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  1. the best part of this is, the leak of the information almost certainly came from the white house.
  2. its a community service, helping the developmentally impaired posters among us
  3. devastating take down of my points there jethro. Aristotle has nothing on you
  4. its already been done. https://factba.se/trump read his retarded words all you want.
  5. no, it really is that simple. If pres crime spree were as innocent as he says he is, he would give permission for the 1st hand actors to testify (since they would exonerate him) and he provide the documents (because they would do the same). No need for this cloud of suspicion hanging over the whole affair BECAUSE FATASS HAS STONEWALLED THE ENTIRE THING. just like he did with Mueller. I know you know better. youre just shilling for a fraud for reasons that baffle me. because judges? because criming is ok in your book as long as you own the libs? Years from now, when all the facts *the truth* comes out because a) the courts force the release of the info or b) some future D administration releases the info, you and all the dumbfux that blindly swallowed all this shit because MAGA, are going to look even more stupid than you do right now, as hard as that is to image. Now get back to that still, the whiskey aint gonna make itself!
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