any other online platform to moderate user content without being held liable for user content. If you ever hear anyone say that “Section 230 requires tech companies to be unbiased,” that’s the equivalent of a person opening their mouth and saying, “I have no idea what I’m talking about.” Section 230 explicitly permits moderation, and it explicitly permits corporations to make their own judgments about moderation, even if that moderation bans or restricts speech the First Amendment would protect.
  4. I'm thinking its "throw the ball so someone can catch it, preferably someone that is not on the other team"
  5. lol ur kidding right? pres crime spree has a list as long as your arm. You can start with he is an unindicted felon in the Cohen case. You may remember Individual-1
  6. what in the living fuck are you talking about, hold 44 accountable? Maybe you live under a rock and hadnt heard that even Billy Barr couldnt keep the obamagate charade propped up for mango mussollini. you MAGATs are dumber than a bag of hammers. Barr Dismisses Trump’s Claim That Russia Inquiry Was an Obama PlotThe attorney general said that an investigation into the Russia inquiry was focusing on others, not the former president.
  7. oh dear, pres. brain worms cant even get Rassmussen to prop his fatass up anymore..... Trump job approval falls to 2-year low in Rasmussen poll President Brain Worm's job approval sank toward a two-year low on Wednesday, according to a survey from the right-leaning polling firm Rasmussen. The poll released Wednesday shows 42 percent of likely U.S. voters approve of Trump's job performance, while 57 percent disapprove. That's a net 4-point drop in approval since Friday when 46 percent of respondents said that they approved of the president, while 53 percent said they disapproved. The drop marks the lowest level for the president since Jan. 22, 2018, when Trump's approval rating was underwater, at 42 percent to 56 percent.
  8. or how about the FED pumping >$3 Trillion into the financial markets in yet another stealth bailout to the financial class while average joe munches on unemployment whilst chasing the obamagate shiny coin all over the internet......
  9. damn you ppl are always getting caught up in fatass's diversionary tactics. obamagate is a rhetorical device, pushed by the likes of sack0shit, goebbels style, to divert your attention away from the shit that really matters, like say unemployment that is approaching depression era rates
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