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  1. Also, MAGATs. Listen up. This commutation of Stone's sentence is fatass's pro to Stone's quid (agreeing not to testify against him). it was naked self dealing. one more obstruction charge that will stick to him once he is out office. From Barr's confirmation hearing: “Q: Do you believe a president could lawfully issue a pardon in exchange for the recipient’s promise to not incriminate him?” Barr: “No, that would be a crime.”
  2. s0s's relentless propagation of lies. You know how you know sack of shit is lying? he hit the submit reply button. Seth Cousins: I was a juror in Roger Stone's trial. We took his rights seriously.
  3. if nothing else, you have mastered the ability to suck fatass's dick with an expertness heretofore unseen in MAGAT world. Maybe that day will come when you achieve even modest self awareness and you can start the long road to recovering the tiny fragments of your dignity that didnt get flushed down the toilet.
  4. you're like a monkey in a cage hurling its own shit at the wall and calling it art. but that's how it goes when you have no self awareness. EMBARRASSING!
  5. as always, I give you evidence, you give me nothing but baseless assertions. We all know the truth and no amount of you fabricating a story is going to change it.
  6. here is pres bone spurs admitting he was sent to Walter Reed because his brain worms were acting up. The doctors had to evaluate his festering shit pile of a brain and were shocked he was able to function like a sentient being. Fatass sets the bar pretty low for himself but that's all you can hope for when you have dementia.
  7. someday you will figure out self awareness and the embarrassment you have caused yourself. Until then, all we do is laugh at you.
  8. lol ok, fucking fatass wants to fuck his own daughter and I know you MAGATs are just fine with that. So tell me again who is the creepy one....
  9. the vacuum trucks that suck the sewage out of lift stations would be an upgrade over president brain worms
  10. fatass is tired, disinterested, haggard, dull-witted. It’s lies & delusional bullshit garnished with paranoia.
  11. Trump’s going down in flames owing to organic brain disease. His self-defeating bizarre statements & actions reflect clear cognitive impairment, neuropsychiatric illness. Normal people don’t act or talk like Trump.
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