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  1. that post wasnt directed at you yet once again, you're listening to me. tough for you to stay on message sometimes, isnt it?
  2. damn the sewer stench up in here is making my eyes water. gateway pundit and jack prosobiec. you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that spreads more disinformation that those shitbags. that's why they're sack of shit's go to sources.
  3. Tell me exactly which words Obama used that suggested people, expecially black ppl who he said are most likely to get shot, shouldnt comply with instruction from a police officer. I'll hang up and listen.
  4. How was that throwing them under the bus? Police are NOT above criticism and saying they did something stupid is not exactly a scathing takedown. They arrested a guy in his own fucking house for fuksake. That's not stupid? I love how MAGATs are all "durrr govt aint tellin me wut to do" while also saying Police have absolute power over everyone all the time. that ever present MAGAT requirement of total hypocrisy. :eyerollemoji:
  5. It has nothing to do with cooperating or not cooperating. besides, this is the best you could do, a 6 year old video? Is this what was going through that 13 year old kid's head before he got waxed by the cops? I mean he would have been all of 7 yo when Barry said this stuff. wtf. so dumb.
  6. Fresh fun, and I do mean fresh Gaetz ex-girlfriend feared alleged sex-trafficking victim taped call for feds Federal prosecutors might now have two cooperating witnesses in sex-crimes investigation. By MARC CAPUTO and MATT DIXON 04/16/2021 06:50 PM EDT MIAMI — Matt Gaetz’s former girlfriend has told friends she’s worried that the woman who is key to the federal government’s sex-crimes investigation tried to get her to incriminate the Florida lawmaker on a recorded call. The revelation raises the possibility that federal prosecutors have two top cooperating witnesses: the woman who was an alleged sex-trafficking victim when she was a minor and the Gaetz associate already indicted for that crime, former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg.
  7. yet here you are listening to my posts, reacting to them, quoting them, commenting on them. Rent is free inside your empty skull you fucking halfwit.
  8. DOUBLE POST ALERT! poor jethro has no control over his mouse. makes sense tho. Tiny things dominate him.
  9. f'k'n jethro, cant see that his fellow MAGAT posted up multiple fatfuk posts, I kicked back 1 to him and I have TDS? You MAGATs need to get trumps pubes out of your teeth, its a distraction that prevents you from approaching coherence. not that you have ever been near the same zipcode as coherent thought. but its important to have goals, however unachievable they may be.
  10. lol I guarantee you are a lame ass d00sh bag. a weakling. you stink of it.
  11. Why would you post this? Someone's obsessed. He's no longer President; you pricks are still unhappy. My posts are the truth.
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